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  • omg.. i dont get it... how's ur font orange while others are just black even if their active/mods/admins?? ugh ur so not cool anymore :p
    my babe got a pic like yours playing pool. he looked soooo hot in it. i just wanted to brag and say that yours is hot too hahahaha
    Damn, why do you cry with the stars ? I'll boost up a 5 for you, stop cry AHAH.
    BTW, did you check your blog ? What about your grad. pics now ?
    hey, can't say i didn't try. but apparently my single vote isn't enuf to counter all the negative stars ppl have given u:LOL: u might as well get a new foto up there kid, if u truly wanna boost ur rating. i'd recommend putting orlando bloom up.
    wait a minute here buster...what the heezy freezy, u hookin' me up with peebag man??? reaally???!
    uhhh dude I am having some complications with the instrumentals for your song. Don't worry though I will figure it out if not tonight then tomorrow after work.
    Monkey King what happened dude? Why do you say you are an idiot, even if it is true. Just kidding just kidding.
    Fine. That's cool with me. man that means i don't get almonds anymore lol. Oh and it never began in the first place so how can you say its over? Anyways, I am really sorry Marduk, I really am!
    Did I say it was funny? Marduk yah ron tua, don't sweat it, I was just pulling your leg. I wanted to test if you remembered anything. Sorry I will stop know. Yes I know I am a punk!
    secrets that you don't want anyone to know. don't worry I am your loyal subject, my lips are sealed.
    no vocals any where? yikes I still hear some vocals though like the chorus part. i will try to record it soon, hopefully.
    they thought it was FUNNY!! that's it man...i just told them to tune in wednesday night if u like his session.. hello advertising u, u dont want that anymore?? hahahha
    Thanks for DJ'ing.. it was very entertaining and sweet of u, i got 2 of my girls to tune into u and it was pretty funny they say.... anyways have a good rest of the night and YAY 4 more day's!!! love Lek :)
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