The Yearning Heart-Starring Mark K & Benz N Chapter 13 & Epilogue Updated


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I am writing this full time but realize at this rate it will end soon no?!!! Then what do we do? I want reunion ASAP lol


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Chapter 8. Part 2

Wat realized now that he was immature with his conduct, he should have trusted Din more and at this rate he was travelling down the same path with Dao. But she didn't trust easily and he would have a tough battle convincing his wife that he was worthy of her trust.

"Well I guess the honeymoon is over Wat! If that's the case I am free tonight, where is that famous young wife of yours? I've heard plenty from your aunt." Wat looked up to see Pim in front of him while he was lost in thought.

What was she doing here, she looked impressive from head to toe he would give her that. He then saw his wife approach, maybe now would be good time to see if she had any feelings for him. The opportunity to test his wife was a last minute plan to encourage his wife to show she at least cared for him if another woman was poaching.

"Dao I'd like you to meet Pimlada, we met recently through my aunt Lily." He introduced the two women.

Dao didn't react, she only gave them a wide smile,"if you are a friend to my husband's than I guess we should make up another plate for dinner, I shall inform aunt Sila."

"Yes I'd like to think that we are special friends, right Wat?" Pim flirted outrageously with him.

He nodded and allowed Pim to link her arm through his. They walked into the home together, leaving Dao to witness their interaction. She shook her head and with a deep sigh followed them into the dining room.

She watched her husband and his friend showcase their concern with one another at the dining table. The nerve this older woman had, wondering what if it was her sister Din who was to be married to this selfish man, would Din be able to battle with the likes of Pimlada. Dao took an instant dislike to her and was assured the feelings were mutual. She also noticed the women's interest in her husband's wealth. Yes, Wat was extremely wealthy. It would take more than one lifetime to spend this kind of money. Did his aunt Lily not care one bit about her nephew to allow such a woman to set her claws on him? She was exceptionally beautiful and a decade in advance years was hard to tell between them.

"I think I may have drunk too much, do you mind if I stay the night?" Pim feigned her intoxication.

Wat looked surprised with Pim'a extreme forwardness but Dao answered for him.

"Of course, we must all practise safety first, isn't that right P'Wat?" Dao turned to ask her husband.

Wat choked on his wine, she called him P'Wat, that was a shock to him and was Dao serious about letting Pim stay the night? He didn't know what she was trying to do but stayed calm and curious what she was plotting. Listening to his wife arranging a suite beside his to be set up by aunt Sila for Pimlada. With that she left them alone, informing them about a headache she was getting all of sudden. Wat wasn't paying attention as Pim was inching her fingers up his thighs. He stopped her from reaching her goal. For once in his life he felt embarrassed by this type of woman but his wife didn't care. Dao was heartless it seems, maybe he was wanting more from a woman who wasn't willing.

"I wasn't too sure if your aunt was serious about your marriage but now I see that it must be the open type. That's great, you don't have to feel guilty if we take this to the next level right Wat? Would you like more wine? Or you show me to my room?" Pim asked as she continued to pour wine for him.

Wat finished a few more glasses of wine before he gathered himself to take Pim to show her her room. If his wife didn't care what he did then why not take up the offer from a willing and attractive woman. He wasn't thinking clearly anymore. It didn't take long for the both of them to find Pim's room. She pulled him into her room and didn't hesitate to push Wat back onto the bed, straddling him. As Pim leaned down to kiss Wat, she reacted to a stinging on her bared legs then forearms. Wat wasn't faring any better.

"What the hell!! It's so itchy. What is this?!! Who made the bed," he hollered.

Everyone in the household came into the room staring at the two who were constantly itching everywhere from head to toe.

"Dao stuck her head in, was the room not to both your preference? I wonder looking at the way you both were itching to tear each other's clothes off, I'd thought to help by the use of fire ants. Hmmm I must have thought wrong. Have a good night, I am sure I will." With that she walked back to her own bedroom.

Dao was furious, how dare Wat bring his mistress under her roof! She wasn't a weak or submissive wife. It was near the last part of the 21st century. She couldn't control what happens outside of the home but nothing can be committed under this roof. They deserved this treatment, the Dao in her teen was still around to concoct such mischief.

Wat asked his driver to take Pim home. He rushed to shower away the after effects of he fire ants treatment that Dao generously provided. He couldn't help but smiled to the realization that she was jealous after all. Now he had to figure out how to tear down the wall she built around her heart.

Dao listened to the sound of the car drive out from the home. It was better they did whatever they wanted away from her than under the same roof. She didn't cry, she vowed never again for a man like him. She restlessly try to get comfortable but for the life of her the night felt long and she couldn't sleep. She rolled out of bed and decided to warm up some milk, everyone was asleep so she didn't need to disturb aunt Sila for her snack. Realizing she should also grab a book to read in the study she entered and was trying to pick a book from the vast collection, caught up in her task she heard too late the lock clicked. She turned to see a shadow approaching her. It was Wat, he didn't hesitate. He took her into his arms and in one fell swoop took her lips under his, to stop her protest. Backed her at the same time up against the bookshelves. She dropped the book she was going to read as Wat continued to kiss her.

She struggled with him but his kiss was neither gentle or asking. He took, his tongue slid between her protest and he lifted her up on her toes. Grasping her buttocks and pulling her tighter to his pelvis. Making sure how his body was reacting to hers. He wanted her, badly.

She pushed and pushed but he wouldn't release her. Tearing away her mouth from his, she pleaded to him. Belatedly she realized he tasted of sweet red wine. Was he drunk but yet his body smelled clean and fresh and his hair when she tugged on it as she was trying to get his lips off of hers, was still damp. She realized. Now that Wat didn't leave the house with her. Yet here he was behaving like he didn't encourage his mistress to stay overnight. With that last thought, she strained away from his caresses.

"It is useless to fight me Dao. You are mine, I won't let you forget it." He whispered in her ear.

Dao knew he was right but she always fought him even if it was futile. He started to grip her arms to stay still and raised them above her head, the whole time as he rained kisses along her neck and face. Because she forgot to wrap herself in her robe, the outline contour of her young supple body increased his pursuit of her womanly charms. Since he noticed her as a woman that night of the charity event, Wat had a difficult time from keeping away from her in thoughts. The woman was easy to love. She loved hard and unconditionally. But today he wanted to punish her, to make her realize she loved him or else she wouldn't have cause to use such juvenile tactics to get his attention. However much she denied it, that she cared in some capacity.

Slowing slightly with his seductive assault to his wife, Wat commented,"Your breasts it seems have increased in size and especially under this excuse of of nightdress or was it your every intention of enticing me to follow you to this study and have a change of scenery of where we should be making love?" He questioned. Smoothing his hands inside her nightdress to grope the globes he complimented on.

Dao couldn't respond, he continued to kiss her until something began to change within her, she couldn't be aroused? But with this man, her mind said no but yet her body eventually and will always become willing. The destined smooth stroke of his entrance created a path to ecstasy they shared time after time. Dao closed her eyes and finally allowed the wave of pleasure to enveloped them both as they shared this carnal journey. Wat intertwined his hands with her, his body to hers and heart to heart. This woman was his and the sooner she realized this, the easier for the both of them to plan their future and life.
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Saiparn's boobies are enlarge over night I presume LOL
Not Saiparn, Dao's lol...yeah and only when Wat is slightly drunk does he notice their new sizes or is there a reason for this description dun dun dun lol


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
I'm always checking for updates... hope you'll update soon. :love::icon12:


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Update soon. I'm so bore , I'm tempt to write fiction again lol . I need something to kept my imaginations go wild


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
I'm bored too.. I can't even continue reading the book series I have on my playbook app


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If not for this FF I am bored of lakorns too, P'Kai needs to remake Loy Alai for us!!! Updates tonight, thanks for your patience!!!

K Dramas are really good this year!!! But they don't have our genre R Scene lol


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
I really hope P'Kai does pair Mark and Benz again..

:cheer::aaaaa: yay!! It's 2am for me I can't sleep cause I'm sick.. my noses are block and hardly breathing properly plus I have asthma


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I really hope P'Kai does pair Mark and Benz again..

:cheer::aaaaa: yay!! It's 2am for me I can't sleep cause I'm sick.. my noses are block and hardly breathing properly plus I have asthma
Oh no, feel better and try to sleep. Going to ask P'Kai on IG for reunion news or maybe another producer will pick them up, their workload doesn't look too full for another 2016 Lakorn to happen lol


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Chapter 9: Part 1

Wat stared down at his beautiful wife in his bed. She looked so peaceful and was snuggled close to him. He carried her back upstairs last night without protest after their wild lovemaking in the study. Hoping to continue their intimate moment, he realized Dao was already asleep in his arms. Hating to wake her he placed her in his room and held her throughout the whole night. Sleep finally overtook him as well even though he ached to make love to her once more.

Now in the early daylight, kissing her soundly on the temple, he couldn’t imagine married life without her. He didn’t know when it happened but she imprinted on his heart. He was in love with his wife. She was stubborn, opinionated, and acted like a pit-bull when it came to her nephew and her family. He only wished she focused that energy on him. He hasn’t been the easiest to live with but a man wanted a wife that showed warmth and caring towards him, he could wait for love from her. The only time she didn’t spew hate at him was when he made love to her.

He smiled, as she in her dreams was trying to seek warmth from his body. He stroked her back as she continued to dream. The phone rang suddenly, who was calling at this early hour and on the weekend and he frowned reaching over to answer.

“Hello? Who are you looking for? My wife, who is this? Do you not know it’s Saturday, people spend time together, not working if you want to know.” With that Wat hung up.

Dao sat up.”Who was that? Was it for me? Oh yes, I am expecting a call. How could you that was our prospective customer. Was it Mr Pet Wongwit?”

“Does it matter? We have better things to do then business. Come here.” Wat rolled atop her and intended to continue what he was anticipating for since last night. Dao squealed from his assault. She didn’t fight him, it was pointless.


As the couple came downstairs that same morning, Aunt Lily was waiting. She had a look of irritability.

‘I don’t know what gave you the right to cause such mischief with my friend, I won’t allow it. Wat, you know Pim has shown her interest in you. Don’t tell me you are afraid of your wife? This marriage is temporary, Pim has connections too if you want to expand the business. As well there are some issues happening at Chiang Rai so you need to visit there soon.” She looked from her nephew to her niece in law.

Dao didn’t want to bother with the conversation. How could this woman interfere in their marriage, be it temporary, she didn’t want drama to be part of her life, being married to Wat wasn't a walk in the park.

“Chiang Rai? P’Wat you know we have been married for a while now, it would be nice if we take a honeymoon, no honey?” Dao wrapped her arm around his waist.

Wat took full advantage of his wife’s spite. He squeezed her tight.

“That sounds like an amazing idea, let’s leave now. Aunt Sila can start packing Dao.”

Dao made a face. What did she put herself up for? Wat readily agreed.

Aunt Lily stormed out of the house. Dao’s plan backfired, now she had to go on a honeymoon with her husband. He was already showing his enthusiasm towards her. Dao was not looking forward to her time spent alone with her husband. She had so much to do at work, especially since this morning, Wat had blown off her new investor. Where was his sense of business and tactfulness?

Upstairs, Dao watched her aunt Sila and the maid pack her belongings into a suitcase for their spontaneous honeymoon. Her thoughts scattered, wondering how best to worm her way out of this trip. Wat was downstairs organizing their transportation. It would be just the two of them for the long ride up north. They’ve never really had much time alone. Maybe she should concede and try to understand her new husband better. He hasn’t been all bad, trying hard to get on her good side. The past played a part in her opinions of him but in hindsight things happen for a reason and he was also not responsible for his father’s actions. Just all unfortunate circumstances, she almost was near tears, thinking about how her sister was dealt that hand in life. But Saipoo was a blessing to them all and for a piece of mind there was still a piece of Din remained with them and their family. Her aunt Sila reassured it was a great idea, since their marriage they had very little time to get to know each other; she and Wat.

They reached their destination. It was a picturesque scenery and peaceful. The fresh air and mountain’s in the background helped put anyone visiting in the best of mood. Dao and Wat had a casual conversation because they no longer allowed the past to dictate how they should behave with each other. They were both originally forced into this marriage but now at an impasse and there shouldn’t really be any need to be in conflict. Their time on the drive allowed surprisingly was amicable and fun and no arguments. They stopped now for early dinner as it was still a bit of ways before they reached the guest house. Being seated, they shared a menu to look over the specialty dishes available in Chiang Rai. Wat was even more so attentive to Dao and she actually appreciated it. Looking at her husband’s profile, he was quite handsome. In the past a bit arrogant and set in his ways but fair needless to say. She realized her wall was slowly being chiseled down by his efforts. She wasn’t sure if she should be concerned or relieved, listening to him read out loud the items on the menu was a calming effect on her. She smiled to herself.
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