The Yearning Heart-Starring Mark K & Benz N Chapter 13 & Epilogue Updated


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I wouldn't mind a little drama between the two. Gotta admit I like the peks to grovel, but it's ok whatever you choose.
Yes in 'our' Lakorn world we like that, the pek gets away with way too much sh*t lol. Wat isn't too bad when he confesses his love for Dao but he is a bit duh sometimes in the Lakorn version but I love his possessiveness of chapter coming up. I am honoured to have you gals follow so closely to this FF


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We don't see that possessiveness and jealousy in today's lakorns often so when it comes to FF, it fun to read it. Makes me miss the lakorns back in the days.
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Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
I miss Saiparn and Poodit!! Benz and Mark!!! I can't help it... still upset about those cut scenes!!! I'm never letting it go that they cut off so much Saipoo in the last episode of Naree Rissaya.
I really want them to work together again and if they become the most popular pairing for 3SD even better!!! I honestly won't mind Benz and Ball.

I dreamt last night I was begging Ball and Great to help me with my thai. Reading and writing.... Hahahahahaaa


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Chapter 6 continued

Before Wat could have his way with his wife, there was a knock on the door. Aunt Sila walked in.

"Dao, it's aunt Sila, oh Khun Wat! I didn't realize you came home. Well then don't mind me." She turned to leave but Dao , still being carried by Wat stopped her.

"Please put me down. This is broad daylight! Sorry aunt, was it something you needed?"

Once Wat placed her back on the ground, Dao elbowed Wat in the ribs and took her aunt out of the room. Wat made to follow and just in time heard his wife's exclamation.

"Oh P'Nak is visiting. How I miss him!" She hurriedly went downstairs to meet her one true friend.

Wat glared at her disappearing down the stairs while aunt Sila looked on. The man was jealous, that's a start. She grinned at Wat and went on her way to find young Saipoo in the opposite direction.

His brows furrowed and thinking to himself, what did that neighbour of hers want? Did he not know she was now a married woman? She was his wife now. Anotjer man shouldnt casuaaly visit his wife anytime.

As Wat came downstairs his wife was fully animated and smiling up at her neighbour. She never behaved that way with him even since when he was dating Din. His heart swelled up in memory of his first love.

Dao was so glad to have Nak visit, he was on his way to recruit more officers up north near Chiang Rai and just wanted to see how she was holding up. He said he stayed away for this long even if his heart yearned for Dao everyday.

"I am so proud of you and please don't be a stranger, you are more than welcome to visit anytime. Saipoo misses you as well P'Nak." Dao exclaimed.

She reassured Nak. She saw Wat approached them and her smile faded. Wat came to stand beside her and wrapped his arm around her waist, squeezing tight. Glaring at Nak, was there a problem?

"My wife welcomes you but I as her legal husband don't think it is too appropriate when another man comes calling. She is mine now and I should care for her well being and reputation. Isn't that right Nong Dao?" He wanted Dao to agree.

But her response was to ignore his words. "Please Wat, you don't need to do this kind of possessive husband act. Nak please let's continue our talk outside. Lots to catch up on. It has been too long," Dao tried to brush off her husband's grip on her waist but he wouldn't relent.

"Yes it's a beautiful day to enjoy my backyard, did we ask Aunt Sila for lunch? You are more than welcome to join us." Wat invited, putting the invite to Nak, daring the other man to decline but who instead catiously accepted the invitation to join the newly wed for lunch.

Dao sat fuming while Wat wouldn't leave her side. It made Nak uncomfortable including herself as Wat continued to show his affection to her in front of Nak. Why was he being possessive and acting jealous of Nak? Wat was the one who left her alone well over a month. He ignored her to go with another woman, why was he being a hypocrite? She was innocent.

After lunch Nak had another appointment to tend to. Looking at Dao's new husband maybe he should stop his intentions to wait for Dao when her marriage should dissolve within the year. Her current husband looked to be in it for the long haul and being really attentive to Dao. If Wat can make her happy that is all he wanted for her.

As he saw Nak leave, Wat said, "I wonder what he is after, unusual for a man to be trying to steal another man's wife. He seemed handsome and have a great career ahead of him but no integrity when it comes to others people marriage"

"Don't you dare insinuate anything about P'Nak. He is a gentleman unlike you." Dao replied back.

"Unlike me? I tried to be but you wouldn't accept me. You like the aggressive stance I have to take with you, no? Finally we can continue where we left off." Wat answered.

He scooped her up and put her over his shoulder. She pounded on his back without inflicting much damage to him. All the while the aunts and servants looked on. The newly weds they thought and they grinned at the young couple's antics. Wouldn't be anytime now where little feet will be running around the home as they predicted amongst themselves.
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Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
Hahaha gets interupted!!!! And then some possessiveness and jealousy too!!! Another attempt???? Omggg the last sentence gets me all excited... little feet running around!!!!! :love::love:


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Chapter 7

Dao woke up to an empty bed. She hadn't realized she was more tired than she had thought. And no thanks to her husband's ardour. Especially last night. She didn't want to admit it but missed his warm body surrounding her. The past couple of weeks, Wat had been attentive and they both tried to get to know each better after. He even managed to surprise her with a home cooked dinner, asking aunt Sila for for some of Dao's favourite meals. She couldn't help but felt touched. Wat was trying. They came to a small truce during this period.

There was a commotion downstairs so Dao hurried to see. Her dad found her.

"Dao! Dao! Tell him I am your dad. Your aunt Sila is trying to have me killed."

Dao took a deep breath, the money must have finally ran out. Now her father found them and the way his eyes scanned around the room to take accounting of all the items in the home, he knew that he had leverage for more funds to encourage his addiction to gambling.

"Yes he is the man that donated his sperm but a father, never a priority for him. I don't have any more money for you. But if you change your ways I will consider an allowance but stop gambling. I am not going to ask this of you but it's a demand. Oh by the way nice to see you too, did you say hello to your grandson yet?" All the while Dao asked aunt Sila to put down the broomstick she was holding, in preparation for a quick attack on her younger brother.

Her father mumbled, a word that rhymed with witch to his older sister. Then he turned to Wat.

"So you are my new son law. What did you do to inherit my daughter. I wished you good luck. Wow Dao, you became lucky. He is both handsome and I heard his family is one of the richest in this country. Really proud of you to lock one down." He shook Wat's hand at the same time with his backhanded compliment to his daughter.

Aunt Sila yanked her younger brother's one ear and dragged him away from the young couple.

"He is funny and honest. So you finally realized that I have a lot of money, is that why you are being nicer to me. Stop Dao, you cannot continue to treat me indifferent. I am your husband and lover. Let's see, if we divorce you get half but if you stay married to me you get it all. Doesn't the later seem more tempting?"

Dao didn't know what he was getting at, "all I care about is Saipoo. Once the year is up we should be cordial and move on. Didn't you say that I came here with nothing and should leave with nothing."

As she moved to walk past him, he held her still. Gave her a back hug "I am sorry Nong Dao, I didn't mean it that way, it was like, those words was because it was when we were both angry. Now we have a more understandable relationship. Can't you consider it?" Wat kissed her hair.

Dao at best felt confused with her feelings. She should have stood her ground but the man could be charming at times. But she knew better, he did go away for a month and according to his aunt was having an affair with an older woman. She couldn't afford to trust him or love him. Love him? Had she really fallen in love with this man. It wasn't possible.

"Can you give me more time? I need to deal with my dad for now." She replied and went to go settle things with her dad.

It had been almost six months since they married. Wat played the doting husband and Dao tried her hardest not to think too much of his changed ways. They were also becoming more of a family with Saipoo. Trying to make time for family outing. Saipoo was too young to realize his parents passing and only know that his aunt and half brother were now his full time guardians.
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Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
Wow six months and no pregnancy yet.... Poodit and Saiparn was only once, Yai Noo was born.
I need a bit of slapandkiss now.


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Wasn't expecting two chapters in one day, but can't say I'm not happy. Wat reminds me of James ma character in his last lakorn with Kim, very tender and vunerable. That kiss and back hug while asking Dao to consider staying with him was a very touching moment.


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
Hahahahaaaaa I don't think she'll give you a rated r chapter but keep trying! It might happen. I don't mind as long as I get to read an update!


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
I wonder how more willing r and attempts til they have a baby hahaha...


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Aww no update? I jusy got off work . Need entertainment .


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Chapter 8 Part 1

Comptemplating over Aunt Sila's recollection of Dao's childhood upbringing.

"So she grew up with a neglectful father and it has always been this way. How long does he stay away and only comes when his funds are depleted at the horse track? No wonder she hates men who show no responsibility. She has quite the stubborn and independent streak. She doesn't want any of my help even if I am her husband." Wat replied.


He realized now how Dao loved her one and only sister. Din was her support system and for his family to take that one person from her, would cause a certain hatred towards them. Dao married him because of his brother but the real reason for him to agree to marry Dao? He remembered when he first noticed her truly on the night of the event he had to attend on behalf of his father. The police society charity event. She looked all grown up and was with her neighbour. She was smiling and enjoying herself but he couldn't take his eyes off her.

As she was dancing with Nak, Wat asked to cut into the dance. Dao opened her eyes wide to his interruption. They couldn't make a scene in public. He took hold of her and held her tight even as she struggled to move apart. Nak had to walk away as he lost his dance party to Wat.

"I almost didn't recognize you tonight, all grown up Dao. And you have every man staring at you. To think we are related now by marriage." He started but Dao stiffened in his arms.

"We are not family. The way you treated my sister without hearing her side of the story, shows how cowardly you are! Let me go, I don't want to dance with you." Dao tried to pull free but Wat kept a firm grip on her.

"Wouldn't you feel the utmost betrayal when your girlfriend chooses to marry your father instead. She couldn't even wait for me, did not keep her promise. Let us not disagree as to know what sort of woman she is..." he whispered into her ear as he responded to her criticism of his actions towards Din's marriage to his father. He tried to keep a facade of intimacy between Dao and himself as they danced.

Silence fell upon the ballroom as they watched the young couple argued but with the after affect of her palm to his cheek, whispers started. One of the elite family member was slapped by an unknown girl. She ran off leaving Wat on the dance floor. He was humiliated but in hindsight he deserved it. Din was innocent afterall.
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awww soo short ! i'm so bore at work . nothing more to read and nothing else to watch :crybaby2:i need my imagination to run wild 24/7 to stay insane