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Disclaimer: The events and situations in this fanfic is pure fiction and does not imply that it happened in real life.

A/N: A short update.

Chapter 9.1 - Secret rendezvous

"Love pass me the water please" Kim asked Mark sweetly, laying her head on his shoulder while feeding him with the popcorn in her hand.

Yaya surpressed the urge to sigh for the nth time, asking herself why she is here again alone with the lovebirds.

"Baby stop it!"

And it's not just one couple.

She had to roll her eyes as she watch at the corner of her eyes the other couple giggle while they tickle each other.

Can someone remind her again why she allowed herself to be trapped with them couples? Damn.

Like hello, single people here?

With a growl, she grabbed her own popcorn and tried to concentrate on the movie in the screen instead, purposely avoiding gazing at her sides.

For so long she had successfully avoided these awkward meetings by any means of escape but it looks like there's no more room for that when they are more than thirty thousand feet above the ground.

"Are you okay Ya?"

Hearing her name, she looked up to find the four of them looking at her weirdly and she realized that she had been eating rather aggressively.

"Err- Yeah, I'-I'm good-" Yaya cleared her throat and forced a smile at them making an okay sign for more conviction, " This one just tastes really yummy"

It's nice to know that they knew she's still in here with them for she honestly thought they had forgotten about her.

"Be sure to tell that to the owner of this plane" Margie and Kim snickered which she ignored for it has been their habit on teasing her with anyone as the perks of being the only one single in the group and instead grabbed her bag and rummage for her phone.

She's not sure she'll be able to look at her friends in the eye again after this short vacation for the amount of PDA she's been seeing.

Grabbing her phone, she found herself checking her instagram account again to see if a particular someone had posted anything yet only to find no traces of him.

It seems like it had been her new routine ever since Nadech said he'll be having business trip abroad for a few days since their filming for their mini series is almost finished.

This also means that they have to halt their erm- pleasurable activities?

Damn Nadech.

She could be productive right now doing something more enjoyable but then again, work is work and yes she understand that.

And that is not the reason why she posted a rather sexy pic showing her bare shoulders earlier before they boarded the private plane.


Okay maybe it was just her teeny tiny little payback.

Who knows her short vacation, against her better judgement, will not be an enjoyable one? Not knowing that it'll be exclusive for lovers only as their other friends cancelled late because of their hectic schedules.

Well she's not totally alone in a sense for she saw someone at the other cabin earlier who, she was told by her friends, were a friend of theirs that joined their trip at the last minute. That's why their flight were a little bit later than intended.

"Don't worry we're almost there" Pok told her in a symphatizing tone seemingly knowing her uneasiness.

"It's just three hours from here" Mark added pointing at the digital clock on the wall.


Three hours.

She nodded at the two hoping her smile looked genuine enough.

Just three more hours of endurance and either she had to puke at her friends cheesiness or go crazy with their antics.

Whichever comes first.

Excusing herself, she stood up and make her way towards the other cabin she spotted earlier intending to just nodd off the journey.

She concluded that it's better to spend her time with the stranger rather than stay with the two couple.

Her brows furrow upon seeing the stranger with a magazine covering his face while laying down on the sofa almost occupying the whole seat that she had to squeeze in carefully at the tiny space next to him.

Pitying herself for the nth time, she sighed and play with her phone to get her mind off things. Scrolling down her instagram posts to the comment section, she gasped in surprise at the angry emoticons reaction of none other than Nadech Kugimiya.

Take note the emoticons with an S.


The nerve of him.

And what's up for his comment to have so many likes? Seriously? 300 likes in a span of an hour and almost 100 comments?!

Based on her looking at his IG, she is most definitely not stalking, he doesn't post often so how come he had many followers?

Reading through the comments, her eyes got wider and wider every second at their friends teasing as even some other celebrities joined the conversation and damn her, even her friends on board with her on the plane were commenting and reacting.

MargieRasri: :icon12::icon12::icon12: Finnnnn!!!!


KimmyKimberley: Sweeet!!!

Can anyone please explain to her where is the sweetness in his angry emoticons?!

JamesMa: :naughty2:
MarkPrin: I'll bet they'll end up together
MarioM: That is, if they dont kill each other first :risas3:

Well they better not show themselves right now to her either for they were currently at her top 10 list.

BoyP::love: :icon12::worship2:
Nine: :clap:
Taishi: :thumbup:

Oh My God. Even his family commented earning more likes and giving fuel to the fire.

And as if it wasn't enough, another notification pops out when a friend linked her to a post showing screenshot of her post and his comment that she almost dropped her phone at finding they're currently trending on the number one spot?!

What the hell is happening?! Didnt they agreed to be lowkey so they're friends with benefits thingy wont be exposed?! Then why in the world did he-

Before she could finish, a hand grabbed her phone and she turn to look at her left to find the man earlier turn out to be Nadech Kugimiya himself.

Honestly, they should stop meeting this way.

"I thought you'll never come" he whispered before pressing his lips to hers like it was their first time.

Kissing her like he could never get enough as he grabbed her legs, pulling her underneath him and then lay down on top of her, trapping her in place.

She took back what she said earlier welcoming his kisses with open arms as she wrapped her arms around his neck, opening her mouth to deepen their kiss.

This kind of things is what she lived for.

"Hmmm... I miss my babies" he whispered while nuzzling her neck, his hands squeezing and palming her breast.

"Yaya? Are you in there?" A knock on the door distracted her as she took a look at the direction of the sound while Nadech continue with his exploration seemingly unaffected, latching onto her neck.

"S-stop-mmmmhh" she half heartedly push him away but his response was to suck on her neck she had to surpress a loud moan.

"Dont mind them" Nadech whispered, ignoring them not and budging from his position while going down to trace her collar bone with kisses.

"We're opening the d-" Margie's worried voice woke her up as she realized the situation prompting her to push him off her with a strength she never knew she had ending up with him lying sprawled on the carpeted floor just in time for her to fix herself before their friends enter the cabin.

"Ya!" / "Are you okay?!" Margie asked as Kim called her name worriedly that her brows furrow at the amount of concern they were showing.

It's not like she will harm herself just because she is alone here...

"Thank goodness!" Margie and Kim look at each other heaving a sigh of relief.

"We forgot to tell you that the friend we are talking about earlier was Nadech"

"We thought you two were already killing each other knowing how you were always at each others throat" Mark added as Pok nodded convinvingly while both stand near the entrance.


Mouth maybe.. hee hee

Chancing a look at Nadech who lays unmoving on the floor, she had to subtly kick him in his sides when he grins that she already knew he was thinking the same.

"What happened to him?" Pok pointed at Nadech.

"I dunno" she said, shrugging her shoulders innocently, her friends gave her a doubting look, "He was sleeping when I got here!"

Well that wasnt exactly a lie.

"Why did you not open the door?"

"Erm- I was..." Yaya felt the sweat on her back thinking fast on how to get past this situation, "I was on the erm- bathroom?" she pointed at the closed door at the other side and thankfully, her friends bought her excuses or maybe they just took pity on her for they finally leave her alone

Yaya heaved a sigh of relief after making sure that they were all back to being lovey dovey with their respected half and ignoring her presence.

Lucky Nadech.

All he did was play dead while she had to answer her friends inquiry that can rival a reporter desperate for a scoop.

"Are they gone?" Nadech asked her lifting his head up with a smile, "I thought we're gonna be busted"

Oh. That reminds her.

Lunging on top of his back, she bit his right ear earning a painful growl.

"Have you seen my IG?" She asked ignoring his pained sound, "I thought we agreed on staying lowkey?"

"For goodness sake I just posted angry react!" Naddch tried to defend himself, "Its not like I announced it to the world that we're-"

Yaya quickly covered his mouth to stop him from speaking.

Damn Nadech and his big mouth.

"You did not but look at what happened! People were assuming that we are an item!"

"I let you know that it is an honor for your name to be linked with mine-" he stopped mmidsente ce and change the course when he saw her glare, sighing, he continued "You dont have to worry too much. People might think it is a strategy to create buzz for our upcoming lakorn anyway"

He's got a point.

"On a serious note, while we're in this agreement, dont you think it will be unfair to be involved with someone else?"

His statement caught her off guard he managed to roll over, trapping her on top and make her look at him to see his eyes intense with sincerity as she slowly nodd her head, knowing the direction where the conversation is going.

"As long as our pact last..." Nadech brushed a kiss on her bare shoulder giving her a slight shiver, "this belongs to me and I to you only, okay?"

Yaya could only nodd her head and agree.


A/N: There's no "hottest" scene in this but no worries, its only part 1.

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@annmott, Awesome MV! My guess for the next scene and I can only guess it has to be the one which is their first night together as husband and wife from Game Rai Game Rak on the island. It’s so sweet and pure but it won’t exactly be like that since they had all ready done it in your story. I am still conflicted. I am not good at guessing... I can’t wait for the next scene... as always love that you put time into this all.... we all appreciate this! Thank you!!!


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Disclaimer: The events and situations in this fanfic is pure fiction and does not imply that it happened in real life.

A/N: Here it is. Enjoy.

Chapter 9.2 - Faking it?

"Hi gorgeous"

Yaya rolled her eyes for the nth time and paid no attention to the two foreign looking young men who keeps on bothering her ever since she stood in front of the elevator.

She now regret refusing Kim's invitation earlier to go down as she was busy with scanning her instagram posts especially after seeing Nadech hit like button in her pictures. As if he had completely lost his mind, he commented again on her picture creating another buzz.

NadechKugimiya: My Nangfah :icon12:

To think that they even wanted to stay lowkey? She could only imagine the headlines back there at Bangkok that she seriously considers on just staying here forever in Hong Kong...

"Do you need company?"

Better not.

She inhaled deeply trying to contain her patience. Cant they see that she's not in a mood for any chitchat right now even if their kind of cute but then again, those dangerously handsome ones are the ones that always spells trouble.

Look at Nadech.

Damn them.

Anyway, how many floors does this SkyCity Marriott Hotel in Hong Kong have?! Why does their elevator took forever to open?

"Are you a tourist?" The guy on her left ask again, grinning at her boyishly with his light brown eyes twinkling naughtily.

"We can tour you around if you want" The taller one added combing his hand on his hair, his blue eyes sparkling with interest.

Yaya heaved a sigh and continue on ignoring them. If this continue any longer, someone will get what they asked for because damn, her palm is itching to hit something since earlier.

Honestly, they werent bad looking, in fact both were very handsome with the one even having beautiful deepset blue eyes he could be the twin of the famous movie star from the famous musical movie but then again, what good is the looks if they dont know the word respect?

A major turn off that is.

"Travelling alone here is dangerous you know?" Blue eyed hottie insisted, shaking his head and taking a step near her. "I think I've seen you somewhere before..."

She better hope not.

The light brown eyed guy peered at her face just as she tried to move away but before she could do so, a hand suddenly held her wrist tight and the next thing she knew, she was being pressed on to someones back.

"Get your damn hands off my girl"

What the hell?

The guy who held her hand spoke dangerously she had to look up to find Nadech's sharp jaw grit in annoyance.

"Sorry I'm late sweetheart." He looked at her sincerely before glaring at the two guy who instantly backed away.

Goodness gracious.

The way he gritted his teeth made his jawline look so sexy she had to control herself from swooning.


Did he just call her Sweetheart in front of this people?!

Yaya raised her eyebrows at him just as the elevator finally opened up, Nadech could only shrug and pull her with him in the corner.

The two guys glance at them rather awkwardly as they entered the elevator maintaning their distance as Nadech pulled her close, pressing her back on to his chest, his hands wrap around her protectively she had to surpress her gasp of surprise.

Is this what couples do in public? Excuse her ignorance but she had never been in a relationship before.

Subtly, she tried to pry his hands off her only for him to intertwine their hands, holding it even more tighter.

Oh well.

Whatever keeps those gits at bay. She had to give it to Nadech though for his great acting skills. And his great looks if she might just add.

After what seem like forever, they finally reach the ground floor and the two guys exited as fast as she sighed in relief but seeing Nadech's smirk erased her smile and reminded her of his earlier stunt that she pulled her hands off him roughly and stomp his feet.

"What is your problem woman?" he let out a painful groan and hop on one foot shooting her with accusing glare, "This is what I get for saving you?"

"Okay fine thank you" She breathed out before crossing her arms, "BUT that one is for posting at my IG again. I thought we already have an understanding?"

"We live in a free country. Can I not post whatever I want?" Nadech argued back.

"But that's not the same" she exclaimed trying to get her point across, "A guy like you should not post something like that on someone's IG especially if the woman in question is not your girl"

Does he not understand that him posting on her IG those sweet things would only brought them more unwanted attention?

Not that she needed more but damn, the amount of interest they were getting is way beyond expectation it almost scared her.

Like how does a new team up trend number 1 with him only posting emoticons on her instagram? To think that their koo jin isnt even establish yet and for goodness sake, he wasnt even an actor and from the looks of it, doesnt have any plan to change his career...

It might be a good PR for their upcoming series but still- Its crazy and just too much.

"Are you forgetting something?" Nadech straightened back up shaking his head, "Nangfah is my girl in the series and its not like I posted your name on it so dont worry too much"

Not her name but it is still HER picture and HER instagram.

Sighing and looking at him with forlorn, she give up.

He can do whatever he want and she wont care anymore.

There's just no use on explaining things.

Yaya exhaled slowly, glaring at him as he cheekily grin back enjoying her distress.

"Are you two arguing again?" Kim suddenly spoke on her back she clutched her heart in surprise.

"Whats new with that?" Mark asked wrapping his arms around Kim, "It wouldnt be Nadech and Yaya if they werent teasing or arguing over something like an old married couple"

"You're right, I wouldnt be surprised if they ends up on hooking up or killing each other" Her friend told Mark, smiling mischiveously at him before continuing "But you know what? They are adorably cute. I ship!" The poor girl gushed over that Yaya swore if she was an anime her eyes would have been a heart shape by now.

Ship? That is the most absurd thing she ever heard.

"Excuse me we are still here you know?" Yaya rolled her eyes and stop her delusional friend from spouting nonsense.

"Where's Margie and Pok? " Nadech butted in trying to change the topic.

"Oh that remind me" Mark answered seemingly only remembering their schedule as he hurries them on the direction of the touring bus "They told me they cant go with us so we better move now or we'll be late from the tour"

And as if it was her lucky day, she caught sight of the two guys from earlier upon entering the bus that she stopped mid-step making Nadech bump into her back.

He must have also seen the two for she felt his hand wrap around her waist.



Damn. Do they have to pretend the whole tour? Good luck to her. This might be the one vacation she could not forget ever.


"Careful sweetie" Nadech hold her hand as she enter the Crystal Cabin, sitting beside her closely on the wide space gondola opposite Mark and Kim who's staring at them open mouthed in shock.

"Sweetheart" Yaya smiled forcefully, patting Nadech's cheeks, "I can walk you know?"

"What the hell is happening?" Mark asked just as Kim put her hands together and pray aloud.

Her friends can really be overacting sometimes that she only 'tsked' and choose to ignore them as they continued acting sweetly as their cable car moved away from the station.

"Finally" Yaya breathed out and pulled away from Nadech's arms, getting out her water on her bag to drink.


She never imagined she would ever act during her private vacation.

Nadech only 'tsk' and got his handkerchief out wiping his sweaty forehead.

"Are we in some gag show or something?" Mark asked looking everywhere.

Sighing, she gave her bottle towards Nadech who accepts it gratefully and drank some.

"I was just kidding when I told you guys that I ship. No need to act it out in front of us you know?" Kim added, her brows furrowing while she watches them.

Rolling her eyes, she finally explained what happened earlier and why they have to act sweetly.

"So you two have to pretend since they where on the same tour?" Mark asked slowly, a hint of laughter on his eyes, "Goodluck then"

She probably needed that. Thank you.

"Well you two could take the opportunity to get closer." Kim wiggle her eyebrows at them as she took out her phone and took a candid photo of them earning a groan from her and Nadech , "Erm- For your lakorn of course!"

"Do not even think about posting it" Yaya warned her friend shaking her head.

"Right. Just give me a copy" Nadech grin cheekily earning a smack from her in the arm. "It was for souvenir! Its not everyday I get to use my handsome face and toned body, a perfect boyfriend material eh?" he added raising his eyebrows at her earning another smack from her that he dodged just in time.


"I cant do this anymore" Yaya protested whispering on Nadech's ear, taking a step away from him and pulling her hand from his grasp, using it to fan her face, "It is too hot to hold hands, wrap your arms around me or even hug. Whatever you call it. Look! My hand is starting to sweat now."

Forget the acting.

Forget the 'hottie duo' as she dubbed the two handsome foreigner.

Forget everything because right now, she cant think right due to the hot temperature for they have been on the tour for several hours already.

Dont get her wrong, the view is nice but it is just too hot to be enjoyable and to add to that, she does not know if it is just coincidence or the duo were really annoying them for they went wherever they go even when the tour guide told them they can explore the place on their own before meeting on a place.

How come they were near when Kim and Mark had already gone out of their sight?

Like right now, she saw the two taking pictures near but to hell with them, she doesnt care anymore if they get busted.

Its not like she would die of they do anyway.

For the life of her, she would never get how people manage to hold hands and stayed close to their partner even wrapping their arms around them during under a very hot weather. Dont they felt uncomfortable?


She heard him speak and felt something on her head which turn out to be his cowboy hat with a symbol she recognized as his family crest.

"How come you look better wearing this than its owner?" He told her while smiling, peering down close at her face.

Strangely, her heart skip a beat at this that she just had to look away and clear her throat.

And in a stroke of luck, which she noted rarely comes to her, she spied an ice cream store near them that she instantly grab his hand and pulled him with her excitedly.

"Hmmm" She moaned aloud in delight after tasting her mixed dark and white chocolate flavored one, "This tasted heavenly"

"And the ice cream saves the day" Nadech teased her, chuckling while he finish his own Cookies and Cream flavored one.

"Its not actually ice cream but the chocolate" Yaya corrected him, showing him a particular large scoop of white chocoalte and popping it to her mouth heartily, even licking the spoon clean, "I so love chocolates!"

"But that is not a chocolate" He contradicted her, pointing at the white part of her ice cream. "That is not a chocolate flavor"

"But they are still chocolates with just a tad amount of milk" Her eyebrows went up at his logic that she couldnt help but retort back, "Here taste it" she added taking a generous scooping of her precious white chocolate holding her spoon near his mouth.

Nadech looked at her face before holding her hand and slowly bringing it to his lips to eat, his eyes never leaving hers. "Hmmmm... Tastes real good eh?"

Is it just her or it is still too hot in here even with a cold ice cream on her hand that she felt her face blush?

The redness of her face was due to the heat and weather right?

Clearing her throat, she turn amywhere but him to hide her confusion.

"Smile for me sweetheart" Nadech called her attention as she turn to look at him with his film camera aimed at her.

"Stop!" Yaya covered her face with her hands trying to hide unsuccessfully hearing him chuckle and continuous click of his camera "You cant do that!"

"But why?" Nadech asked grabbing her arm gently and holding it to get a better angle at her face, "Today I'll be your photographer. Come on lets not waste the view!"

He's offer is tempting but no dime, she was already exhausted with their drama that she do not want to pose anymore.

"Noooooo" Yaya insisted earning a sigh from Nadech as he placed the camera on his neck before pushing some of stray hair behind her ears, his hands going down from her face, to her shoulders and down to her arms she had to surpress the urge to shudder feeling goosebumps at his touch, "I look like a mess..." her protest came out as a soft whisper.

"Dont worry you're still gorgeous" Nadech told her bringing his hand up holding a handkerchief on her face and wiping her forehead gently that for a second, she stared at his handsome face strucked again by his gesture.

What is wrong with her and her heart keeps on beeting this fast?

"Sooo cute!" he suddenly pinched her cheeks awakening her from her bubble that she had to struggle to push him away.

A clicking sound of the camera and a laughter from the side interrupted them making them turn to look at the couple who turn out to be none other than her MIA friends.

"Bravo" Mark spoke as he continued on taking their pictures while Kim clapped along.

"You two were taking this pretend thingy seriously eh?" Kim added shaking her head at them, "I cant believe you two were capable of doing this. Wait till Margie and Pok hear this!"

Nadech and Yaya turn to look at each other in confusion. Who says something about acting?

They werent even doing anything but if thats what they think then good! Better even!

"Everyone who would like to wish on the temple, please follow me" A loud voice from the back called as people started to gather.

Kim suddenly squeeled excitedly pulling Mark along and leaving her with Nadech, her brows furrow in confusion.

Since when did Kim become so excited upon going to temples?

"You two!"

Yaya turn to look at Nadech when he tapped her before pointing at the tour guide who was waiting looking and gesturing at the two of them to join the group. Her eyes widen upon realizing he was actually calling for her and Nadech, "Arent you coming with us? Lets go"

Nadech only shrugged having no clue when she turn to him and gestured for her to follow the group.

Oh well.

What is the harm on visiting an old temple eh? Might as well do merit to get exorcise her badluck...


"Tell me what do you young couple wish for?" A monk asked her and Nadech first that they give each other a questioning glance. Each have no idea what's happening as they turn to look at the other people beside them in front of the temple.

"Erm-" she started glancing around them looking for help at their tour guide who was praying with eyes closed at the corner.

Why is there something like this? Damn. Weren't they just supposed to pray at the temple?

Nadech tugged her hand and she looked up to find him gesturing at their friends direction. Mark holds in his laughter while Kim was making a heart shape sign with her hands and mouthing the word 'wish'.


"We wish for erm-" Nadech started, clearing his throat, "Goodluck in love? May it last forever between the two of us"

Oh. Wish for love eh?

Nadech nudged her shoulder that she had to clear her throat and chime in, "We wish for..." she took a deep breath before continuing.

For goodness sake, she had done this so many times in a lakorn but it was never the same in real life. Well technically, they were faking it right now but still...

Taking a deep breath, she caress his hand with her thumb making him look at her in wonder as she started speaking, "We wish for the love that is unselfish, caring and strong that will enable us to get through hard times, holding each other hands through good and bad."

She heard gasp from an old couple beside them and in a quick glance, she noticed Kim looking proud and Mark stop laughing. Turning back to Nadech, he gave her a beautiful dimpled smile, his eyes so bright with awe that her heart skip another beat.

"We wish for love that is patient and willing to wait." Nadech continued, his eyes sparkling with sincerity that she almost believe that what he is saying is real, "Love that forgives and love that accepts. Love that last a lifetime"

Silence filled the place after Nadech's statement and she could hear someone sniffle beside them just as she heard someone whispered at the back, "Is this Monastery Blessing or a wedding ceremony?"

The monk cleared his throat before asking them if that is all to which they nodded as he then proceed on praying for them.

Heaving a sigh of relief, she thank the heavens she got through it. At the same time, she had to ask for forgiveness for lying in front of the monk. Maybe she should schedule a merit making next time and better yet, take Nadech with her since he is, after all, her partner in crime.


"Excuse me"

"Come on"

"Wake up"

"Hmm?" A voice beside her asked as she too groggily open her eyes to see what's going on. "W-what?"

"This is already the last stop of the bus, so you guys better make a move. I've been trying to wake you two up but no luck." The driver told them before he goes back to his seat.

Her eyes suddenly widen upon realization and she turn to look at her left to see Nadech with equally messy hair and surprise expression.

They must have fallen asleep on their way back, judging by the time on the bus. Now how do they get back to their hotel?

After a few seconds, the driver honk his horn at them that seemingly awakening their still sleeping mind making them move faster to gather their things before Nadech hold her hand as they went down the bus.

With another honk, the bus left them alone at the dark street in the middle of the night.

"Now what?" She asked looking at her phone to get some help only to find it with no signal as Nadech showed her his having the same fate.

This must have been their punishment for lying earlier in front of the monks...

She sighed sitting near the side walk folding her arms on top of her knees and placing her chin on top while rubbing her arms to block the night air.

She's cold.

She's hungry.


Karma really has a way eh?

Nadech must have notice her dilemma that he brought out a jacket on knapsack and wrap it around her before sitting beside her.

"Im sorry I fell asleep" he apologized before rummaging again on his bag pulling out what looks like a map.

"Its not your fault." she yawned and moved closer towards Nadech, placing her chin on his left shoulder to peer at the map he was holding. "I must have gotten too excited earlier that I am now drained"

Damn, she's dizzy with sleepiness that her eyes almost started to close, burrowing closer on his side feeling his warmth.

"I notice you were too happy on the gondola" Nadech chuckled remembering her child like behavior.

"I told you I never been in an amusement park" she mumbled trying to defend herself.

"One of this days I'll take you to-"

Before he could finish, a beeping sound interrupted him and they were temporarily blinded by the headlights of the truck as it stopped before them.

The next thing they knew, an old woman step down the pick up truck with a warm smile and she instantly recognize her as one of the person who prayed with them in the temple of Po Lin.

"What are you two doing here?" the lady asked as she and Nadech stood up, "Its already late at night!"

"We were kind of... lost" she started nudging Nadech who was rubbing his back.

"We didnt get on our right bus stop and so we ended up here"

The friendly looking old man in the drivers seat invited them, "If you two dont mind, you might as well hop in our truck and stay at our place for a night, we had a spare room at our house. But the only space in our truck is at the back, is it okay with you?"

They did not needed to think twice as they glance at each other with an unspoken agreement. After all, the old couple thought they were together and might as well, go with the flow.

"Thank you so much!" Nadech thanked them as he help her climbed the back of truck before he joins her, "It sure is better than to stay here outside at the streets"

"Its nothing. I am happy that I met you two again and reminding me of young love"

Yaya looked bewildered towards Nadech at the mention of the forbidden word that he too looked at her with a surpressed smile and raised eyebrow.

Were they really that convincing?

Now she confirms that this misfortune must be their karma.

Sighing, she laid down the truck bed and just looked at the stars seriously pondering about her life that she got startled when her phone suddenly rang.

What? A signal? Finally.

Immediately, she sit up to answer the caller who turn out to be Kim.

~Girl! Where are you two? I thought we agreed on meeting at Pui O?~

Pui O is the beach where they should have been right now but unfortunately, they might not see the place now.

~It's a long story but we ended up here at Tai O. Luckily, remember the old couple from the temple? They saw us here and offered as a room at their house for the night~ she answered calmly looking at Nadech who was staring at the stars that she almost dropped her phone in surprise at Kim's squeal of delight.

~A room?!~

Uh-Oh. She and Nadech stared at one another for a second contemplating what to answer the poor girl at her slip.

She got too comfortable with Nadech by her side that she almost forgot no one should know she's staying in a room alone with the guy since they were just, erm- faking it as they called it earlier.

~Oh well I know for a fact that nothing will ever happen even if you two were left alone, locked in a dark secluded room so it should not be a problem.~ Kim told her , "On the other hand you should contain yourself from strangling him when he is sleeping. I knew how much you wanted to but please, killing is a sin so dont even think about it" Kim added making her choke at her friends conclusion while Nadech almost laugh out loud which she thankfully stopped by pinching his sides and shushing him.

If only they knew.

After a few second, the signal got bad again and she had to drop the call that she had to sigh and lay back down.

At least their friends knew they were safe now even if they cant ask for help.

"They really thought we hate each other so much huh?" Nadech chuckled his eyes twinkling with mischief.

"You had no idea" she rolled her eyes smiling, "I dont know if I would get offended that they worry more about your safety than my virtue."

"If only they knew" Nadech whispered looking at her face and bringing up a hand to caress the side of her face, "I am the most dangerous person for you to stay in a room with"

She could only chuckle at the irony.

Closing her eyes, she finally felt relaxed and breathed out, "This is so nice. Another one of the first in my list to cross"

"Really? You havent been on a yacht?" Nadech asked in a surprised manner.

"Only for work." Always for work.

"I would never understand why you choose that job" He told her she swore she could already count in her hand how many times he had already told her about it. "I mean if it gave you too many restrictions..."

"Well it isnt exactly my dream either" she defended herself, crossing her arms and hugging herself, "My career started from my pure selfishness."

Nadech raised his eyebrows at her that she continued, "When I was younger, I had a little sister, the cutest ball of energy and the source of happiness in our family..."


Silence followed his question and he looked at her to check if shes already asleep before she finally answered, "She died from cancer"

"Oh" Nadech instantly shut up and looked guilty.

"I can't handle those emotions that time I had to busy myself doing something, anything that could keep my mind off things or I'll just get mad with everything. To be honest, Im not sure I'm over it." she confessed her secret to him.

She didnt know why but she find him as one of the person she could trust the most especially after she began to get to know him as a person.

"So thats why you got angry with P'Sila back at my hometown when he insulted the people with disability huh?" he nodded in understanding as if putting the pieces of puzzles

"Yes. I'm quite sensitive on that topic and what's wrong with them? Did you know I once had a friend way back who's blind but is the sweetest and kindest person I ever met?" her brows furrowed at defending her old friend."For real!"

With a sigh she continued, "I wonder how he is today? I promised to be with him in his therapy but I've got busy."

"Busy enough to forget the sweetest and kindest friend?" he challenged her

"Hey! I tried to look for him but the next time I visited the hospital, he was already discharge and cannot be found." she told him which he only smiled back with a twinkle in his eye.

"And what will you say to him?" he asked rubbing his chin thoughtfully "If ever you had the chance to meet again?"

"I'll apologize because I havent been a very good friend that I promised to be" she halted and change topic. How come they always talk about her here? "Enough about me. What about you?"

"What about me?" Nadech whispered nonchalantly she had to hit his arm.

"Its not fair! You asked me personal questions so tell me now about yourself. Is this your dream?"
This is not against their agreement right? She was just asking about him after all...

"I will only bore you with my story" Yaya huffed and proceed to pinch his arm.

"Try me" she insisted

"Well" he finally consented after sighing, "I lost my parents at a young age so I had no choice but to man up and take over the company"

She wanted to smack her forehead for asking stupid questions for she heard the answer to that before from his grandma!

"Oh! I'm sorry about-" she tried to apologize knowing her place.

"Dont be because its not your fault" He brushed off her apology with a smile, laying her head on his shoulder and put his arm around her, "Anyway, I dont want my parents legacy and hard work be left wasted since its the only connection I had with them so I try to keep the business in good condition"

"That is the understatement of the century"
Ya tried to lighten up the mood slapping his arm as he caught her hand, intertwining them.

"You know my grandma once told me that when people died they became a star? like my sister" She started before adding after seeing him shake his head with a smile, "I'm serious! We can still communicate with them."

"Im not saying anything" he defended himself.


"Look. I'll show you how..." Yaya brought up her hand and circled it like a telescope, pointing it at the sky. "There you are! Hello little sister? How are you my angel? I miss you"

"Alright, alright." Nadech finally agreed with her and copied her that she laid back down beside him with a smile "Hmm... The two bright star next to each other must be my mom and dad just like how they used to be"


"Hello Auntie and Uncle." Yaya smile went even wider and hold his hand to go along with him "Im sure your head is aching whenever you're looking at your son down here but dont worry, Im here to keep him in line"

"Hey!" he exclaimed, looking at her in protest.

"What?" she asked, raising an eyebrow at him

Silence followed her statement before Nadech's frown turn into a smile as they stare at each other with laughter on their eyes "Nothing"

Slowly, Nadech holds her hand and intertwine them together before he goes in for a kiss that she gladly welcome.

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No rscenesw but this chapter is so freaking cute and sweet.. :icon12: I love that you includes the stargazing scene from TCP because that's one of my fav scn..Thanks for the update and cant wait to read next chapter..:aaaaa:


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Chapter 10 - It's a good night

"You should have seen Ya with her 'sweetheart'" Kim laughed so hard her face was almost turning red while hitting the table with her palm, "I swore you would never believe that they actually never got along!"

Yaya sighed for the nth time while burying her face on the pillow beside her, trying to drown the duos annoying laughter.

Good God.

Can the ground just open up and swallow her please?


She knew she's never gonna live this one down.

Ever since Nadech and her got back from Tai O, Kim had been going on and on to anyone who'll care to listen about how convincing they pretended.

"You know I was worried at your upcoming lakorn but after seeing this!" Margie exclaimed amusely while staring at the pictures on Kim's cellphone.


As if her friends animated story weren't enough, she was surprised to find that they have secretly taken photos and even had an entire gallery on her phone.

Some kind of friends eh?

Honestly, the only thing that's keeping her from deleting the pictures were Kims promise to keep it between them.

Not that she tried but the girl had it password protected.

Damn friendship.

"I dont know what's with it but you two look sooo good and compatible together I'm not surprise the media took notice" Margie speak nonchalantly, shaking her head as she and Kim huddled over the offending object, "Congratulations on having the fastest establishment of fan club ever in the history"

"Just like the other day, you two were trending at #1!" Kim added, reminding her again of another dilemma as her manager were contacting her and asking her if she were in a relationship with Nadech.

"Dont even start about it" she groaned, briefly surfacing on her hide out just to smack the duo with her pillow.

"On the other note, I'm so jealous you guys got to go to the sacred Po Lin Monastery." Margie sighed just as Kim gasped in surprise.

"Oh no you two didn't?" her bewildered friend asked, "That was the most important part of our trip"

"Why?" Ya got her interest peaked at their conversation that she finally sit up, "What's up with the temple?"

Silence followed her statement that she looked up at the two to find them staring at her strangely as if she commited a crime...

"W-What did I do?" she asked defensively.

"You seriously didnt know?" Kim was so shock that her eyes widen in disbelief.

"There was a myth that says- the couple that pray and wish there together will have their wish granted. It's precisely why it is a popular romantic destination!" Margie answered with a 'tsk' as if pitying her.

Sorry she even asked but she's actually not in the planning for this trip.

For goodness sake, when will she ever learn? It was always her impromptu decision that led her to trouble.

Double Damn.

Wait... she paused for a while as she finally processed what Margie said.

Oh God No.

That just cant be!

"So that's why your wish at the monk were so good and beautiful that you two made the couple beside us cry!" Kim gasped aloud faking a shudder after seemingly having the same realization as hers, "Even I had goosebumps then"

Excuse her for ignorance but she didnt know that such a myth exist!

She really wanted to bang her head at her misfortune now.

Still, they couldnt be granting all the wishes of the people that goes there eh???

For the first time in her life, she wanted the heavens above to ignore her prayers.

She was just kidding then so if they maybe kind and focus on other couples...

A quick visit to a temple is looking good right now just to counteract the curse.

"I wish I would have been there just to see the faces live..." Margie couldnt help but comment and chuckle earning another groan from Yaya "I can not believe you were willing to go that far!"

"Lucky you, now I cant unsee them not being together that I began to question my sanity" Kim shook her head as if to prove a point, "Am I crazy if I thought you two were having a hot passionate relationship and were just secretly hiding it?!"

Her heart beat almost stopped for a moment at her friends accusation.

Margie chuckled at her friend while putting both her hands at her shoulder, "You are seriously out of your mind."

Her heartbeat return to normal as Margie brushed off Kim's theory.


That was close.

Good thing her friends were so convinced that they hate each other and wouldnt buy it any other way that she internally heaved a sigh in relief.

"I'm not! I swore I'm-" Kim tried to add that she quickly interrupted to stop her friend from speaking any further.

After all, she believes that prevention is better than the cure.

"Guys like him isn't even my type. He looks like one of those dominating and possessive men" Yaya started after clearing her throat.

Who knew Kim had a seer blood on her? She should really be careful now.

"Ooooh... sounds sexy" Kim cooed, her eyes sparkling in interest.


She really now had to take her friend and see a doctor.

"Seriously?" she asked, "We are not in a lakorn where dominating guys is the definition of sexiness you know?"

"But possessive boyfriends are cute!" her friend insisted, her voice raising a notch to prove her point.

"Well they can be either cute or suffocating" Thankfully, there is a voice of reason here with them in the form of Margie.

"I know there were just times that I just wish my boyfriend could act jealous sometimes" Kim frown and sighed laying down the sofa.

"Trust me you should thank your luck stars he isn't like that." Margie advised their friend, "Good thing my husband is quite rational."


Boyfriend / Husband talk.

She better zip her mouth for she could not relate.

Single people problems. Damn.

They can be quite offending.

Yaya slowly stood up without them noticing her exit as she wear her bunny slippers and went in the kitchen to get a drink.

The perks of being the only single in the group, she sighed, sitting in the kitchen stool to check her phone that vibrated.

*1 message from Sweetheart :love::love::love:

The name and the emoji on her phone almost made her choke in surprise, that she quickly open the message just to find who is texting her.

~Sweetie please wear something decent, Mark and Pok are on their way up to your unit~

Of course. It was none other than Nadech Kugimiya himself.

And honestly, she wasnt even shocked at the information for only he would dare to do so.

When did he got her hands on her phone on the first place? Must have been when she fall asleep on the back of the truck for she woke up wrapped on his arms.

Sighing, she got up to her room cursing him with his possessive nature while putting on the first sweater she could find on her clothes just in time for the doorbell.

"I'll get it!" she shouted before opening the door to find Mark, Pok and Nadech?

Her eye brows raise up at him as she greeted the other two with a quick hug.

What is he doing here? And why is he smiling at her like that?

"You know I think I've seen that sweater somewhere" Pok stopped midstep just as Mark continued without a backward glance.

Her brows furrowed looking down on her clothes finally realizing her mistake after seeing a small logo she had slowly became familiarized with.

How foolish. It wasnt her jacket but Nadech's!



Luckily, before she dug her own grave, Margie came and hopped on her husband as the two kissed and hugged in front of them like a newly wed couple.

Nadech cleared his throat awkwardly and smiled at her his distracting dimpled smile. Maybe they should not see each other as often as this for she starts on feeling something weird in her stomach.

"Nice sweater" he grinned at her boyishly earning a smack in the stomach from her as she roll her eyes.

"Why are you here?"

"Just dropping off those two" Nadech tilted his head towards the guys direction with his eyes never leaving hers.

"Let's go down" Margie finally said as if just remembering that they were in the hallway as she bid her goodbye and grabbed her husbands hands towards the elevator. "Tell Mark we've gone ahead"

"Good night" Yaya whispered, pushing him on the shoulder when he do not budged from his spot.

It seems like he wanted to say something but Pok called him just in time to ask if he'll come with them.

"Go ahead. I'm knackered... I'll just stay on my room" he gestured at the unit beside hers as the guy shrugged and left them alone.

"You should go now, look they already entered the elevator"


Yaya started to nod staring at the direction of her friends when Nadech pushed her against the door cupping her face and kissing her deeply quickly.

"Now it is a goodnight"

Everything happened to quick that she was left in shock staring at the empty space where Nadech disappears while holding a hand to her lips.

Did he really just... ?


She really shouldnt be surprised if one day she'll find herself on the headline at the rate they were going.

Strangely, a smile form on her lips instead of getting angry at the thought of getting caught.

Her smile quickly disappearead stopping short at the sight that greeted her on the living area spotting Kim's lips disappear on her boyfriends kissing the living daylights out on the couch.

"Erm guys?" Ya cleared her throat without getting a response from the two, "Would you mind getting a room?"

Okay fine.

She will adjust for them.

Ya rolled her eyes at them and enter the privacy of her own bed room and straight unto her balcony.

Why did she agree to share a room with Kim again?! Yaya sighed again deeply breathing in the night air.

"That was deep" A voice on her right startled her and she looked up to find Nadech on his balcony clicking his camera endlessly while aimed at her.

"Hey!" She protested half heartedly "Stop it"

Whats the point of protesting anyway when she's already used to him and his camera. One thing she learned from him in this vacations was his love for film camera.


And his obsession with taking her pictures. Not that she's being assuming but he literally made her paparazzi looked novice.

"But you look real good here in my photos" he defended scratching his chin and to her surprise, climbs up to her balcony.

"What the f*-"

"Ssssshhh" Nadech holds up a finger near her lips to shush her tilting her head towards her bedroom door as if to warn her, "I'm just going to show you some of my films from yesterday. What are YOU doing out here? It's damn cold"

"I'm bored but I dont want to witness a live show" Yaya shrugged and raised her eyebrows to hint him of what their friends are up to. Grabbing his camera, she scrolled at the pictures intending to change the topic only to be genuinely surprised at the quality of the photos.

"Wow! You took these? These are very good! I look..." She gushed in awe.

And she's not just saying it because it was almost filled with her photos but he actually is a great photographer.

"Perfect. "Nadech smiled at her proudly, "I told you I can be your personal photographer."

Of course.

What can this man be not capable of doing?!

"Well if thats the case" Yaya went along smiling at his antics, "I dont think I can afford to pay you with your current salary on the company"

"Dont worry its on me just because I love taking your pictures" Nadech retorted with a glint in his eyes while placing both hands on her sides effectively trapping her, "Besides, it wont be hard because you look beautiful in every angle"

Smooth talker.

Yaya turn away to hid her smile...

He really can be quite charming sometimes.

"Go back to your room" she tried to protest knowing the direction they were going judging by the look on his eyes.

"Sweetheart," he whispered, pushing back the stray hair behind her ears and caressing her jaw earning a shudder from her and it's not from the cold breeze, "the night is young-"

Before he could finish, she interrupted him with a quick kiss intending to stop the inevitable.

"There go back now"

His gorgeous smile made her heart beat fast that she didnt even need to think twice and respond fervently when he didn't listen going in for another kiss.

"Hmmmm" She didnt know who moaned between the two of them kissing like their lives depended on it and the next thing she knew was being pressed on the matress of her bed.

Her hands automatically wrap around his neck and hair.

"Na" she whispered his name which encourage him that he quickly pulled off his shirt and her sweater overhead before burying his head on her neck, sucking the sensitive spot just below her ears.

She tried to surpress her moan but it came out rather breathless which made him growl in desire, that he ripped her night gown leaving her bare for a second .

Good God.

He really knew how to make her shiver in want.

"Sweetheart" he chuckled, "We werent even doing it yet."

"Shushhh" Ya rolled her eyes and pulled him close in a kiss just to stop him from speaking any further.

He cant blame her for she's been frustrated the past weeks since he went out of the country for business.

"Ohhhh" she moaned in a slow whisper as they danced to their rhythm.

"Sweetheart" He panted caressing her hair with his free hand, "You feel do good"

"Ya?" A knock on her door froze the two of them up as cold fear went through her for a second.

"Are you there?"

Her poor friend called that made her brows furrow in irritation at her bad timing.

Good thing she had locked her door earlier or they might scar her friend for life.

"Damn" she whispered trying to think but pleasure took over her sensess as she quickly covered his mouth.

"Ya are you okay?" she and Nadech stared at one another feeling the beads of sweat on their foreheads, thinking fast.

There's no way they cant stop what they're doing now...

With a look of understanding, they quicken their pace and ends up breathless...

"Stay" Nadech panted, caressing her hair, "For a while"

All she could do is nod as she closed her eyes while she tried to get back her own footing, his fast heartbeat calming her.

"Ya I'm going to ask for the spare key if you dont open the door"

The statement of her friend suddenly cleared her mind that she quickly pulled away from Nadech and thinking fast, grab her towel from the bathroom before putting her hair up.

Nadech only stared at her while laying still on his with his eyebrows up sexily-


Bad thoughts.

She shake her head and continue on her task to resist temptation as she picked up his clothes and threw it to his chest before pointing off her bath room door.

Thankfully, he must have gotten her message for he only shrugged and went inside but not without another quick kiss.

Seriously? She could only sigh and tap her cheeks hoping against hope she looked alright before opening her door slightly ajar for her friend.

"What took you so long? Your mom called earlier saying you wont answer your phone?" Kim asked giving her the wireless telephone from the hotel.

She did?

Not like she'd notice anyway.

"Oh! Erm- Sorry I was in the bathroom" she lied which thankfully her friend seem to bought as she nodded.

Ya almost breath a sigh of relief but stopped when Kim looked at her again, peering close at her face that she felt her nervousness double up. Thank God she knew how to act or she would be a mess right now.

"You okay? You look... flushed" Kim just had to ask worriedly.

"I... fell asleep on the bath tub" she tried. Damn, she could just imagine how embarassing it would be if they got caught by their friends.

Although come to think of it, she's not sure her friends could handle it judging by how they reacted at just their pictures earlier.

"Well if you're sure you're okay"

Crossing her fingers on her back she almost jump in joy when the girl finally accept her excuse and left her alone.

Closing her door with a clicking sound of the lock, she heaved a sigh of relief and went towards the bathroom were a grinning Nadech, on his birthday suit holds a hand out to her in the shower area invitingly.

"You are insatiable" she shook her head at him to which he could only shrug, giving her his gorgeous dimpled smile before answering,

"Only for you"

Their eyes met for a brief second looking for his sincerity before she smiled and gladly accepted his invitation... letting him have her again and again.

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