The Yearning Heart-Starring Mark K & Benz N Chapter 13 & Epilogue Updated


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Oh no, feel better and try to sleep. Going to ask P'Kai on IG for reunion news or maybe another producer will pick them up, their workload doesn't look too full for another 2016 Lakorn to happen lol
Hopefully P'Kai will have another project to pair them up!!! Benz said she has two series she will film and Mark said he had Buang Athithan that would air that just ended on Tuesday night.

And thankyou for the update!!!


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Hi Sary,

It's been about 4 or 5 years now since our Yadech days.
Thanks so much for writing another great FF! I've been reading your old FF like My Esan Husband while waiting for the new updates.

keep up the good work. You have many faithful readers here!


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Hi Sary,

It's been about 4 or 5 years now since our Yadech days.
Thanks so much for writing another great FF! I've been reading your old FF like My Esan Husband while waiting for the new updates.

keep up the good work. You have many faithful readers here!
Hi Vimalee

Thank you!!! I know it started with Yadech...yet the love story continues. Thank you for dropping by here too. Again the Lakorn of Loy Alai was the inspiration and these new starlets have a piece of my fan girl's heart lol. I am very thankful for those who enjoy my writing and FF


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@Mz_Em, the full Khmer dubbed of this Laorn is up on Merlkon site if you want to rewatch it.


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So had an update......went to post ERROR!!! Gone any way of recovering? Guess will start over "cries"


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Chapter 9 Part 2

Dao listened to Wat as he relayed his experience as an only child as his parents marriage was far from normal. It was a surprise to him too that he found a normal love with Din. That was why it was so very devastating that when he was told Din was marrying his father. He felt the earth had disappear beneath him. He knew his father had issues, the dysfunction of his mind yet in the end he was still his father. His father begged him to stop loving Din, he never asked much from him. Wat had no choice and jumped to conclusion thinking Din did so with consent. Now the truth revealed and lives lost, he didn't want to go through anything like that ever again.

Dao realized too they were both brought up with a scattered family life. She and Din weren't full blood sisters but Din never loved her any different. Her father was never around unless his finance had depleted. That was why she owed her nephew to be just as well protected from the threats on his future wealth and well being.

Wat ordered more than enough food to feed a village instead of just the two of them.

"I really enjoy the northern style food up here, especially this crispy rice and nam prik chilli fish dip. It's my fave, here have a nibble." He leaned in to feed her by hand, Dao oshook her head turning shy from his action.

"It's okay, I can manage." She protested.

"Nothing to be embarrassed about, we shared much more intimate moments than this, here, it will taste better if someone feeds you." He popped it into her mouth and watched her chew slowly.

Dao turned pink from his stare. He didn't know that they also shared this favourite meal. Aunt Sila would go out of her way to make her favourite childhood dish whenever she craved it.

The remaining of their meal Dao appreciated Wat's attentiveness and his easy conversation, it's something she could get used to, but could she really afford falling in love with her own husband? Her trust in Wat couldn't be reached.

When they finally reached the chalet, it was even more scenic and alive with natural colours and atmospheric visuals. But only to be distrupted with the presence of aunt Lily and a younger woman stood beside him.

The young woman smiled widely at Wat and took away his luggage but chose to ignore Dao completely, was the girl that ignorant over the power she had regarding her employment? Regardless, Wat shook his head and grabbed Dao's luggage and followed her inside the chalet.

As Dao reached their room, Wat came over lifted her off her feet, walked out the room and back over the threshold. "There tradition done, we should have a long and happy marriage." He explained. Dao smiled, that was a loveable move she thought. But she refused to give in to him. While she was making her way upstairs his aunt made mention of the relationship between the housekeeoer's daughter and Wat and of course his alone time up here with Pimala. If she was to believe Lily then Wat's ways was really no different than his father.

She turned to Wat and asked for some privacy, she was tired and wanted to nap. She had to fend him off from joining her and he adhered to her wishes. Laying down, back towards him, Wat walked over and kissed her gently in her cheek as he knew something was bothering her all of a sudden. He left her and closed the door shut.

Once Dao awoke, there was no sign of Wat, she toured around the hanging orchid pathway and sat down. Contemplating her next course of action, their marriage was more than halfway in, what did she want? List in thoughts she didn't realize until too late as her husband pounced on her.

Pushing her down into the lush grass and inserting his one leg between hers. If was a very intimate position and they were only slightly protected by some small plants.

"Wat, get off me, are you crazy there's workers close by." Hissed Dao.

"I am indeed crazy, since that day I saw you walk through the dance floor, you are s very beautiful woman Dao. No longer any trace of that obnoxious snot of a kid. Is it so hard to love me? I am not ashamed to tell you I love you Nong Dao. I think we should start loving each other now." He confessed to Dao shocked expression.

"Are you sure it's love and with you I believe actions speak louder than words. Tell me, the young girl eager to wait on you hand and foot, did you have an affair with her?" She asked. Waiting to hear his lies.

"I would never mix business and personal and sleeping with the help is never a great idea. I need to prove you my love? Then let me kiss you," he didn't wait for a response.

This kiss was different, gentle, inviting and coaxing. Dao didn't feel pressured and she found the sensation arousing, but then he lifted his body from her. Dao was panting, Wat chuckled. He lifted himself off her and pulled them both in a sitting position.

"If I continue, it will be a public exposure to my workers. Can we not love each other now Dao, I love you as no other and I can prove it," he reached to gently brush his fingers on her swollen lips and leaned in to continue with their kiss.

A clearing of a throat startled them both from their moment, "Dao, I found you! Hope not interrupting anything," it was Nak, grinning from ear to ear.

"P'Nak what are you doing here?" Asked Dao all the while Wat mumbled to him about not knowing about privacy and others' honeymoon escape.

Nak caught on,"oh it's a bit late for a honeymoon no, you guys have been married a long time and..." He was stopped by Dao who dragged him away.

Wat tried to remain calm but why was this man here? He was actually getting somewhere with his wife. It didn't help with his seduction of his wife.
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