Power of wish' Part 21 (150816)


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Finally another chap, I apologize for letting you guys wait this long.
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Chap 13

It do not take long after the engagement, Hiran asked Nina’s parents to take Nina with him to Chiang Mai as he has to go meet some businessman there. The parents agreed to let them go together as they are now engaged and to have time alone because Hiran has been busy lately with his tea products that is growing in the whole country.

Traikorn Inter Company – Anon’s office

Darika were gathering the files on hers table as it’s time to go home when Anonpol showed up in front her. She startled when she saw who is was but just to fake a smile again when Anon asked his father sureprisely;
‘’What make you come here, dad?’’
‘’I happen to come nearby and thought I can drop by.’’ Mr. Anonpol said and turns to look at Darika. ‘’Are you heading home?’’
Darika wanted to answer yes, she is heading home but couldn’t as she has promised Anon she will go grab something with him for dinner so she looked at him.
‘’We are going to have dinner first.’’ Anon said to his father as he thought Darika was too afraid of his father to say it, he thought that she might think his father didn’t like them to hang out and can’t accept her.
In fact, Darika was just too mad at that old man in front her that she doesn’t even want to talk with him. Darika wanted to go from there but she can’t as she don’t want to make Anonpol suspect her being Janthara and by showing she dislike him and hate him, it will help make Anonpol sure that she is Janthara so she has to remain calm and meet him like a friend not an enemy.
‘’Can I come with you guys.’’ Asked Anonpol and adds ‘’Your mother will be out with hers friends and I don’t want to have dinner by myself.’’
Anon wasn’t sure what he should answer because he don’t want to make Darika feel uncomfortable by taking his father with them and don’t want to refuse his father either.
‘’I think it should be fun eating with many people.’’ Darika said with a smile that she forced herself to.
‘’Then let’s go!’’ said Anonpol happily as he got what he want that it make Anon to feel a little weird with his father’s acting.
Anon turn to look at her adoring that she let his father follow with them as he touched hers back to lead her to the elevator where Anonpol is waiting.

Chiang Mai

Hiran and Nina were having dinner at some restaurant after that Hiran has dialed business with the biggest store owner of Chiang Mai.
‘’Everything goes smooth because you are with me here.’’ Hiran chuckled to Nina when she makes a face at him.
‘’You don’t need to say sweets thing.’’ Nina said as she adds ‘’What we have is already sweets.’’
Hiran laughed at hers comment but do as she wanted but can’t help but to joke with her. ‘’Then from now on I won’t say sweet things anymore…sweetheart.’’
‘’Look what you say now!’’ Nina jokily scolded him as she wiped hers mount and excused herself to the WC ‘’I will go use the toilet.’’
On hers way to the WC, Nina bumped into an old man who is heading to where she just stand up from. She apologized the old man but the old man didn’t pay attention to her as he hurriedly go from there and Nina make hers way to the WC.

Wongsawan’s House

Anon drop off Darika to hers house even though Darika said she can catch a cab but he insist he will drive her home.
‘’Thank you for treating me dinner and also driving me home.’’
Darika was about to step out from the car when Anon grabbed hers hand, she looked at him as he bring his other hand to grabs hers other hand. His doing make hers heart to beat faster and she feel that she don’t like this situation that she is in right now at all. She know what was to come and that is not something she want just yet, so she tried to say something just for him to stop what he was to say but she was cut by him.
‘’I should….’’
‘’Wait, let me say this first.’’ Anon said but almost like he was begging, he knows that he is making her uncomfortable but he want her to know what he really feel even though it will make him look selfish. ‘’I know this is making you feel uncomfortable but I just want to say that I….I love you.’’
Darika’s face paled because the sentence she was afraid to hear from him was said. She can’t make a sound come out from hers mount and Anon asked a question that could make hers heart to stop.
‘’Can you be my girlfriend, Nam?’’
‘’Uhm…’’ Darika look at him, studied his face which is showing how much he is afraid of hers answer but still waited for it. It look like he has decided that he would accept whatever the answer is that come out from hers mount. She felt sorry for him that he waited this long to ask her out which make her know that he has make his mind. She think it’s time she give herself a chance to be with someone that love her and to protect herself from Anonpol and also to protect Hiran from Anonpol. If she agreed to be Anon’s girlfriend, Anonpol won’t interfer with her and if she and Hiran don’t involve with each other, Hiran will be out of danger from Anonpol. She looked at Anon again and he was barely breathing, it’s like he has forget to breath as he waited for hers answer. ‘’Co..could you give me some time?’’
‘’O…of course!’’ Anon smiled widely after that he has blown out the air from his body. He was happy that she didn’t deny him.
‘’Then I will be heading inside.’’ She said as he nodded, still smiling. ‘’Drive safely!’’

Chiang Mai

Hiran looked at the old man that standing beside his table. ‘’Uh, do you want anything?’’
It was the old man that Nina bumped into, he didn’t answer Hiran but instead he smiled happily as he grabbed hold of Hiran’s hand. ‘’I was wondering if it really was you…I am happy that it is you.’’
‘’Uncle, I don’t think I know you.’’ Hiran said and tried to release his hand from the old man’s grips but his grip was too tight, it’s like he was afraid Hiran would run from there.
‘’You are Uthai! I am sure it is you!’’ The old man said confidentely.
‘’Uh, you should release my hand.’’ Hiran warned as he don’t like what the old man is saying. ‘’Don’t make me call the staff to drag you out.’’
‘’You need to listen to me, Uthai. I need to say this to you so I can rest.’’ The old man released his hand and begged him to listen to what he has to say.
‘’I am not Uthai and now get lost!’’ Hiran said rudely so the old man don’t come involve with him again and he called after the staff so the old man has to go from there.


Hiran throwed his jacket when he was inside his room in the hotel. He dialed a phone number and waited impatiently for the other line to answer and when the one answer, he didn’t give a chance for the other to talk as he asked his question that he want to know right away.
‘’Anon, is Darika there with you?’’ He asked cause he thought Darika is in Chiang Mai and tricking him with having the old man come tell him that he is Uthai.
‘’No, she is at hers house. I just drove her there, why?’’ Anon questioned him.
‘’It’s nothing, I just have something to ask her.’’ Hiran lied. ‘’I guess I can ask her when I go back there.’’
‘’Yeah, you could. How did the business go by the way?’’
The two bestfriend talked with each other awhile before Hiran ended the conversation with saying he has something to fix.
‘’You did go that far too even call someone to lie to me? Darika, just you wait!’’ Hiran thought Darika call and hired someone to lie to him that he is Uthai as he is in Chiang Mai. He can remember that once she has said they both have live in Chiang Mai in the past, by having someone from Chiang Mai saying he is Uthai will make him think she has tell the truth. He thought like that because he can’t see the truth to this when all he has toward her was abhor.



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OMG its getting so good. Oh man who is that old man and when is Hiran going to find about his past to Darika. I want Darika to move on already get over Hiran. She shouldn't be linking around her feeling for Hiran. 


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I am glad there is people still reading. lol
Your question will be answered in the next chap.
As for Darika getting over Hiran,...Hmm, let me think about it. I am not yet sure if I should make her move over Hiran or not. :p


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Hehe... you know me...I read anything you write.  :lol2:
Nooooo....why you got to do that. You're killing me here. Darika really need to move on. Hiran suck that he still can't see Darika for who she is. He always thinking bad of her and not even trying to listened. I'm pulling my hair here when I read Hiran scene. :weee: ...He really need to feel Darika pain for all of she gone through to try to make he understand her.  


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Cheeraka said:
Easy dancy, I will make him remember their past so he will sure get to feel how Darika felt.
:dance1:...hehe....I just want to see Darika happy and so sad that she can't tell her friend anything that is going to be so much more paint for Nina when she find out that her friend and fiance use to be lover.  


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Here is Chap 14, feels like I am not getting anywhere with my story. I hope I don't lose the storyline. lol
PS: There is many flashbacks, I hope you guys can understand.

Chap 14

Chiang Mai – Hotel

The old man showed up at the hotel that Hiran stay after two days, he know Hiran stay at the hotel because he stalked them when they come back from the restaurant.
Well in front the counter, the old man asked the staff where Hiran is as he explained how Hiran looks like because he don’t know Hiran’s name.
‘’Sorry, Uncle. We can’t tell about our guest for their safety.’’ The staff explained him.
‘’But I have some important thing to give him.’’ The old man said worried when he don’t know if he could meet Hiran again. He then searched something in his bag and took out a piece of papper which it a photo with a couple. ‘’You know this person right?’’
The staff took the photo and looked at it, the person that the old man pointed looked like Hiran even though the photo is so old. ‘’Yes, but if you are asking to meet this person. You come too late, he has already left.’’
‘’But you do have his address, right?’’ The old man asked hopefully.
‘’I can’t….’’ The staff was going to say he can’t give it to him but was cut by the old man.
‘’You don’t need to give me his address but can you make me a favor?’’ The staff nodded hastily. ‘’Can you send this to him, it’s really important!’’
The staff took the envelope that the old man just put the photo in and closed. ‘’I will send it to his office that we has address to.’’
‘’Thank you very much.’’ The old man said and grabbed hold of the man’s hand. ‘’Thank you!’’ The old man happily left the counter as the staff searched for Hiran’s company address in his computer.

Traikorn Inter Company

Darika waited for the elevator as hers thought go back to the day when Hiran come to work for the first time as he get back from Chiang Mai.
Traikorn Inter Company – Anon’s office
Darika was standing to go somewhere when Anon come out from his office so she turned to him as she heard the door open behind her.
‘’Are you heading somewhere?’’ wondered Anon.
‘’Mr. Hiran want to meet me.’’ She addressed Hiran with Mr. as he wanted because that shows that they are not close.
‘’Hiran?’’ Anon repeated and add when he remembered the call from Hiran. ‘’Uh..I forget to say you that he did called about 2 days ago and asked if you were with me.’’
‘’Really?’’ Darika asked excited because she thought Hiran cared her and wanted to know if she hang out with Anon. Darika has to act like there is nothing when she saw Anon look at her suspicious. ‘’Umm, I should get going.’’
‘’Mm.’’ Anon looked at Darika until she disappeared from his sight. He wondered why she looked so happy when he tells her that Hiran called him to ask about her.

Hiran’s office

Darika come out from Hiran’s office with hers head down, Wilai greeted her again and asked if she wanted to go have lunch with her but Darika do not have strength to reply her and left from there without looking at her.
‘’What wrong with her?’’ mumbled Wilai angrily because she thought Darika ignored her.

Anon’s Office

Darika drop down on hers chair and fighted for the tears to not run down hers cheeks while thinking back to when she was at Hiran’s office.


Hiran’s Office

Darika greeted Wilai that showed her to Hiran’s office, she didn’t stand up to go with her as Hiran has said to let Darika in when she come.
Inside Hiran’s office, Darika smiled lightly as she was happy to know that he called to ask about her and now he wanted to see her. For a minute she thought he is in good term with her but just to shut hers mount again when she saw his blank eyes that are looking at her.
‘’Why did you still do that?!’’ Hiran asked the question that he want to know the answer of.
‘’Do what?’’ Darika asked unsure to what he what talking about.
‘’Do what?!” He repeated hers question caustic. ‘’Why the hell did you still try to lure me with the past story of you!’’ As he finishes his sentence, he hits his worktable angrily and his face was becoming seemingly red.
‘’I don’t know what you mean?’’ Darika said, even though she was afraid of him when he is like that but she still answered his question.
‘’I ask you why did you ask someone old enough to be your grandfather to lie to me that I am Uthai. Do you think I will simply believe you if you has that old man come told me your story?’’
‘’I didn’t has someone lie to you. I don’t know any of this.’’ Darika tried to explain.
‘’You don’t know?’’ Hiran asked as he stands up from his seat. ‘’Then tell me why the person think I am Uthai, the guy from your story.’’
‘’Because it’s not story but real.’’
‘’No, it’s not!’’ Hiran yelled and go closer to Darika. ‘’Why can’t you just let me be? Why can’t you just accept Anon? Because I am richer than him that you didn’t think to lure him?’’
Darika look at Hiran that standing in front her, his sharp eyes were set on hers face as he sneered and she know he can see the tears that is forming on hers eyes but it doesn’t make him to stop insulting her.
‘’You don’t even need to lure him, he still love you. Just accept him and I will forget everything and won’t tell him what kind of person you are.’’ The last sentence, he says it so near hers ear that she could feel his breath and also how he looked down on her.
‘’Thank you for the advices!’’ Darika said as she looked at him in the eyes, she wanted to know how far he will go to hurt her. ‘’But because love is important for me, I can’t do as you advised but I will sure think of Anon as the first one if I want someone else beside you.’’
Hiran looked at her angrily and his sneer was gone from his face. It’s like he wanted to say something but couldn’t make it out as he has never seen her this confident and serious in saying something to him.
‘’Just so you know, I didn’t hire that old man that you are saying. If you excuse me.’’ Darika left from the office with a sad heart.
As soon as the door closed behind her, Hiran madly swing his hand toward the files that is on his work table that it fall down on the floor in every direction. He was angry that he can’t say back to her when she says those things before she left.
End Flashback

Darika breathed out heavily and sadly said ‘’I wish I could love someone else. I wish I shouldn’t have vowed to meet you in this lifetime.’’
Anon who come out from his office to go have lunch asked Darika how she is as she seems to be somehow sad. ‘’Are you ok, Nam?’’
Darika nodded instead of an answer. ‘’Are you going to have lunch?’’
‘’Yes. Let’s go!’’ Anon wondered if hers sad face has something to do with Hiran because she was fine before she go meet him.
End Flashback

The elevator’s door opened and Darika stepped inside, as the door was about to close it was opened again because someone putted their hand in between.
‘’Didn’t you hear me calling you, Nam?’’ It was Nina and she sounded winded which might be because she tried to catch her up by running.
‘’Sorry, I was thinking about something that make me not heard you.’’ Darika apologized.
Nina smiled a little and studied hers friend’s face, she sense that Darika’s face has fade a little and she looked like she is sick. ‘’We hasn’t meet barely a week and you seem like you has lose some weight. Are you ok?’’
‘’Of course I am.’’ Darika said as she looked at hers friend. ‘’I might just feel a little tired. You know how much your fiancé company is growing.’’
‘’If so I am happy.’’ Nina said and didn’t think too much of it anymore, Darika didn’t say anything either as the elevator move upward to the suite where Hiran and Anon’s office are.

Anon’s Office

Darika was greeted by Anon who has come before her, it looked like he was waiting for her because he was standing beside hers table when she approached him.
‘’Good morning, Nam!’’ Anon greeted her with a smile that almost shows every teeth of him which make Darika to feel fresher than she was.
‘’Good morning!’’ She returned him a smile as well.
‘’Are you free this evening?’’
The question make Darika to look at the one who asked, she don’t have an answer yet when Anon said the reason behind his question.
‘’My parents want to treat you a meal.’’
‘’Oh, I guess I am.’’ Darika said as she don’t know how to answer him but hers answer make Anon to smile larger than he has before.


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My Gosh, t's a long tim I haven't been here in FanFic Fiction Section.
Anyway, here is another chapter.

Chap 15

Anonpol Mansion

Darika stepped out from Anon’s car, ahead her was the very big mansion of the Anonpols and she saw that a few maids is standing along with Mr. Anonpol and another elegant woman and if she is not wrong, the woman must be Anon’s mother. This is the first time she entered this mansion after that she missed it the last time Anon asked and Anon told her that Anonpol was really sad as he has expected to see her. Anon didn’t know the reason to it as well as Mrs. Monrudee.
Darika greeted the couple after that Anon introduced her to his mother, she apologize for the last time. ‘’I apologize for the last time that I didn’t come as I had said.’’
‘’It’s fine.’’ Mrs. Monrudee said as she now know why hers husband was so upset that time Darika didn’t come as expected. ‘’I am happy you make it this time.’’
‘’I am glad that you come.’’ Mr. Anonpol said as lead them to the kitchen.
While Darika was in Anonpols mansion, Anonpol asked her about this and that like he wanted to know about hers life. Anon and his mother come in the conversation a few time but mostly Anonpol was talking. Anon feels that his father is trying to hit on Darika that he feel ashamed, Mrs. Monrudee were only studying hers husband acting as she know hers husband must think Darika is Junthara and is interested in her like he was with Junthara.

In front Wongsawan’s house

‘’Sorry that my father examined you.’’ Anon said as he dropped her to hers house.
Darika laughed a little even though she doesn’t want to after how Anonpol acted. ‘’It’s ok, olds people are like that.’’
Anon looked at her like he wanted to say something but didn’t. ‘’Then have a good sleep. See you tomorrow!’’
Darika waved as he backed his car to the way, she wondered what he wanted to say as he looked somehow sad even though he smiled like before.

Trikorn Inter Company – Elevator

Darika was to go pass the elevator as she was going to go make coffee for Anon like every morning. But this time she has to stop to see the one person that waiting for the elevator, the elevator opened and out stepped Nina as Hiran welcomed her with a smile and a peak on hers cheek. Nina hits him slightly on his overarm shyly. Darika smiled sadly as tears make it way, Darika quickly turned the way back to Anon’s office as Hiran and Nina turned hers direction as they were going to Hiran’s office, in fear that they might see her.
Darika startled as she turned and saw Anon standing there, she don’t know what to do as she can’t turn to the other way back now either as Hiran and Nina might be behind her. She stood there frozen when she heard Hiran greet Anon a few feet behind her.
Anon waved at him and brings his hand to wipe the tears from Darika’s face and smiled at her kindly like he used to. ‘’I wanted to come with you to the coffe room.’’
‘’Oh!!!’’ Nina who is now standing beside Darika jokily said as she giggled when she heard Anon say that to hers friend. Darika just smiled.

Hiran’s office

Hiran come back from having lunch with Nina and Nina excused herself to go back to hers father company as hers father called her and said there is some costumer interesting in hers painting.
Hiran sat down on his chair, he looked like he was angry at someone and he unloosed his necktie annoyed as his thoughts went back to the morning when Anon touched Darika’s face. That was when Anon wiped hers tears but from his and Nina’s angle, it was like two love birds sweeting by touching. And it make him feel upset even though he say himself he shouldn’t be acting this way as Darika is someone outside his sight. But what he has find out make him act the way he is now. He can’t help but to took out an envelope from one of the drawer from his work table. He looked at it for a moment.


A few days ago Hiran get an envelope, because it was addressed with the hotel that he stayed while he was at Ching Mai he thought there might be something wrong with the bill. Once he opened it he saw two pieces of paper, he took out the writing paper before the other one which is harder than writing paper. He was surprised that it wasn’t the bill and actually a letter but read throughout the letter.

To Uthai,
I know you might not remember me as Uncle Jiang but I am that old man at the restaurant. I might go too quickly that time that you haven’t got the time to prepare.
I want to tell you this before my time pass. I didn’t think I was to meet you so soon, indeed I didn’t believe in the next lifetime at all but everything changed after that I meet Junthara. I don’t know if you meet her yet but she come to visit me years before and she was searching after you, Uthai.

‘’Junthara?’’ Hiran mumbled, he has heard the name but couldn’t remember where as he didn’t payed that much attention when Darika tell him about their past and mentioned hers name from then. He then continues to read as the letter has caught his attention by the name Uthai. He wants to know what Darika has instore for him as he still believes his meeting with the man was Darika’s idea.

Miss Darika is hers name now, please, believe her when she tell you about your past life with her. She deserves to be happy for once.

Hiran sneered as he finishes reading that sentence, what was that I say? , he said to himself. After all Darika still gives credit to herself.

It wasn’t hers fault that you been killed that day, she didn’t know the real intention of hers father. Believe me when I say she won’t write that letter to you if she knew what is waiting for both of you.
Lastly I want to tell you that I was the one who shoots you that day because I was said to do it as my boss commend and I hope you can forgive me because that is all I was waiting for.
PS: The Kiattikul has already been punished by their own doughter. The death of Junthara Kiattikul.
/Uncle Jiang

After finish reading the letter, Hiran was lost for words and he feels like his heart was aching which he don’t understand. Why should he feel like it when this is all a story that make to lure him into hers trap. He madly put down the letter to the worktable which makes the envelope to fall down from the edge of the table. He bends down to pick it up and his eyes were wide open when he saw the other piece of paper that come out from the envelope. He picked it up with pounding heart even though he said to himself it could be photoshopped.
In front of his eyes level was an old photo with the young man that looked exactly like him and the young woman looked like Darika. He rubs the photo to see if the colors would be destroyed which it shouldn’t be if it’s photoshopped. The side of the photo he rubbed get destroyed which he stopped immediately as he don’t want to destroy it. He turned the photo back side and saw the name that has been repeatedly come out from Darika’s mount.
‘’Uthai and Thara.’’ He reads and know that Thara might be Junthara which also is Darika. He studied the photo and it looked like Uthai and Junthara were really in love, theirs eyes that are looking at each other were so full of love. It looked like they have taken that photo from a church festival as he could see the fireworks that are in the background even though the photo was almost in black and white now.
Without knowing he turned and opened his computer and starting to write the things that he wanted to know in the google. He scrolled down in the site as many results were founds and clicked the one headline that said ‘’Unexpected death of the only daughter of the wealthy Kiattikul.’’
He reads the accidently dead of Junthara and saw a photo of the scene where there only a blood puddles there hers body had laid. He believe the photo was taken after they has pick up hers body. Beside that photo he saw a photo of Junthara, he can’t believe that what Darika has tell him is all real. But he can’t seem to remember any of this, not after he has seen the photo or even the news of hers dead and the big mansion of the Kiattikul that is in Chiang Mai. He saw new photos of the big mansion as the Kiattikul are still a wealthy family and is well-known in the Chiang Mai area. He even saw a photo of Mr. Kiattikul and Mrs. Kiattikul but don’t remember anything. Shouldn’t he remember something if he was Uthai? Hiran wondered and quickly shut the computer down when he heard a knock on the door of his office. He remembered that he has called Nina to go have lunch together so he quickly put the photo and letter to the envelope and put it in one of the drawer before Nina showed up in the door and smiled at him.

End Flashback

Hiran put the envelope to the other drawer that has a lock, in case someone other than him come and look in the drawer. He thought he might feel like he cared Darika now because he has been insulting her in the first place and not believing her when she tell him about their past. It wasn’t fair for her now that what she tell him was all real and that he has hurt her very much by neglecting her when she knew he was Uthai, hers lover.
‘’You just pity her. Everything in the past is still there, Hiran. You are Hiran and not Uthai!’’ Hiran said to himself and tried to change his mind from Darika.

Anon’s Office

‘’Do you want to talk about it, Nam?’’ Anon asked Darika as she has been quest all the morning and even when they are having lunch. He want to know what is between her and his friend, why was she crying back then in the morning. He wanted to ask right then but didn’t want to press her either, she has no clue how much he is fighting against himself inside.
Darika look at him and decide to tell him as she don’t want to make him hurt by keeping it secret from him like she has done until now. ‘’If you mean me crying in this morning, it’s because I can’t put up with the two all in love.’’
Anon was lost of words to what he just heard, he can’t believe that it comes out from someone he loved. She sounded jealous of Nina and that make him surprise because he thought Darika shouldn’t be feeling that’s way or did she..He haven’t think finish yet when the word that he was afraid come out from hers mount.
‘’I love Hiran!’’ Darika look at Anon and sense that he was both sad and angry.
Anon was sad because the woman he love loves someone else and was his friend and angry because she still love him when he is hers friend’s fiancé. He stand up from the sofa as he can’t keep the angriness in him but he couldn’t take more than one step when Darika graped his hand. He turned to her and saw the tears that is forming in hers eyes, he wanted to wipe it but didn’t cause he was angry at her.
‘’I haven’t talk finish yet, could you listen to the end?’’ Anon sat down again as Darika wiped hers tears, she didn’t expect him to wipe it and understand his anger toward her as he thought she was all innocent before but isn’t.
‘’I have repeatedly dream about some man in my past before I meet Hiran.’’ She tell him about hers dream and the past life of her and Hiran. ‘’Uthai from my dream is Hiran. When I meet him, I stop dreaming about it and I applied to this company with your help to be close to him.’’
Anon thought to it and know that it the reason why Darika come work at this company easily when he offered her the chance. Back then he wondered what make her to come work at this company but because she was someone he was found of he didn’t think to it that much and was happy that she was near him.
‘’My past is still haunting me and I don’t want to accept your love confession because I still love him.’’ Darika look at him and saw that Anon has become calmer now and he looked like he understands her.
‘’But you and Hiran can’t be together. He is your friend’s fiancé.’’
‘’I know..’’ Darika said and swallowed hardly thing that are in hers throat. ‘’I try to become over him, you know. I don’t want to take him away from Nina because he loves her. He don’t remember me, Anon. He don’t!’’ She can’t help but to cry out as she can’t endure it anymore.
Anon hold her in his arm and she didn’t push him away but let him hold her. Anon just understand right now those acts of her and his friend when they are together in the lunches and whenever she sees Hiran with Nina. He believe that Hiran has been told this too and that’s why Hiran seem to dislike Darika as he didn’t believe in their past. Anon was surprise himself too that he believed Darika, if someone else tell him he won’t but with Darika, he believe her.
‘’You have to remind yourself that Hiran isn’t Uthai, Nam.’’ Anon said and that make Darika goes quest for a moment but she then nodded. Anon can’t believe he said it but he don’t want to lose her to anyone and he is willing to be selfish to get her.
‘’Yes, Hiran isn’t Uthai. They just look alike!’’ Darika said as she wiped hers tears. She has decided to forget him, that’s way they will be safe from Anonpol and Nina can be happy with him.

Wongsawan’s House

Darika was going to bed when hers phone rings, she picked it and answered directly.
‘’Darika is talking.’’
‘’Hi, miss. Darika.’’ The other person from the end sounded like she has been cried which make Darika to worry.
‘’Aunt, are you ok?’’ She asked.
‘’…..I…I just want to inform you that Grandfather Jiang has pass away and…and we are burning him this Tuesday.’’ The other person who is the daughter-in-law of Jiang said from the end and cried in between as she can’t help. ‘’He wanted you to come and forgive him for what he has done.’’
Darika was surprised by the news, she didn’t think this would come this soon even though Jiang was old he looked healthy when she meet him and talk him in the phone. He has phoned her and said that he has meet Uthai after that Hiran has her claiming that she hired Jiang to lie to him that day. But Jiang hasn’t tell her about the letter and the photo that he send to Hiran yet and wouldn’t either now that he pass away.
‘’I will be there in tuesday.’’ Darika said which make Jiang’s daughter-in-law to happy as Jiang wish fulfilled. ''Aunt, if you need anything …just anything, you can say to me. Don’t keep it to yourself, I am willing to help.’’ Yes, she is more than willing to help because Jiang has helped her with many things in the past.
‘’I am grateful by having you in Tuesday, I don’t need anymore.’’ Jiang’s daughter-in-law said and excused herself to inform other relatives.


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Chap 16

Jiang’s Funeral

Jiang’s corpse was brought to the temple as today they will cremate him. People have gathered including Darika and the relatives of Jiang. In one corner Darika was talking with Jiang’s daughter-in-laws about how things are going for hers family where she gets to know who is helping the family with the funeral.

‘’How are your two childrens doing?’’ asked Darika when she come back from paying respect to Jiang’s corpse.

‘’They are kids, they don’t understand yet. ’’ Jiang’s daughter-in-law’s said with shaking voice as she wiped hers tears.

‘’If you need help from me, just as me. Ok?’’ Darika said and look at the two childrens that is sitting with the other relatives as Jiang’s daughter-in-law is window since hers husband die in a car accident years ago.

‘’Thank you but Mr. and Mrs. Kiattikul is helping with everything for this funeral.’’

As soon as Darika hear hers past parents name she looked around like she was searching for them and ask worried; ‘’Are they coming here too?’’

‘’Yes, I believe they are on their way here. Is there anything wrong?’’ Asked the woman as she sees that Darika looked very worried.

‘’No..I mean y..yes! I just remembered that I should get going back because I need to buy some stuff for my mother.’’ Darika quickly lied as she doesn’t want hers past parents to see her because she is not ready to meet them just yet.

‘’Ohh, but thanks you for coming.’’

Darika was just parted from Jiang’s daughter-in-law when she heard her greeting Mr. and Mrs. Kiattikul along with Mr. Anonpol.

‘’Sorry for your lost.’’ Said Mrs. Kiattikul with empathy and patted Jiang’s daughter-in-lawn’s arm comforting.

‘’Jiang was a really good person, if you need anything just ask us..anytime.’’ Mr.Kiattikul said as Jiang’s daughter-in-lawn shed more tears.

‘’I am already grateful for what you have already done.’’ She said as she wiped hers tears. ‘’Thank you for coming, and making a memorable funeral for father Jiang.’’

The three people go to Jiang’s coffin to pay respect before they are going to cremate him. In a corner, Darika looked at those three people from hers past as tears formed in hers eyes seeing hers past parents. They were a lot older than she has seen the last time, she wanted to go pay respect and apologize for what she has done in the past but because she don’t want them to have influence in hers life she let them unknown to her. In addition to it, she don’t want Anonpol to know that she know the past which can lead to Anonpol harming Hiran because Anonpol hate the reason that Janthara loves Uthai.

Darika wiped hers tears as she saw the three people go sit down and left from there without looking back. She didn’t get to see Hiran that is looking at her for a while now from another side of the corner. Hiran get to know from the phone call he make to Jiang’s phone that Jiang has passed away and come to forgive him as he wanted him to do from the letter. Hiran looked inside and saw the three people that Darika has watched moments before and know why she has shed tears as he remembered two of the three were hers parents. When he saw Anonpol, he wondered if he has something to do with his and Darika’s past too.

‘’Hiran?’’ Hiran come back to reality from the voice that called his name surprising and questioning.

‘’Uncle Anonpol..Didn’t know you were here in Chiang Mai.’’ Hiran said.

‘’Yes, I come to an old friend’s funeral. Are you by chance come attending it too?’’ Mr. Anonpol ask and studied Hiran’s clothing and it looked like he was as he had wear a black suits.

‘’Yes, but not this one.’’ Hiran lied as he sense that Anonpol were surprised by his arrival like he shouldn’t be here. ‘’My friend is making merit for his relative’s death so I followed him here. He should be done by now.’’

‘’Anon didn’t tell me that you were coming to Chiang Mai or else we could have flight together.’’ Anonpol suspected Hiran for what he said as Hiran pretended to look around for his pretend friend.

‘’It was urgent so I didn’t get to tell him. Anyway, I should get going before my friend search for me in the whole temple.’’ Hiran said with a sense of humor like it was supposed to be a joke.

‘’Isn’t it Uthai?!’’ Hiran heard the question as he was paying respect to Anonpol as he was to leave. The person who asked was Mrs. Kiattikul and Hiran saw that both Mr. Kiattikul and Anonpol was looking at him. Hiran pretended to look at his back to see if there was someone else even though he knew Mrs. Kiattikul was referring to him. ‘’Uthai, you are Uthai, right?’’

‘’Uh, I think you has mistook me with someone.’’ Hiran said as he gently pulled his hand back from Mrs. Kiattikul’s hand that was griping to his.

‘’Aunt Manee, this is Hiran. He is my friend’s son.’’ Anonpol introduced him to her as he saw that Hiran didn’t recognize her which he studied Hiran’s reaction when the Kiattikul approached him. Hiran looked like he really doesn’t know them so he was somehow relaxed that Hiran’s arrival much be just a coincidence.

‘’Then I am leaving, Uncle.’’ Hiran payed respect to all three and excused himself. He thought he come back after that the three left to pay respect to Jiang.

Anonpol look at Mr. Kiattikul that is already looking at him like he was saying to him that they should talk about it when they get back to their mansion. Anonpol nods as he gets the message as he has never tell about Hiran to the couple as well as about Darika. At that time he hasn’t meet Darika and Hiran’s parents has assured him that Hiran isn’t reborn child as Hiran hasn’t talked about his other life which he should if he were reborn and remember his past. At that time he thought he could let Hiran be but now that Darika appeared he don’t want to leave them alone, he can’t let them be together.


Darika was having coffee in the evening of the same day as Jiang’s cremate day when someone counted on hers shoulder. She was startled a little when she saw who is was but still manage to smile and hide hers surprises.

‘’Hi, Uncle!’’ She greeted Anonpol reluctant.

‘’Hi! Didn’t know you also followed with Hiran here too.’’ Anonpol said suspecting. He wondered if it was a good thing that he let Darika unknown to Mr. Kiattikul as before he came to this café, he has been to the Kiattikul’s mansion and tell about Hiran and explained why he didn’t tell Mr. Sarut about Hiran in the first place. He tell Mr. Sarut that Hiran’s parents has comfirmed him that Hiran isn’t reborn child as he remember once he has asked if Hiran has talked strange thing like he is another person when he was young because if he was reborn he might remember his past and tell his parents about it.

‘’Mm, I didn’t come with Mr. Hiran here. I am here to do some business for mother.’’ Darika explain and wondered what Hiran is doing in Chiang Mai. It might be just a coincident, she thought as she think why Hiran is here in Jiang’s cremates day.

‘’It that so..’’ Anonpol thought it can’t be a coincident that both Hiran and Darika is here in Chiang Mai, just in the day Jiang cremating. Or do they know theirs past? No, it can’t be! Hiran’s parents has already comfirm Hiran isn’t talking about his past once and Darika didn’t seem to dislike him as she should be if she is Janthara. Or is she pretending to protect Hiran?! Anonpol thought. ‘’I just met Hiran at a temple this morning.’’

As Darika heard that Hiran was at a temple, hers heart start to beat fast and she feel like someone was playing drums in hers head as it’s pounding like crazy. She wondered what Hiran was doing at the temple and if it’s the same temple that she saw Anonpol but couldn’t ask him as she don’t want Anonpol to know that she attended Jiang’s funeral. And was his arrive here just coincident like she thought. She squeezed hers hand very hard to maintain herself from fainting as both hers heart and head was pounding faster than it should be. ‘’Do you like to accompany me with coffee?’’ She asked as Anonpol seem to not go from her and to change the subject of talking. ‘’Anon didn’t follow with you here I guess.’’ In fact she knew Anon didn’t come with his father as she has ask for 2 days off from Anon to come Chiang Mai and he didn’t even said his father was to come to Chiang Mai or he will be coming.

‘’No, he didn’t.’’ The waiter comes to take order and Anonpol forget to talk about Hiran and instead asked Darika about herself.

On the airplane

Darika took the first flight in the morning from Chiang Mai to Bangkok to rest at hers home and sorts things out from hers mind. She feels that she isn’t doing that well this past days, she is having headache often and this morning was worse. She wake up and found herself crawling from the bed to the toilet in hers hotel room when the alarm rings in her phone, telling her to wake up. She remembered that she couldn’t sleep last night as she was thinking about what Hiran is doing in Chiang Mai and which temple was Anonpol talking about . She remembered she has sleep least than 3 hours and now she has to crawl all the way to toilet as hers head is spinning and pounding. She remembered wanting to throw up and then she smells something which smells like blood but she was too busy trying to endure the headache that she doesn’t bother what it was. She wiped hers mount and tried to rest hers head against the wall. She then annoyed wiped something that run over hers lips and looked at it. What she saw make her to quickly stand up and go look herself in the mirror, hers reflection was showing her with nose bleeding.

Darika tried to rest hers head against the seat when one of the air-hostess asked if she could change the seat with someone as the person was a friend with the person sitting next to her. She looked at the person who smiled at her kindly which make it hard for her to resist.

‘’I am really sorry to bother you.’’ The person said.

‘’It’s ok.’’ Darika said and followed with the air-hostess to the person’s seat and that is when she regretted that she changed the seat with that person.

‘’Here is your seat. Thanks you for your kindness in changing the seat.’’ The air-hostess said and Darika couldn’t do anything except to smile at her awkwardly and sit down there without looking at the person from the seat beside her as the air-hostess left.

‘’I didn’t know you were in Chiang Mai.’’ The person from the next seat said which make Darika to look at him.
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Here comes another chapter..

Chap 17

On the airplane

‘’I didn’t know you were in Chiang Mai.’’ The person from the next seat said which make Darika to look at him.

‘’I didn’t know you were sitting here and I didn’t change on purpose.’’ Darika quickly explain as she knows he will think she change the seat to get near him.

‘’What are you doing here?’’

‘’Just pretend like I wasn’t here.’’ She said and look at him as he hasn’t accuse her like she thought. He was already looking at her and she sense that he was annoyed but don’t know the cause.

Hiran was annoyed that she keeps on explaining and didn’t answer his question although he knew why she was here. He just knows what he has make of Darika from his previous doings and accuses.

‘’What are you doing here in Chiang Mai?’’ He repeats the question while still looking at her.

‘’I am here to do some business for my mother.’’ She answered him and looked back to the front, avoiding his eyes contact as it’s making her uneasy. She don’t feel safe beside him as she don’t know what he is doing in Chiang Mai and that temple thing still haunts her. She don’t want Hiran to know about their past anymore as she has decide to give a chance to Anon and Nina to be with Hiran. She just hopes the temple wasn’t the same temple as where Jiang’s corpse cremated and that Hiran wasn’t here to see Jiang.

Traikorn Inter Company – Anon’s Office

Anon gets a call from his father around noon, asking him if he know about Hiran being at Chiang Mai.

‘’Did you know why Hiran was here at Chiang Mai yesterday?’’

‘’Uh, he might go meet some business partner there.’’ Anon answered unsure as he don’t know either why Hiran was there. Hiran hasn’t said anything about him going to Chiang Mai, he then remembered Darika was there too yesterday and it makes him wonder if they were to see each other. He shook the thought from his head and tells himself that he should trust Darika. He has to admit that he is having a hard time as he gets to know that Darika love Hiran even though she said she will forget him and isn’t thinking to get back with him anymore. He love her so much that it make him not want to lose her to anyone, even Hiran that is hers past lover that she just found.

‘’What are you doing there that you didn’t know what your friend is doing?’’ Anonpol loudly said from the other ends that Anon thought his father was angry that he doesn’t know about Hiran being at Chiang Mai. He wondered why his father was so angry, he has been like that this past few weeks and he is easily mad.

‘’Dad, if you want to know I will ask him when we go have our lunch.’’

‘’No, don’t!’’ Anonpol hung up the phone after that, leaving Anon to hang there not understanding his father.

Santisak Mansion

Nina come running down from upstairs after that the servant informs her that Hiran is waiting for her downstairs. Nina was happy when Hiran phoned her to say he will be coming to bring her out tonight for leaving her by herself because he was so busy lately.

Hiran turn and smiled at her when she approached him in the living room with hers parents. ‘’Are you ready?’’

‘’More than ready.’’ She said as she missed him very much and a night out with him is all she wants for now.

‘’I will bring her home before 10 o’clock.’’ He said to hers parents that sitting on the couch as they nod in agreement. ‘’Let’s go then!’’

Mr. and Mrs. Santisuk look at their daughter that left with hers fiancé admiring.

‘’Should we talk about the wedding? Or is it too soon?’’ Asked Mrs. Ratree for hers husband opinion. Look at hers daughter, she knows Nina is ready to settle down with Hiran but Hiran hasn’t talked about the marriage yet to them.

‘’You are in a rush.’’ Said Mr. Nirut to his wife. ‘’Hiran’s business is growing, he isn’t ready for the family life yet. We should wait for him and when he is ready, he will come and ask Nina in ours hand.’’

Mrs. Ratree look at hers husband like she wanted to say something but didn’t and left the living room.

The Daisies Heaven

Darika help closed the shop with hers mother like every Fridays because its holiday the next day and she don’t need to wake up early like hers works days. They were heading to the car when a car stopped in front their car. Out stepped Anon and it make Darika to look at him questioning as Anon hasn’t said anything to her about they were going to meet.

‘’Hello, aunt.’’ Anon greet Mrs. Napha and she greets him back with a smile.

‘’Nam didn’t said me you were coming or else I might close the shop before and make something for you.’’ Mrs. Napha said and looks at Darika who seen to not know Anon were coming too so she looked back at Anon.

‘’It wasn’t planned this way, aunt.’’ Anon explain. ‘’If it’s ok with you, I would like to take Nam out for a walk.’’

Mrs. Napha look at hers daughter as she don’t know how to answer and it look like Darika know hers mother so she answered herself the question that asked to hers mother.

‘’Can I go send mother at home first?’’ Darika asked because she doesn’t want hers mother to wait at the shop as she doesn’t know how long the walk would take.

‘’Sure.’’ Anon answered happily and followed hers car to their home.

Some pub in the entertainment district of Bangkok

Hiran and Nina were having some drinks while listening to the song that playing in the background when Hiran caught Nina looking at him.

‘’I am really sorry that I have been so busy lately that we haven’t got so much time together.’’ Hiran guilty said.

A smile formed on Nina’s lips and she bring hers hand to his. ‘’I understand. Don’t feel guilty about it, please.’’

Hiran didn’t say anything back, instead he bring his other hand over hers hand that is holding on his and Nina know what he mean with it.


Anon drive Darika to some park near hers street, they walked a bit before they saw a bench which they agreed to sit down on.

‘’Is there something wrong, Anon?’’ Darika asked as they sit down.

Anon turn to look at her, he grabbed hold of hers hands and she sense the seriousness in his eyes which make her uneasy. ‘’Life is short, Nam.’’ He said and looks into hers eyes and she trembled a bit with anxiety. Before she could say anything, he continued. ‘’I want you to say yes to me.’’

Darika was to pull back hers hands from his grips but the look on his face makes her from doing it. ‘’Are you by chance proposing me? Anon,..i..i am not ready yet.’’

Anon smiled sadly, he knows he would get this answer if he proposes to her but this is not a proposing so he grips hers hand tighter. ‘’I am asking you to be my girlfriend, Nam.’’

‘’Let me ask one question.’’ Darika said and look at the eyes that is looking at her the whole time, the eyes that she always sees hers reflection in, whenever, wherever, like a mirror. ‘’Are you ready to let me go if I can’t stay with you?’’

Anon look at her and she sees the tear that is forming in his eyes. ‘’You mean if you go to Hiran?’’

‘’No!’’ She said. ‘’Let just say if I can’t stay with you.’’

Anon think for a moment before answering her. ‘’If you don’t want me in your life anymore later on. I will try to let you go.’’

Darika smiled as she was happy with his answer. ‘’Then I say yes to be your girlfriend, Anon.’’ She hug him and smiled even more. She knows if Anon said something, he would keep it and that is all she wants. That is all she can do for him for being by her side every time and to make him happy by being at his side for once. ‘’Keep it as a promise to me.’’

Anon didn’t understand what Darika was up to but all he know is that if Darika isn’t going back to Hiran, she will forever be his, one and only.

Wongsawan’s house – Darika’s room

There comes a few knocks from the door outside Darika’s room. Mrs. Napha were standing outside, waiting for Darika to open the door as she was to drive her to the flower shop before she go to work.

‘’Nam, haven’t you shower yet.’’ Asked Mrs. Napha hers daughter as Darika has said her that she will be showering when she first wake her up like 30 minutes before. ‘’This way, you won’t have time to eat breakfast again.’’ No answer come from inside the room which make Mrs. Napha start to worry because Darika always answer her even when she is in the shower. Mrs. Napha knocks a few times and called her. ‘’Nam? Nam!’’ She then walked back to hers room to go take the key to Darika’s room that she has, in case something happen and the room was lock, like what is happening now.

‘’Nam!’’ Mrs. Napha cried when she open the door and find Darika lying on the floor beside hers bed with a shower robe and bleeding from hers nose. ‘’What happen to you?’’


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