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  • so Monkey King.... posting up pic's on DP just to seduce the ladies?? haha surely u got my attention!!! :)
    oy... jep jai lai lai!!!! but it's okay, it's an honor from the monkey king.. atleast he's viewing my profile :) YAY!!! how are u doing today? may i ask?
    lol Klar. I am actually suppose to scream for marduk's album but I tried the screaming and I almost died. haha. So i sticked to singing.
    Well marduk you don't sing bad thats why you have many fans.
    Monkey King, so i have a better idea instead of a screaming. I sang some songs haha i know me singing, horrible, but yea hopefully u will be in chat tomorrow as well as me if i have time and i will let you hear. be aware u might need hearing aids afterward.
    i searched for u and u dont even exist... i had to go to other peeps profile just to find u.. u know that.... hahhah anyways marduk guess what?? nothing, just want to hollar at this cutie and that's it :) bye
    hey why didn't u use the pic that u were trying to be a mob boss lmao? But it's okay this brokeback one is nice too. :)
    niiice cowboy hat, i wanna borrow it sometimes... i have the boots to match with it :D
    hi My hot Duck lol ! j'espère que tu vas bien ! je voulais juste faire un coucou au king...hihi c'est pas tous les jours qu'on a l'occasion de fréquenter un roi lol...Bisous !
    What part of Florida did you went too? Did you like the weather over there? I will have my spring break on April which I can't wait. hehe
    chuba chuba. MAN! i still can't beleive u didn't HOLLA BACK GRL! i'm not gonna let u live that one down man.
    Voila! I'm here ^ . ^ not been here much though and as for AIM, very seldomly. still got the same sn right? Gonna stalk you when I see you Muahaha! Yes, it's been awhile and glad you've swung by my teepee LOL
    damn, miami. for once, u have something i can be semi-jealous of... more pics of hot girls please.
    aow tu es en spring break? arg that's why i didn't see u lately, i'm sad, i'm gonna all my tears snif snif lol...Ok hope u have fun na ja my hot duck !!!
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