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YaY!!!!! I was waiting for THIS story update :D Thank You!!!!! Take all the time you need to write the next one!!!!! Loving it!!


sarNie Oldmaid
Chapter 18 - Linger
Kaneung’s Condo

Shocked that Kaneung is responding well to his kisses, Sakorn is confused. “Can she really like me?” he asked himself. “Is this just another dream?”

Sakorn held Kaneung tighter, his suspicion vanished as he let himself go. His body reacting to her like reflex. He isn’t going to think too much into this, she is letting him touch her. Why waste this chance on flooding his brain with useless ‘what ifs?’
Kaneung tried hard to hold her composure. She responded to him by not letting him see her fear and her dislike of him. She wanted to act like his attempt at harassing her isn’t going to make her weak like it did years ago. He can’t win by making her cry in front of him. She needs him to think that she enjoys this and she can fool around with him and not care about him emotionally.
The longer she kissed him, the more confused she got. She isn’t supposed to like this embrace, she’s fighting hard with her heart. “Pull away, brush your lips to the side of his lips and make him miss the taste of your lips Kaneung!” Kaneung thought to herself. “You have to make him really want you so you have control. If you keep kissing him, you’ll lose that control on him.” She is afraid she’d lose herself and her purpose of coming back to Thailand.
Kaneung pulled her lips away just as Sakorn turned his face to get better access. He felt Kaneung pull away and wanted her to exchange her sweet taste with him more, but her lips brushed against the side of his mouth. It was gentle pull away from him and not an abrupt stop. It made his heart flutter and his body reacted to wanting to hold her closer, his body burned with desire for her. Her moving away from him burned, his pride hurt. But, if she doesn’t want more than the kiss, he can’t let his needs ruin what they have now. At least he can see her at work even if she doesn’t want to see him. He can’t ruin it. He is pissed that she belongs to Kaphon, but forcing her like he did before didn’t solve anything. The last time he hurt her, she ran away and Kaphon still got to stay home. Kaphon got angry at him, but not to the point of telling their parents on him. It made him even more angry that Kaphon didn’t do as he thought he would. Ami said that if he hurt Kaphon enough, Kaphon would rat him out. But, he did the worse thing possible to Kaneung and Kaphon let him off the hook.
Sakorn hurt Kaneung for no reason and he still doesn’t have the guts to apologize. It’s too shameful. “I hurt her because I was selfish,” he thought. “But I can’t hurt her today because the truth is…I am still that selfish bastard. Being selfish is the only way to keep her by my side. Don’t go too far or she’ll hate you even more and she will disappear from you.”
Kaneung can feel Sakorn’s chest rise and fall against her. She let him hold her, not wanting to really let go herself. But, she has to be strong. Kaneung let her hands fall to the side and tried to pull away by taking a step back, but Sakorn gripped her tighter. She pressed her lips together and waited a moment before finally saying, “I can’t go any further. I just can’t.”
Sakorn heard these words and let go. A long silence, both staring into each other’s eyes. Unaware that they both want the same things, but both not understanding that they want the same things.
“Khun Lung,” said Lynn, out loud, standing in the doorway of her bedroom. “Umm, I mean…errr.”
Lynn doesn’t know what to say. He isn’t her uncle, but her biological father, who doesn’t know that he is her father. It is too much for a 6 year old to comprehend, but she knows that her mom doesn’t want to reveal the truth. Her dad doesn’t want to reveal the truth either. Lynn quickly closed her bedroom door and ran to her bed and pulled the covers over herself. She hoped they didn’t hear her. She just witnessed her parents standing very close to each other. Her mom never did that with her dad.
“Does she love him?” Lynn asked herself. “If she does, what about Khun Por? Isn’t Khun Por the dad that I call dad. And if I call someone dad, then he must be who my mom loves. Moms and dads love each other, right? But then my mom never gets close to Khun Por like that. And at school, I see the adults kiss each other and they look like they are in love. Khun Mae was just really close to Khun Lung…no my real Khun Por, so that means she loves him?”
Both Kaneung and Sakorn’s looked worried. They didn’t know how much Lynn saw. Kaneung walked to her couch and sat down with her hands over her face. “I thought she was in bed. Now what do I do?” she asked herself.
“You don’t have to do anything,” said Sakorn. “I’ll go talk to her and explain everything.”
“Explain what?” asked Kaneung. “You don’t need to do that. I’m her mother, I’ll do it.”
Sakorn walked over to Lynn’s door and before turning the handle, Kaneung grabbed his hands. Her hands were firm on his.
“Please, don’t. I will take care of it,” she said.
Sakorn replied, “But I don’t want her to have a misunderstanding. She’s my niece, I can’t let her be hurt. I can’t let her think that her mom is cheating on her dad with..” he whispered, “her dad’s brother.”
Kaneung soaked in his words, “he considers Kaphon is brother now? Is he messing with me? He cares that much for Lynn?”
She released Sakorn’s hand. “I just don’t want Lynn to be in a hardship talking to him. She must be very confused right now. What will she say when she faces Sakorn? Is she ready to face him?” she thought.
Sakorn opened the door and peeked in. Lynn laid facing away from him. Kaneung didn’t know if she should pull Sakorn back or not, but Sakorn turned and whispered, “She’s pretending like she wasn’t at the door.”
He stepped in and knelt down on his knees. Kaneung turned and walked towards the bedroom door. She stood in the doorway observing father and daughter. Sakorn began to talk, “NongLynn, I know you’re not really asleep. But I don’t know how long you were standing there. But regardless, I just want you to know that you don’t have to worry about your mother and I. You and your father are the most important people in her life. Your mother would never do anything to make you sad. It is because your Khun Lung is a bad guy. I deserve to be at fault for everything.”
Sakorn got up and turned to see Kaneung in the doorway. Tears rolling down her eyes. Both their eyes met and they stood still.
Sakorn turned away first and looked back at Lynn. She had turned with her eyes open looking at her parents. She began to speak, “Do you love me Khun Lung?”
Thida’s House
Thida broke the awkwardness and got up off of Kaphon. He turned to the side and used his arm to lift himself off the ground.
“No help at all?” he asked. “How nice of you.”

Thida turned away. She is nervous. “Is that even considered a kiss?” she asked herself.
“Look, I know you are questioning whether that is a kiss or not,” said Kaphon. “Let me show you a real kiss. He grabbed Thida’s arm and turned her around swiftly. He looked into her eyes. They are so beautiful. Kaphon pulled her to him and he closed his eyes and leaned in to kiss Thida. Her eyes lit up, but she quickly closed them as his kiss melted all her senses. He really hasn’t been a jerk to her. He has been helping her all this time. She didn’t realize when she fell for this brother. But he seems to like her back, not like Sakorn. Both pulled away and opened their eyes to look. There is no anger in Kaphon’s eyes today. Nothing but sweetness. Thida smiled and grabbed hold of Kaphon’s hands. She walked back towards her bedroom door and pulled him in. His face lit up and he chuckled to himself.
Kaneung’s Condo

Sakorn cleared his throat. Kaneung wiped her tears. Shocked by Lynn’s question. Sakorn turned all the way around to look at Lynn and walked towards her.
“Yes, I truly love you NongLynn.”
Lynn smiled and sat up in bed. “Come here Khun Lung,” she said. Sakorn walked towards her and he sat down on the bed next to her. She wrapped her arms around Sakorn’s neck. She whispered into Sakorn’s ears and he immediately held Lynn a lot tighter. Tears flowed down his cheeks.
Kaneung didn’t know what Lynn just told Sakorn, she couldn’t speak. Frozen stiff.
Thida’s House

“I wasn’t afraid that night,” said Thida.
“Yes you were,” said Kaphon. “You had nothing but negative thoughts about me.”
“Okay, true,” said Thida. “But, knowing how blunt I can be, I just want to say…I think I really like you.”
Thida smiled, relieved that she admitted it. She really likes Kaphon. She didn’t realize she liked him this much either, but after blurting it out to him, she realizes she really likes him.
Kaphon didn’t know how to respond to that. He honestly didn’t know when he had feelings for Thida either. She seemed really bratty when he first saw her. “She actually is,” he thought. “But she is also cute, blunt, and really sincere.” He looked around and realized he had followed her into her room. Thida let him in, which means she wants more. He began to worry about whether this is a good idea.
That night her mom had thanked him for bringing Thida home. “You are such a gentleman,” she said. Kaphon looked at himself awkwardly and thought, “I pressed her against the wall and made out with your daughter. That isn’t a very gentleman thing to do, especially because it was against her will.”
Thida looks really cute tonight. She walked towards him, noticing that he stopped walking towards her. Instead of walking to him, she walked passed him and pushed him further into the room and closed her bedroom door. “You’re not going to say anything back?” she asked. “Did I leave you speechless?”
This time she walked to him and kept pushing him towards her bed until he tripped over it and landed flat on it.

Kaneung’s Condo

Sakorn’s phone buzzed. He reached into his pocket and pulled the phone out, still holding onto Lynn. His eyes lit up and he gently pushed Lynn away as she released her arms from his embrace. “I’ll be right there,” he said. He hung up and Lynn smiled at him. “Be careful driving Khun Lung,” she said. “Don’t panic while driving. See you when I go visit at the university.”
Sakorn put on a smile even though he is panicking inside. “I will see you soon NongLynn.” He walked towards Kaneung and she stepped out of the way for him. He nodded at her and walked towards the front door and stepped out.
Sakorn rushed downstairs and into his car, driving full speed to the hospital.
“P’Sakorn, Moo Lek is crying for you. He can’t sleep and he is turning pale. He’s been vomiting all day,” cried Sakol.
“Khun Mae ja,” said NongLynn. “Don’t worry, I didn’t tell him your secret.”
Kaneung ran to her daughter’s beside. She pulled Lynn into her arms and sobbed. She is happy that Lynn is speaking to her again. But she is still wondering what Lynn whispered in Sakorn’s ears to make him weep like that.
Thida’s House
Kaphon is shocked that Thida is doing this. But then again, he shouldn’t be because she is rather ambitious with everything she does. “Hey jerk, you think that I do this with every guy?” she crawled up on Kaphon and placed her hands on his chest. She leaned down towards his face. “To tell you the truth, P’Sakorn told me to stay away from you, but I can’t. And you’re the first guy who has ever kissed me. This is revenge! You pressed me against the wall, now I’m pressing against you!”
“She really is an English major,” thought Kaphon. Kaphon tried to tell Thida that he has fallen for her too, but she hushed him and leaned in to kiss him. All the sensations of her pressing against him made him forget the indecency of everything happening between them. She is the first girl to ever make him feel like this. The surprise, the spontaneous moves she makes is really intriguing.
Kaphon kissed her back, the pain from the fall still not bothering him. He wrapped his arms around Thida. In one swift move, he rolled her over. She is not laying flat in bed with him on top. Their kiss was passionate, reminiscent of their first kiss, but this time there is no anger, just pure desire for one another.
Their breathing increased and Thida felt herself wanting him to go further with her. She felt things between her legs that she hasn’t felt before, especially with him pressing hard against her. Kaphon kissed Thida’s cheeks, moving slowly to her throat. Then the vibrations from the sound of Kaphon’s cell phone in his shirt pocket pressed against her. Her mind began to wander. “Are you not going to pick it up?” she asked through exasperated breaths.

“No,” Kaphon responded. Thida began to think further into the call. “What if it is NongLynn?” she asked.
“What if it is NongLynn?” her words began to play in her mind. She blurted out, “Wait, I can’t do this.”
Kaphon stopped what he was doing. He looked at Thida, his phone still ringing.
“You’re not single,” said Thida. “I can’t do this. Not to P’Kaneung. How can I forget?”
Kaphon lifted himself up and reached for his phone. “Hang on a sec,” he said after looking at the caller ID.
“Yes? I’m so happy! Will she talk to me?” Kaphon asked.
“Kaneung, I will call you back tomorrow okay? I have to clear things up. And Kaneung, we will stick to the plans. No backing out right? See you,” said Kaphon and hung up.
Thida sat up in bed and looked at Kaphon with sad eyes. “I can’t believe I almost committed a horrible sin.”
Kaphon laughed. “Why are you laughing jerk?” asked Thida.
“Stop calling me jerk already. I can’t believe I made out with a brat like you again. Not like we are getting anywhere anyways,” said Kaphon. Not trying to hurt Thida, but trying to joke with her. She doesn’t look too happy still, so he walked over to her bed and sat down.
“There’s so many things that I want to tell you, but it will hurt you. Your P’Sakorn will not seem like a good guy in your eyes and I don’t want to ruin that image you have of him. Can you understand?” asked Kaphon.
Thida looked at Kaphon seriously. She grabbed hold of his wrist, “But the person who I care most about now is you, you jerk. And I don’t like when you call me a brat either.” She began to chuckle, but continued, “The person who I like now is you. Do you hear me? And when I like somebody, I want them to be honest with me because I haven’t hidden anything from you. Regardless of the consequences, tell me things. I want to know, even if it ruins my image of P’Sakorn. He never liked me back in the way I liked him and now I like you, but you are taken. Am I just not meant to be in a real relationship?” tears rolled down Thida’s eyes.
Kaphon grabbed hold of Thida and hugged her. “I’m doing things to protect Kaneung,” he said. “I know,” said Thida. “She is your lover, so I understand.”
Kaphon chuckled, “She’s not my lover. She is just my best friend.”
“I get it,” said Thida. “Don’t have to make me feel even worse. She’s pretty much your wife even if a marriage license hasn’t been signed. Guys always marry their best girlfriend.”
“Thida, stop thinking too much into this,” said Kaphon. “I don’t want any misunderstandings between us. I’m ready to be honest with you. But, can you keep it a secret? I have to protect Kaneung.”
Thida nodded and Kaphon began to explain things to her.

The next morning

“Woah!” shouted the maid as she entered the room. “You really didn’t leave? Khun Noo!”
Thida awoke from bed and rubbed her eyes. She opened her eyes and saw Kaphon lying next to her. She had slept in his arms all night. “Wait, he slept here with me all night?” Her eyes bugged out and she saw the expression on the maid’s face. “Oh crap!” she blurted to herself.


sarNie Oldmaid
I didn't go back in Chapter 18 to reedit, so hopefully things make sense. Hope you all like it :)
asque said:
YaY!!!!! I was waiting for THIS story update :D Thank You!!!!! Take all the time you need to write the next one!!!!! Loving it!!
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Yay!!! You updated, I waited so long and it was such an amazing update na. :) Up date soon.
Hope this chapter 18 was worth waiting for too :) Will update again real soon.
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Thanks Phone for this amazing update!! :dance1: :dance1:
You're welcome!


Thanks for the update. I love it so much. :) And yes, it was totally worth the wait. LOL, I know how you feel (from ur post in Fanfic request). I find it really annoying when people don't update soon enough or something, but then i find myself posting and updating so slow too so i don't mind it anymore, because now that i've actually tried to write my own, I know how hard it is. :)


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Oh shocks, I'm such a tease. Yeah, I know this isn't an update :( I will update soon though. Started working on chapter 19. Just had a lot going on this past month. Work, loss in the family, upcoming events, etc.
Bieluvr said:
Thanks for the update. I love it so much. :) And yes, it was totally worth the wait. LOL, I know how you feel (from ur post in Fanfic request). I find it really annoying when people don't update soon enough or something, but then i find myself posting and updating so slow too so i don't mind it anymore, because now that i've actually tried to write my own, I know how hard it is. :)
I appreciate your patience :) Don't lose faith, I will finish this fiction within the next 3 months :)
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Update again soon please! :) Thank you for your hardwork!
I will update soon. Thanks for reading :)


Thanks, I was so excited that it was going to be an update, but, oh well, it's okay, I'll still wait patiently for it. :) I'm so in love with this fanfic.


sarNie Oldmaid
Chapter 19 - Pounded
Sakorn glanced at Moo Lek in his hospital gown and looked away. The nurse just finished giving him some medicine to help him relax. The vomiting took a while to subside. It is morning now.  Moo Lek was pale and Sakorn’s heart ached.  A child shouldn’t have to go through this.
Sakol stood at the door way, unable to face Sakorn. She hates lying to him. He has put so much heart into Moo Lek and it is shameful to do this to both of them. She feels like a horrible person, but the only way to get Moo Lek better is to have Sakorn pay for it all.  She has no money.
“What is a mother to do?” she asked herself. “This is the only way to save you Moo Lek,” tears flowed down her cheeks.
Thida’s House
“I think she is going to tell my parents,” shouted Thida, in a state of shock.
Kaphon chuckled, “Don’t worry, if she does I’ll just take full responsibility.”
Thida stopped pacing around the room with her hands waving in the air.  Her jaw dropped at Kaphon’s response. “Responsibility for what? We didn’t even do anything!”
“Exactly,” said Kaphon. “We didn’t do anything and that is why we will get out of this. However with bad luck, they’re not going to believe that a man and a woman spending the night together didn’t do anything.”

“Ugh!” shouted Thida.
“We will tell them the truth and if they choose not to believe us, so be it,” said Kaphon.
“Easy for you to say! You’re a guy. I get stuck being shamed by my parents,” responded Thida.
Kaneung’s Condo
Kaneung finished putting on her pearl earrings. She looked in the mirror at her puffy eyes that she somewhat got rid of with
concealer. Thanks to youtube videos she was able to figure out how to apply it.  She saw Lynn’s reflection in the mirror. Lynn entered her room ready for her school.  Lynn smiled at Kaneung and Kaneung smiled, excited that her daughter has come around.
Lynn ran up to Kaneung and hugged her waist. “Khun Mae ja, you are so pretty today.”
Kaneung smiled and held Lynn’s hand as she turned around to kneel down and smile at her daughter. “And my daughter is always the prettiest in the world.”

Kaphon smiled as he saw Thida enter the school’s café. She had just finished taking her morning classes and he is happy that she is taking the time to get in line to grab something to eat.  He looked down at his food and played with his rice smiling to him. She is too cute.
Thida placed her food on the table. Some of the curry spilled over onto her vegetables. Kaphon looked up, surprised that she had spotted him. “I am still so stressed, I have so many missed calls from my parents. I can’t answer it. I don’t know what to say to them.”
“Did they leave a voicemail?” asked Kaphon.

“I can’t bear to listen to them,” said Thida. “I’m too nervous of what they have to say. You listen to them.”

Kaphon looked at her and sighed. “Are you sure?” he asks.
Thida nodded.
Administrative Building

“Is Sakorn here this morning?” asked one of the directors at the University.
“He hasn’t come in,” replied the receptionist.
“Hmm?” pondered the director.

Kaneung stepped out of the elevator. She has a meeting with one of the directors on this floor. She dreaded it because it is Sakorn’s office floor.  She didn’t want to see him, but she can’t just ignore him.

“Hello Miss Kaneung. Head Master isn’t in this morning and he hasn’t called in. This guy…I don’t know what is going on but he has been missing a lot of meetings lately,” said the director coming back towards the elevator.
“Good morning,” says Kaneung. “Oh, I see,” she responds.

After a few moments chatting, Kaneung excused herself to her meeting.  After the meeting, she walked out to the receptionist and asked if Sakorn had come in. It was bugging her now that he isn’t here. The phone call he received must’ve been really urgent last night.

On the phone Kaneung’s office
“Yes, I understand. Let’s move forward,” said Kaneung.

Kaneung hung up. This is it. Kaphon’s opportunity to step up. Jade called and decided to hold a video conference.  Sakorn did not show up for work and the directors are mad about it. They demand that he step down if he cannot take his job responsibly.
This is what Kaneung and Kaphon wanted. Sakorn to step down. He never deserved this position in the first place. He got here because of his father. He didn’t get here from his own determination. Sakorn has to lose this job. Kaphon is more fit as head master.
But as Kaneung pondered on these thoughts, her conscience was nagging at her.

Sakorn awoke from his nap. He had fallen asleep. Moo Lek’s eyes were open. “You’re awake? Mommy stepped out for a while. Daddy,
thank you for staying with me.”
Sakorn smiled. This kid is so special to him. He never thought of being a father. But two kids showed up in his life
unexpectedly and now he has nothing but heart for the both of them.
Jade looked angry on the projector. “Let’s vote. Anyone in favor or keeping Sakorn as headmaster and those in favor of
dismissing him.”
Next Day
Sakorn decided not to go into work all of yesterday. He was tired and at a loss as to what to do. His dad does not know about his son. Sakol has done a great job at not revealing anything. He wants to be a good dad by not putting his son at risk of getting hurt by the evil stepmother and her son.

“20 missed calls?” he said as he looked at his cell phone after charging it. He felt bad about not calling into work. But, they should understand. Maybe someone would even think that he could be hurt for not answering and go searching for him. But, of course no one did. Everyone is out of town and Kaphon wouldn’t even care where he has been. That guy will most likely be wanting him fired and is probably working his butt off to do so.

Sakorn listened to the last message from his dad. “The votes are in and you have been voted out of the headmaster position. Call me as soon as you receive this message.”
Sakorn exited his voicemail. He should be angry at this point, but hearing those words didn’t really affect him much. He just felt numb that Kaphon has won. Kaphon succeeded in throwing him out.

Later in Day

“Yeah, I’m home now. Kaneung, I want to vote you in for the opening position,” says Kaphon as he enters his bedroom.

Sakorn hears this as he opens his bedroom door.  His curiosity peaks and he decides to actually care and eavesdrops.  Anything about Kaneung peaks his interest.

“Yes, I want that position, but you deserve it more than anyone. You wanted to be there. But that jerk took that chance away…Yeah I know that you are here now. But, still. Well, yeah, we’re both new and that’s why I don’t think either of us will get headmaster.  Okay, well, we’ll see.  Hey, Kaneung…what do you think Sakorn will do?” asked Kaphon.
Sakorn thought, “So, they are already talking about taking my spot.”
“Love you too,” said Kaphon.

“Love?” thought Sakorn. His anger began to boil.

Sakorn pounded on the door.  Kaphon walked to his door and opened it.

Pow! Kaphon fell to the floor. Sakorn rushed in on Kaphon and pinned him now and threw more punches. Kaphon couldn’t take it either. He has to fight back. The two struggled wrestling one another.
Finally, when all the anger boiled down, Kaphon stopped.

“What is your problem?” asked Kaphon, breathing between breaths.
Sakorn didn’t know what his problem is. Maybe this is about his job. He didn’t think he had a problem with it. But knowing that the two of them didn’t care about him losing it angered him. He thought perhaps Kaneung had some sympathy towards him, but she doesn’t. This angered him.

Maybe he was mad because Kaphon has Kaneung to himself. He wants Kaneung.

“Answer me!” shouted Kaphon. “What is your problem? Why are we like this? We used to get along.”

Sakorn stood up, looking down with fierce eyes at Kaphon. He turned around and started to walk out. But Kaphon kicked his calf and he
fell forward. Sakorn landed on his arms and turned to look back at Kaphon, his anger refueling.  He stood back up and walked towards Kaphon. He lifted his arms ready to beat the living life out of Kaphon, but Kaphon’s eyes wide and full of fighting power stopped him. It was the eyes of his kid brother that he used to actually care for.

“Why it is that he hates this kid so much?” he stopped to think. “He killed my mom.”

Sakorn grabbed Kaphon’s collar, but stopped and let go. He got up and walked out of the house.

“He killed my mom,” thought Sakorn. “If he weren’t around, my mom would still be alive. She wouldn’t have gotten so hurt by his
mom and she wouldn’t have died.”

His body began to perspire and his mind became lucid. He remembered Ami’s words, “Don’t play with him Sakorn.  He killed our mommy. If you do, that means you don’t love mommy anymore. Don’t let his cuteness fool you. You play with him too much. He's going to start to manipulate you now that he is getting older. And you will be like daddy was to his mom. They're evil Sakorn.”
Later on in the night

“I’m worried now Kaphon,” said Kaneung. “Did we go too far? He walked out without his car or his wallet?”

Kaneung went over to see Kaphon, worried about his bruises and aches that he complained about. She rubbed ointment on his face and some on his back.

Just as Kaneung was about to get up to leave, Thida shows up at the front door.  Kaneung smiles at Thida and says, “Take good care of him. He got a lot of hits.”

Thida smiled, sort of jealous that Kaneung made it to Kaphon first.  She looked in and Kaphon had his shirt off. Kaneung brushed passed her and it was too late to call her back.  Thida walked over to Kaphon and didn’t say anything for a minute.

“Have a seat,” said Kaphon.  Thida looked around and went to sit in a recliner chair across from Kaphon. She wanted to be near him, touch him and
soothe him of his pain, but she mustn’t. It isn’t something a pure woman should do.
Kaphon looked up at Thida as he rubbed his shoulder. “You know, I did call your parents.”

Thida’s eyes lit up…”You what?”

“Yeah, I called them and I spoke to them. I promised to marry you,” he said, calmly.

Thida got up and walked towards Kaphon. She raised her arms to smack him for doing something without her permission.
“You!” she shouted and as her hands were about to land on Kaphon, he stopped her. Kaphon held onto her wrist with both hands.
His eyes looked up at Thida and she all of a sudden became shy. Her cheeks blushed pink and she couldn’t bare to keep looking at Kaphon. He pulled her in towards him. Her legs are now between his. Thida shivered at their closeness.
“You shouldn’t hit your soon-to-be fiancé,” he said, smiling and then gave a little smirk.
Thida’s heart pounded.


sarNie Oldmaid
Sorry I haven't been updating. I have been very busy the last couple of weeks. Hopefully after this weekend I will have more free time. Next chapter, I will make it good (well, I'll try :))


sarNie Oldmaid
Chapter 20 - Silent Drunk
“To our new headmaster. Ms. Irene Sirimorn. She traveled here from Australia after much thought. She used to work here for 10 ears before moving to Australia with her family,” said the MC at the banquet held to welcome the new headmaster.
The committee did not take long to decide on a new headmaster. It seemed they were already prepared to let Sakorn go.  Sakorn could not show up for the banquet. He has been staying at the hospital with his son for the past few weeks. Ami will be arriving home later in the morning hours. He volunteered to go pick her up.  They said she is fully recovered from her surgery and is still using a wheelchair until her rehab is complete. He has spoken to her since all this has happened to him. He hasn’t really gone home much either. He can’t stand seeing Kaphon.
Sakol has been by his side all this time. It is quite rare to see her so timid. She is quite calm compared to before. She has been there to hold his hand and they have been working through everything.
“I don’t have my job anymore,” Sakorn said to Sakol.
“It’s okay. We can’t let anything happen to Moo Lek. I will continue to work. Can you watch him for me?” she asked Sakorn.
Sakol has been going to work while Sakorn stayed to watch Moo Lek in her place. He loved talking to Moo Lek. Moo Lek is able to talk more now. He is doing okay and the doctor says his white blood cells are increasing a little bit. It isn’t going up significantly, but it is at least some good news.
“Yes, we are getting married,” said Kaphon to several groups of people at the banquet. Thida held on to his arm as she couldn’t help but blush knowing that she is to marry this guy beside her. Never did she ever think she’d fall in love with him.
Pin stood near the buffet table with several of the other employee wives and couldn’t help but wonder what is going on. She just returned home two days ago and her son is wandering around the banquet telling people he is marrying Thida.  He never told her any of this. Nor did Jade mention anything of the sort.
“Those two look good together,” said an employee member’s wife to Pin. Pin just smiled and nodded.
She kept looking around and caught Kaneung sitting at her dinner table drinking champagne. Kaneung had three empty glasses next to her.  Pin wondered why Kaneung never even showed up at the house to welcome the family home. She knew that Kaneung had beef with Sakorn, but for Kaneung to completely ignore the fact that they returned is not in her right character.
“Go to that banquet,” said Sakol as she walked into the hospital room. “Get yourself groomed too. You’ve been here way too much and I’m sure you need a break too. I hear they have some good beverages there.”
Sakorn smiled and laughed off the banquet. Sakol continued, “I saw Kaneung walk into the convention room. She looked nice tonight. I’m jealous of her. You know who else I saw? Kaphon and Thida walking in holding hands.”
Sakorn sat up and looked at Sakol. “What do you mean?”
“It seems as though Kaneung is solo tonight. And Kaphon left her for Thida,” said Sakol.
Sakorn began to wonder how he didn’t catch onto anything out of the ordinary. Sakol continued, “You’ve been forcing yourself to stay here and I think you need to go to your family and sort things out. If you don’t go to the banquet, go home and rest. I will take care of Moo Lek tonight. I got some sleep today so I will be fine sleeping here with him. Please take a break Sakorn. And shave.”
Wilamorn House
”What is going on?” asked Pin. “I don’t understand why you are saying that you and Noo Thida are getting married. I thought you are with Kaneung. What happened to that?”
“Khun Mae, I am just taking responsibility for my actions,” said Kaphon.
“What actions?” asked Pin.
“The maid caught us sleeping in her room together,” said Kaphon.
Pin’s eyes dilated as she was shocked by the news. Kaphon chuckled and explained to his mom that they didn’t do anything. But the maid still called Thida’s parents and made a big deal out of everything. Pin smacked her son in the arm as Jade entered the house. Jade asked what is going on and Kaphon explained everything.
“Kaneung and I aren’t really in love,” said Kaphon. “We are just friends. And that is all.”
Pin and Jade still didn’t understand what Kaphon meant by everything. “We’ll let you know everything once Kaneung is ready to tell you. I don’t know if she ever will. Until then, just know that Nong Lynn is still my daughter regardless.”
Kaphon walked upstairs and headed for the shower. It has been a long day.
Ami got off the plane and headed to check into immigrations. She hadn’t received any calls or texts from her brother. She wondered if he even remembered to pick her up.
As soon as she wheeled herself out, she still didn’t receive anything. Ami dialed Sakorn’s number, but he didn’t pick up.
“Sakorn, Nong Sai tee ruk (my darling little brother), where are you? I’ve landed. Did you forget about your older sister?” Ami left a message on Sakorn’s voicemail box.
Ami grew angry. Sakorn rarely forgot about her. She went to her contact list on her cell phone.
“Kaphon? Sakorn forgot about me. Can you pick me up?” Ami asked Kaphon.
Kaphon gladly hurried to rescue his sister from being ditched by the irresponsible brother.
“No wonder he lost his job so easily. He’s such an airhead,” said Kaphon as he grabbed his car keys.
“P’Sakorn!” cried out Thida as she saw Sakorn walk down the stairs at the hospital.
“What are you doing here?” asked Sakorn.
“Well, P’Kaneung…” started Thida.
Sakorn grabbed Thida’s hand and panicking, asked, “What happened to her?”
Thida laughed. “Calm down. P’Kaneung just fell down the steps and twisted her ankle. I dropped her off at home and as she walked up the stairs to the front entrance of her condo, she tripped. Oh, and did I mention she had to have some stitches?”
“Stiches?” asked Sakorn.
“Yeah, there was some glass on the stairs and it pierced her hand,” said Thida.
Sakorn couldn’t keep calm. “P’Sakorn,” said Thida, “You can go in and see her. I was about to go and get my car.”
Thida received a phone call at that moment and picked it up hesitantly. “Yeah, I am home safe right now. Don’t worry. Go get your sister.”
Thida hung up and Sakorn asked, “Home safely?”
Thida shrugged her shoulders. “What can I do?”
Sakorn offered to take Kaneung home. Thida knew that things are left unsettled between Kaneung and Sakorn. She decided to play cupid, even though her gut told her that something bad is going to happen.
“Okay, but let me go tell P’Kaneung first,” said Thida.

When Kaneung saw Sakorn approaching, she had to look away. It was embarrassing for him to see her shambled like this. She’s supposed to be more confident nowadays, not weak looking.
She felt really down when she heard Thida say she had to rush home, but Sakorn would take her home instead. Thima had asked for Lynn to spend the night at the Wilamorn house, so Lynn wouldn’t be home waiting on her tonight. Sakorn would be dropping her off.
“Get in,” said Sakorn.
“No, I can take a taxi,” said Kaneung.

“Get in,” said Sakorn.

“I said, I’d rather take a taxi,” said Kaneung.

“Just quit it already,” said Sakorn.

“Sir!” cried out a nurse.

Sakorn looked up and the nurse caught up to him. “Your son has a fever. Your wife doesn’t know what to do. She kept telling me not to tell you, but how can I not? I saw you were still here in the hospital.”
Sakorn rushed back inside.
“What is going on?” asked Kaneung.
The nurse explained, “Oh, his son is very sick. He has been here every day for the past few weeks and his wife is finally taking over for the night so he can go home to rest. Now I feel bad, but his son always calms down when he is around.”
“I see,” said Kaneung. “Can I go in and tell him that I will wait for him?”
The nurse nodded, “I’ll let him know. You can wait in waiting room on the therapy floor.”
Kaneung felt sober again. She followed the nurse up and sat in the waiting area. The nurse had gone in to tell Sakorn. Kaneung doesn’t know why she followed Sakorn back upstairs. The news shocked her that she ruined his life just as his son is going through all this stuff. She felt horrible.
“Yes, I know,” said Sakol over the phone. Kaneung got up and walked over towards a corridor.
Sakol continued, “I told him to go home so you can come see your son. But, he is back up here because of that nurse. I know you want to see him too. I’m sorry you can’t tonight. I’ll try to get him to leave. I know. I’ll try.”
Sakol hung up and Kaneung rushed back to her chair.
“Kaneung?” asked Sakol as she saw Kaneung reach her seat to sit down.
Just as Sakol was about to say another word, Sakorn walked out and hugged Ami.
“I’ll be back. I have to take her home. Thida left her for me to take home and I have to be a gentleman,” said Sakorn.
Kaneung was mad at those words. She stood up and fumbled towards the elevator.  “Don’t worry Sakorn, go home and rest,” said Sakol.
Sakorn stepped into the elevator with Kaneung. The elevator door closed and Sakorn stepped closer to Kaneung.  He grabbed her arms and told her to look him in the eye.
Just as she decided to do so, the elevator door swung open and Kaneung bolted out. Sakorn’s cell phone dropped out of his pocket.  He ran after Kaneung, though she couldn’t have gone far since her ankle was twisted.
Kaneung made it to the street and walked towards a stall. “One margarita please,” she ordered.
She fumbled to find her cash, when Sakorn handed the vendor his money. “Take it back,” she commanded.
“No,” replied Sakorn.
Kaneung sat down and drank her margarita. “Life is so unfair,” she exclaimed.
“I know,” said Sakorn. “I hurt you a lot.”
“Damn right you do!” shouted Kaneung. “Another one please!”
The vendor brought over another margarita. After two more margaritas, Sakorn told Kaneung it was enough. Kaneung is a silent drunk.
He helped her to the car and she fell asleep driving back to her condo.  She looked beautiful.
Sakorn opened the car door and she woke up and tried to fumble her way out and into her condo herself. But he told her to be still and he lifted her out of the car and into his arms and the valet attendant took his car to park.
Kaneung felt comfortable in Sakorn’s arm. But she hated herself for feeling this way. Just once she wished life wasn’t so complicated.
“Keys?” asked Sakorn as soon as they reached her door.
Kaneung fumbled around to find them.  She realized she stuffed them in her bra. “You only live once,” she mumbled and reached for them.
Sakorn nearly dropped Kaneung realizing what she was doing, but kept calm. Kaneung handed Sakorn the keys and he told her he had to
set her down.

“Am I too fat?” she asked. Sakorn smirked. He liked her drunk. She was silent, but when she spoke, it was cute and hilarious.
After opening the door, Sakorn grabbed Kaneung and led her inside.  He managed to get her to the sofa and sit her down.  Sakorn pulled back and put his hands in his pocket. She looked so vunerable.  “Where’s your room?” asked Sakorn. “I’ll go get it ready for you.”
Kaneung opened her eyes. She sat silent as the alcohol began to wear off. Sakorn had left her to go get her bed ready.  So many things ran through her mind. His life is screwy, just like hers. Who caused all of it? Was it all him? He gave her the most precious gift in return. So life isn’t so screwy.
Sakorn looked up and out into the living room.  He walked back out towards her. “Sakorn? Why are we like this? Why did things have to be this way?”
Sakorn stood in his tracks. He doesn’t know the answer. “I think you should’ve gone to my dad and told him what I did to you.”
“And you think he’d believe me over you?” asked Kaneung.
“Yes,” said Sakorn. “I wished you did that. Because then I wouldn’t be such an ass and never tell him because Kaphon would get everything. And I did all that bad stuff to you just to lose? No way.”
“That’s why you’re the biggest asshole I know,” said Kaneung.  Kaneung began to lift herself off the couch.  Her back still to Sakorn. She stumbled a bit, but Sakorn rushed to her.  He grabbed her arms and kept her steady.  Kaneung looked Sakorn in the eye.
“But, I really liked that asshole back in the day. I just couldn’t turn you in,” said Kaneung. “I wished you would’ve turned yourself in and show everyone that you’re better than what Kaphon thought of you. I wanted you to prove him wrong!”
Sakorn looked hard into Kaneung’s eyes. “What about now? Do you still like this asshole?”


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njanfa;wnjf;nawilfn aeilra!!! I swear. I thought I commented for the previous chapters. I guess I didn't. :( 
Anyhoo!! OHEMGEEEEEE! CLIFFHANGER! How could you?! 555 Jkay. Kaphon is so funny. Going around, announcing that Thida is his fiancee. lol Too cute and funny. The drunk Kaneung is funny. She's expressing herself in a somewhat unconscious state. I wonder what is going to happen next. Please do update soon whenever you can na!  :D
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