The story behind ur member name


Hmmmm Mine...Easy...Babee meaning i am the baby of the family...and my name is Lai...some of my friends call meeh Lai Lai...BaBeeLaiLai


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my name and how it came to be
by genkers
in a land far far far ...very far away, there lived a boy. he came to a well known game on the internet and tried to join but the high wizard of that game, jagex, was malicious and denied him his choice of name and thuse he tricked the wizard and created the name genkers

the end


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My username surfaced in 1993, when I was in the 8th grade. I was the girl who sat in the back of the class, the girl who no one knew, the girl with so much words to say, but no one to say it to. The girl who saw death and suffering. So that girl took all of her dark feelings and emotions out on paper and her art. So they start to notice me, and called me the lady0fdarkness; and I liked it and kept it till now.


i dont know. i have a lot of different sn. i guess it means i am a indecisive person which is true.


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um wen i was younger i alway love the name..kikiy...
and 916 is where i live so i use it..
and its my username for every site i use....
so then people kan noe that i visit that site....
but yeah...and i wouldnt change it because..i lyke it...


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7270 is just the last 4 digits of my library card. B) i should study more. :ph34r:
hahahaha you crack me up!

Hmmm my sn...i just made it up...but it's very similar to my middle name which starts with an R...nothing more than that!


oh its noyyy. <--- friends always say... "oh its noy" & it just stuck with me. so yeah! noy's my nickname btw. ^_^
Got this NICK way back in HighSchool... I usually carry my backpack really low and under my jacket back then so my lelo friends started calling me YINGERBUG... This name has stuck wid me ever since then... From a distance I look like a ladybug and my name is YING so they called me YINGERBUG!!! UNTIL NOW THAT IS...

Since I been living in COLORADO my first Xroomie kept calling me YINGER and then it escalated from there. Then when my lelo cousin moved in with me she started calling me YINGNA and so did my drinking buddies. So now I use all 3 NICKS! I will answer to all of them... keke!!! :p


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hanjieun because I used to be so addicted to the Korean drama Full House and Song Hye-gyo's name there is Han Ji-eun...^_^ and for the number's my birthday...aug 30...I've been using hanjieun30 to almost every forum/site that I use...


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Liberty: Because it pretty much explains everything I believe in, okay, well not everything.
Liberty stands for a variety of different things for different people but in the context of being a woman, it holds a stronger, deeper meaning.
Hm...I hope I explained it well enough.

I thought of freedom and came up with Liberty, basically. lol
It's my username for a bunch of other forums as well. Before that (and before I came here) I use to go by Essence_of_Hope because it reflected my out look on life but then I had to change my username at a place I frequent because I had a stalker. I tried blocking that person, ignoring him but the guy (he actually wasn't the only one or the first) just wouldn't back off and I felt like a caged animal or an animal that's been cornered with no way out. So I changed it and decided to start fresh (in more ways than one) and came up with Liberty (because I needed to be free).
my user name is pretty straightforward, i believe, but's because i'm such a fanatic for thai lakorns (always have been and always will be! :) )...nope...i don't think i'll change it unless i ever feel like using my actual name...