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sarNie Oldmaid
Working on the next part right now. My sis is using my ext hard drive, so I had to look at my last chapter to see what I wrote so far LOL. hopefully the next one will be a good one :)


sarNie Oldmaid
Sorry everyone, I really was working on it when I posted. I got distracted and left my house that day. I will get to it soon. Possibly tomorrow if I get a video project done. Otherwise, next week!!


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
For you, I am willing to be patient (even though deep inside i'm desperate). 555 I'm excited for the next chapter. Keep it you know, HOT. 555 I'm just kidding, but seriously. 555 Thanks for letting us know. :D


sarNie Oldmaid
Chapter 23 - Crazy Week
“That child there, I want her,” cried Karn Willamorn. Her eyes were teary as she chose Ami out of the kids at the orphanage that she had been visiting since she first got married. It took years to convince Jade to finally adopt a child. Little Ami was 6 years old. She remembered the woman standing and looking at her. The woman that always came to the orphanage to help with cooking and donating toys. Her husband didn't look too convinced about wanting to adopt her. Ami didn't like that.
Wilamorn House
“This is your new room Ami,” said Karn. “Do you like it?”
Ami nodded and walked into the a large room. She peered into the grand mirror and saw the woman smiling at her. Ami smiled widely. She was finally adopted.
3 years later
“Ami, your father and I have something to tell you,” said Karn. “You're going to be a big sister soon.”
Ami's smile widened and she hugged her mother. She could see Jade smiling behind Karn. After the reveal, Ami ran upstairs to her room and cried her eyes out. “They'll have their own son soon. I won't be important anymore.”
7 months later
Ami picked up her brother. He looked like an heir. One, whom she cannot become because she isn't their real child. Jade keeps telling her to love him a
lot. He keeps telling the baby he loves it. She has never been told that he loved her even once.
3 years later
“Don't tell me you are going to see that woman again! I love you Jade. I love only you. I'm sorry,” cried Karn. “I tried to fix things and you know I did. But, why did you do this to me? Why repay me like this?”
Jade left the house.
Ami stepped out from behind the walls, “Khun Mae, what is wrong?”
“Nothing,” said Karn. “Don't worry about it. We will win in the end. I have given up so much to please much.”
6 months later
“My last concert,” said Karn, “Please remember this last piece I play for all of you. I wrote this for the love of my life.”
After the concert, Sakorn held onto Ami's hand and walked up on stage to give their mother a beautiful bouquet of flowers. That day, Sakorn remembers it
for the rest of his life. That very same day, Ami has never forgotten.
A few months later
“Hello Ami. My name is Pin. This is your brother Kaphon,” said Pin.
“He is adorable,” said Ami. “Isn't he?” she asked 3 ½ year old Sakorn.
“He is berry cute,” said Sakorn. He let go of Ami's hand and rushed over to his baby brother and gave him a big wet kiss.
Ami turned and bit her lower lip.
4 years later
“Ami!” shouted Pin. Pin ran down the steps to Ami lying on the ground in front of the vehicle Jade was driving. He had hit her hard enough to cause her paralysis. It didn't seem too serious at first, but Ami couldn't walk. She attempted in therapy but it didn't work.
Jade always pickedher up into her chair and carried her upstairs to her room. He became a dedicated father to her.
Once the doors closed to her bedroom door, Ami would look into her grand mirror and tear up. “You just feel sorry for me.”
Wilamorn House
Ami put on her blush and reached for her red lipstick. She hesitated picking up her lipstick and turned to reach for her pale pink ones instead. She decided she would make an attempt to go to the university and see what she can do with it once she gets it to herself.
Thida's House
“Can I ask you something?” asked Thida.
Thida's mom replied, “What is it? You look really worried about something.”
Thida sat down in the chaise lounge chair in the family room. She proceeded to explain that she had gone up to the attic while her parents were gone and discovered some things that she has questions about. “Loong...” started Thida. Her mom's legs felt wobbly and she fell from her standing position to the nearby recliner. Thida tried to get up to catch her mom, but luckily she was able to keep herself up before hitting the floor. Tears started to roll down her mother's face.
“I think I found her,” said Thida. Thida's mom lifted her head and she gazed into Thida's eyes tear filled.
Later in the evening, 
Thida's father returned home and the family sat together. Her father cried for the longest time. Thida's mom wanted to get in the car and head over to the hospital to confirm what Thida is saying, but Thida urged them to wait.
“I'm not 100% sure,” said Thida. “I don't want to barge in and lay this all on her, especially when her son is very sick.”
Thida's mom kept mumbling, “my grandson, my grandson. We have to help him. I'm willing to put in anything.”
The maid came into the den and told everyone that Kaphon has stopped by. Thida walked over to grab a tissue. She started to wipe her tears.
“Why is he here unexpectedly? I don't want him to see me sob again. I look like a freak,” said Thida.
Kaphon smiled seeing Thida trying to wipe away her tears. He chuckled as he heard her say that.
Thida stopped wiping and looked up to see Kaphon standing in the doorway chuckling at her. “Oh, now it's even more embarassing!” She turned away from him and finished.
Kaphon greeted Thida's parents and then walked over to her. He grabbed onto her shoulder and turned her around. He smiled and her and kissed her on
the cheeks. Thida's jaw dropped as Kaphon reached around and hugged her. He then turned to her and said, “cry on my shoulder.”
Kaneung made it into work early to avoid everyone getting there at the same time. She couldn't stop thinking about Sakorn. He still hasn't gone to work in a few days and it bothered her. She questioned whether she should even be at work in the situation that they're in. It doesn't feel right to be okay enough to go to work but Sakorn can't even face coming in because he is no longer the headmaster. What is worst is that it is her fault that he isn't one anymore. Sakorn losing his
job is supposed to make her happy, not depressed.
2 days earlier
“P' Sakorn, can we talk?” asked Sakol. “I have something to tell you.”
Sakorn took Sakol out to a nice restaurant to treat her for taking care of Moo Lek. She deserves some time away from it all. Though Sakorn could feel
that he no longer has that feeling of being in love with Sakol, he still really deeply cares for her. She is the mother of his child.
Sakol ate some of her food and finally laid her fork down. “I feel really bad for even picking up my fork to eat this food. I am so sorry, P'Sakorn.
I've not been honest in our relationship and I just need to get it off my chest before I can't take it anymore. Moo Lek has made me
realize how stupid I've been,” said Sakol.
Sakorn reached over and grabbed Sakol's hand. She became silent and they paused to look into each other's eyes. After a few minutes, Sakol calmed down. “Thank you,” she said. “I am not afraid anymore. I'll just tell you everything.”
Sakorn leaned down to kiss Moo Lek on top of his eyelid. “I love you son.”
As he walked out of the room, Wit walked in. Wit looked down, shy and ashamed for walking in, in front of Sakorn. Sakorn smiled and placed his hand on
Wit's shoulder. “Watch over him and take good care of him. Call me if anything happens.” Wit nodded.
“Oh my god, did you hear? The ex-headmaster is back! I want to follow him to his new office, but I can't because I've been working for the new one all these past few weeks,” said Sakorn's ex secretary dining in the hall.
“I know, I actually saw him this morning and he looks so much better than when he left. He isn't wearing a suit and tie anymore. He looks so handsome in normal attire. Sakol hasn't been into teach in a few days too. I wonder if they are okay,” said another secretary in the office.
Kaneung picked up chopsticks for her lunch and walked over to sit in a corner so she can turn on her ipad and have a chat with her friends in London. Kaphon is skipping out on eating with her today because he had an urgent matter with Thida. Thida doesn't have to teach today.
Just as Kaneung finished signing into her account, “Ahem,” stood someone standing next to her table.
Kaneung looked up and it turned out to be him. He smiled at her and he looked at ease compared to every other time she has seen him. He also seemed approachable. She felt like he could be a very good friend and a very close one. But, he isn't.
“May I sit?” he asked. Kaneung nodded. She didn't know why she agreed. She should be stressed that he is appearing in front of her. But, something just made her change her mind and be okay with him sitting with her.
“Is your lunch good?” he asked as he took a seat right next to her. Kaneung was surprised that he sat right next to her instead of on the other side of the table. “This is awkward,” she thought suddenly. “I'm not drunk, he sure isn't on something is he?”
Sakorn put his hands together and looked forward. “You must think this awkward,” he said. He then turned to look at her with his eyes glistening. “But, I really think we need to start over. I mean it this time. Forget everything that has happened between us these past few years,” he continued. “Especially the last few days.” He looked forward
again. Kaneung couldn't help but keep her eyes on him. She really didn't know how to respond. All that fear of facing him disappeared but resurfaced in an instant.
“Forget the last few days?” she questioned herself. “How can I?”
Kaneung swallowed air.
She finally turned to look forward. She could see some of the people in the room staring at them. She quickly turned to look back at Sakorn, his eyes already directly looking into hers. “This is real,” she thought. “He is really sitting next to me.”
She looked forward again. He stated, “A lot has gone on since I saw you last. The world is just full of things that I don't know how to explain. One
of those things is you. You're the last thing that I don't have a closure on. And I desperately want an answer to everything. I want us to be okay. I want to stop thinking about you so much.”
The two sat silently for a while. Then Ami appeared.
Sakorn stood up to greet his sister. He offered a seat, but she crossed her arms and smiled.
“Hello Kaneung. I haven't visited in so long. I'm glad I caught you bother here,” she said. Kaneung smiled and scooted over to formally greet Ami.
Kaneung smiled and then apologized for not having visited her since her return to Thailand. Ami laughed it off and grabbed Sakorn's arm and asked,
“Little brother, take me on a tour. Father said you can show me around. After all, you have all the time in the world now that you're free of all that responsibility.”
Sakorn smiled and agreed to take her around. “Come along,” said Ami.
Kaneung smiled and kindly refused. “I have to hurry back and get some work done. My lunch is almost over,” said Kaneung.
Sakorn walked with Ami holding onto his arms. Sakorn turned to look back at Kaneung as she looked at them while they walked out. She sighed and prepared to
shut down her IPAD. “So much for my video chat,” she thought.
One of the ladies in the dining hall walked over, “Who is that?” she asked. “Is it headmasters', I mean Mr. Wilamorn's new girlfriend? Did he break up with Professor Sakol? Is that why he has been gone?”
Kaneung finished putting her IPAD in her messenger bag and looked at the girl. “That is his sister. And one other thing, I don't believe in talking about
personal matters at the workplace. If you would like to know anything, ask him yourself.”
Kaneung proceeded to walk away, but the girl asked one more question, “Are you always that close to your husband's brother?” Kaneung paused. She then
walked out, hearing the girl shout, “I can see you tense up when he is with you.”
“Dumb bitch,” thought Kaneung. “Oh, did I just think that?”
“Actually, you said it out loud!” said Kaphon. He chuckled. “What made you get angry like that?”
Kaneung laughed. She asked Kaphon how his lunch went. “You wouldn't believe everything I found out today. And this is the first time that I won't tell you what is going on.”

“Why?” asked Kaneung.
“Because, I want my other important woman in my life to personally tell you herself. I thought want to spread any rumors before I have hard evidence,” he replied.
“Okay, Mr. Nice Guy,” laughed Kaneung.
Kaphon went into the dining hall and Kaneung walked back to her office.
“I want to know some things,” said Thida. “Before we go through with the procedure. I want to make sure I won't hesitate on doing this for you and Moo Lek.”
Sakorn came in to visit Moo Lek in the evening and offered to watch him while Thida takes Sakol out for dinner. Wit just got a new part time job near the hospital and can't make it out to stay with him.
Park Bench near hospital
“My bone marrow matches Moo Lek,” said Thida.
Sakol replied, “I know. You don't have to go through with it if you don't want to.”
Thida grabbed onto Sakol's hand. It surprised her. “Please tell me about your family background.”
“Okay,” said Sakol.
“I know, it's crazy to just suddenly ask you this. But it is important that I find out,” said Thida. “There are people who are eagerly waiting to hear what I find out from you.”
Sakol hesitated but decided to tell her story. “I actually grew up in a very broken home. From the time I could remember, my mom and dad always fought.”
“I see,” said Thida. She thought, “maybe we aren't related at all.”
“They weren't my real parents though,” said Sakol. “They are Wit's distant aunt and uncle. One day they broke down and decided to get mad at me. They were pretty well off, but it was all fake. My dad at the time gambled a lot. That's who Wit probably took after. One day their fight got so bad that he came lashing out at me. I was only 9. I
remembered that I didn't want to be there anymore. He even told me that he wished he hadn't taken me. He wanted to please his wife and agreed to keep me. He told me it was a mistake and that they'd be better off if they didn't have me. I took a stand. That was my first beating from someone I thought I loved. I wanted my mom to comfort me, but she also lashed out at me and told me it is all my fault. She came over and slapped me and pushed me to the floor again. That's when Wit and his mom came over. He doesn't have a dad either. They would come over for dinner. We played a lot and I guess that's why we liked each other. We thought it was forbidden. But that night,
I found out I wasn't there's. I ran out and didn't think much except that I had to get away from them. Wit of course found me. That day I told him that I'd rather live elsewhere. His mom and him took me with them.”
“So, you lived with them the rest of the time?” Thida asked.
“No,” said Sakol. “I stayed for maybe two weeks. I went to work selling newspapers and washing windows in traffic. A lady came and asked if I wanted to go live with her. I agreed and Wit and I said our goodbyes. I went to school and was okay for a while. When I turned 17, I realized she raised me so she could sell me off to some old guy. I ran away before she could do that. All that time I stayed in contact with Wit. He told me to go back to the woman and finish school. Even though the school is paid for by that old man. At the time, Wit was my savior. He was the only person who I could tell anything to. I wasn't very poor. But, the reason why I was able to live is horrible. How could I have kept going and taking money? Because I did that for so long, I graduated and got a job and actually ran away. She did find me, but I didn't care. I had a job and I could live on my own. Wit and I got together once I had my own place. But I also found out he wasn't the poor prince that I imagined he was. He had followed in my father's footsteps and gambled and picked up the habit of drinking. I found out my parents were in jail for selling drugs. As for Wit's mom, she stayed in the same house and recently passed  away. Then, I met P'Sakorn. I fell for him at first sight. I actually did love him. But, Wit came back into my life and begged me to take him back. We went through a lot together. P'Sakorn also seemed to love me, but I could not fully trust his feelings towards me. Wit then asked me to date P'Sakorn and give him the money for it. He would come back with bruises and I felt like I had to help him because I loved him too. Crazy huh? In love with two men. One day I found out I was pregnant. I couldn't say who the father of the baby was. Wit told me to say it is P'Sakorn's baby. But I couldn't do that. The guilt and the hormones of being pregnant got to me. I tried blaming Kaphon. But, that didn't work out. I was crazy. I left and pretty much hid from everyone.”
“Kaphon? You tried to seduce him?” asked Thida.
“Yes, I did,” said Sakol. Thida looked down.
“Like I said, it didn't work out,” said Sakol.
Thida looked back up. “Well, now that I know all this, what if I were to tell you...that you might possibly be my...umm...long lost sister?”
Sakol gasped.
Kaneung's Office Two Days Later
Kaneung walked over to open her office door. Sakorn's arm rested on the door frame. He smiled at her. Sakorn wore khaki slacks and a red sweater that made her admire him from head to toe. “We never finished our conversation the other day. I forgot to ask you about whether you are okay with starting over?”
Kaneung decided to change the subject. “Everything this week is crazy isn't it? I can't believe Thida and Sakol could be sisters. And Thida is going to donate to Moo Lek. I'm happy for you.”
Sakorn put his arms down and pushed himself into Kaneung's office. “Remember what you did when you returned after London?” He put his hand in his
pocket. “Actually, I wanted to forget the past. But, I clearly remember what you did to me that day.”
Sakorn reached for Kaneung's arm and pulled her to him. She wanted to pull away. But he held onto her. “This week really is crazy. Crazy enough for me to
get a makeover like you did to seduce me. It worked. You know? So, is my makeover good enough to seduce you?”
Kaneung didn't know how to respond. She tried changing the subject. “Moo Lek, does he need anything before surgery?”
Sakorn smiled and then leaned in to give Kaneung a kiss. Her eyes widened. She then felt his arms wrap around her and caress her. She closed her eyes
and felt his intrusion between her lips.
“Yikes,”claimed Kaneung's secretary. Her door was still opened.
Sakorn let go of Kaneung's lips but still had his arms around her. He smiled at the secretary. “Crazy world huh? This week is definitely filled with crazy episodes.”
At that moment, Kaphon walked in. He looked at his brother and Kaneung holding onto each other. “Your man is here,” said Sakorn.
Kaneung couldn't talk. “This week is truly crazy,” he continued. “First, two of my closest ladies could be siblings, second my son is being given an
opportunity, third...he isn't my biological son,” said Sakorn.
“What?” asked Kaneung. “He isn't yours?”
“What could make this week even more crazy?” asked Sakorn. He chuckled. “It'd be funny if I'm really Nong Lynn's father, wouldn't that be something?”


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
Afouawhfuiahfiuwal!!!! HOW COULD YOU?! WHY?! WHY?! LOLOL Oh gosh. That was crazy. I am super excited to see/read how Kaneung and Kaphon is going to respond to Sakorn's comment. 555 I love the fact that he is trying to seduce her by changing his fashion and being all nice yet weird to her..taking her off guard. 555 Too cute and funny! :D
And okay, now I understand why Ami is the way she is. She's an adopted. 
Gosh. I just can't wait until with Sakorn finds out that nonglynn is his child. This is too exciting. 555 :D
Thanks for the update! Keep it up na! :D


sarNie Oldmaid
So wish I had an automatic typewriter that could read my mind and write this for me. So much going on in my head lol. Thanks for reading everyone!


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Why did u stop there????
I seriously wanted to know what they will say or what Kaneungs answer would be!!!
Pretty plz update soon


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nklue1 said:
Why did u stop there????
I seriously wanted to know what they will say or what Kaneungs answer would be!!!
Pretty plz update soon
After posting that last comment I actually went into my file and started typing more. But, I'm sure once this next chapter ends (as soon as I finish writing it (don't know when that will happen)) I think you're going to be like, "seriously? why stop now?" hehe.


sarNie Adult
well you got that right
whyyyyyyyyyyyy did u do that
anyway glad u updated and hopefully u will update soon. ill be patient and wait   :thumbup:


sarNie Oldmaid
Chapter 24 - It's Clicked Closed

Kaneung paused, flustered by what she just heard. “Did I hear correctly?” she thought.

Kaphon's heart raced. “Sakorn figured it out?”

Sakorn let Kaneung go. He put his hands back in in khaki slack's pockets. He smiled and started to walk towards Kaphon. “You look worried. Don't worry, I'm just saying nonsense. How could I be the father? He then took his left hand out of his pocket and placed it on Kaphon's left shoulder. Sakorn paused and turned to look at Kaphon slightly, he lowered his voice. It seemed mocking to Kaphon, but to Sakorn the tone was somewhat disappointment, “It was one time. You had her many times after that.”

Kaphon flipped his head quickly towards Sakorn. He wanted to punch Sakorn, but before he could Sakorn continued by raising his voice, “Sorry about what I just said to both of you. I'm just not thinking right. I'm worried about Moo Lek and the whole procedure. I'm worried about Thida too.” Sakorn let go of Kaphon and walked out of the room.

All this time, Kaneung held her breath and didn't even realize it. When Sakorn finally left the room, she took her first breath out. Kaneung hand immediately pondered to her chest and she felt it pounding against it. Kaphon walked over to Kaneung and grabbed her shoulders to help her to her chair.

“He is a jerk. I can't believe he said that about you,” said Kaphon. “One time and he made you pregnant.”

Kaneung looked up at Kaphon, “Please just don't mention it again.”

Kaphon looked down. “I'm sorry, I guess he is going through a lot of stress. And he even worries about my fiance. But why does he have to be rude at the same time. P'Ami is right. He is so stubborn that he has to make everything good look bad and everything that is bad he tries to deny it. But why was he in here in the first place?”

“I know you think his comment was rude, but is there a slight chance he knows?” asked Kaneung.

Three Days later

“Tomorrow is the day,” said Sakorn as he caught Kaneung one early morning.

Kaneung was caught off guard. She always came into work early to avoid seeing him or anyone else. She often stayed in her office and only went to the dining hall if necessary, which she hasn't needed to. She made sure she prepared lunch from home.

“Will you be there?” Sakorn asked. “I really hope you can be there with me.”

She had turned away, wanting to avoid eye contact. But, after he asked that, she looked up at him. He really looked worried.

“I want someone there. Someone who will sit with me,” said Sakorn.

Kaneung swallowed and asked, “What about Sakol?”

Sakorn sighed. “She has her man with her.”

Kaneung looked puzzled. “Come with me,” said Sakorn.

Kaneung didn't want to follow at first but Sakorn continued, “Don't worry, I won't do anything. I just don't want to tell you out in the open like this. People gossip like crazy around here.”

Kaneung followed Sakorn towards the music hall. “I got a position in the music department,” said Sakorn. “I turned down the administrative building stuff. I am just an assistant for now, but one of the professors is retiring and I will get that position next year.”

Kaneung smiled in her heart. She is proud of him for doing something with his life even though he lost his original position at the university. She then began to feel guilty about being the cause to that job loss.

“Come on in,” said Sakorn. They had to walk through a long narrow hallway filled with pictures of past alumnus who became famous. Kaneung had never had to walk through this hallway. She quickly glanced up at one picture and stopped to look at a picture. The picture was of a beautiful woman with a bouquet of red roses and a little boy smiling proudly. There was also a little girl in the picture who smiled prettily. Sakorn turned to look back at Kaneung. Sakorn walked back towards her and paused at the picture. “My mom,” said Sakorn.

Kaneung turned to look at Sakorn and then turned back to the picture. The little boy looked identical to NongLynn at the age of three. “Will he know that NongLynn is his or does he already know because of the resemblance?” she thought.

“She's beautiful,” said Kaneung. “Why aren't there pictures of her around the house?”

Sakorn turned away and started to walk off, “Just follow me. You already know why. We're not here to talk about that.”

Sakorn inserted a key into the keyhole and opened the door to his new office. It had a window to the hallway but the blinds were down. The new room is a bit simple compared to what he had before.

“Yeah, I just got this office five days ago. So, I don't have much except the basics. Have a seat,” said Sakorn.

“What isn't that you couldn't tell me at the administrative building?” asked Kaneung.

Sakorn went to his desk chair and sat down. “I am not with Sakol anymore.”

Kaneung sat up straighter. She was shocked tohear this.

“We decided to be just friends. It is the best for Moo Lek. I really had no idea what I was saying to you or Kaphon the other day and didn't get to finish telling you about Moo Lek. I'm not his real dad. In fact, Moo Lek's real dad will be there tomorrow. He'll be comforting her,” said Sakorn.

Kaneung became really attentive to Sakorn. He continued, “I won't have anyone to hang onto. I want to hang on to the person I really like, even if she hates me.”

Kaneung began to respond, “I don't...” but Sakorn cut in, “I'm pleading with you just once. Please go tomorrow so I can hang on to you. Nobody else is there for me to hang on to. You're the only one besides Sakol who I have ever been...intimate with.”

Sakorn continued, “And P'Ami doesn't like to comfort me over things like this. She's nice, but not over girl problems and kid problems. Even when I hug her, it doesn't feel as comforting as holding the person who hates me. Please, just this once and I will never bother you again.”

Kaneung didn't know how to respond except to say, “Okay.”

Sakorn got up out of his seat and rushed over to Kaneung. He sat down on his knew and grabbed onto her hands. He looked into her eyes and sincerely said, “Thank you.” His eyes glistened with the start of tears, but Sakorn held it in. Kaneung smiled slightly and excused herself. She walked quickly out of the office and only momentarily stopped at the picture in the hallway.

Sakorn looked after her as she walked away. After she left the building, he walked to the picture on the wall. He looked closely at his mother. That night he remembered. She fainted as soon as they got home and never left her bed again. Even though he couldn't express his feelings to her, he remembers her crying a lot in bed. He quickly glanced at himself and Ami.


Previous Day

Thida entered the hospital filled with anxiety. Her parents were already there waiting for her. They had came to visit Moo Lek as early as they possibly could. As soon as their conversation at the park ended, Thida had dragged Sakol to her house. Sakol was nervous and shocked to hear all the possibilities of her real parents that she didn't want to get out of the car. Thida didn't care, she wanted to know everything as soon as possible. She hoped things would resolve quickly. That's how she was very spontaneous and impatient.

As soon as they entered the house, Thida's parents stepped out into the foyer. Her mother had already teared up and Sakol bowed to greet them. Thida's dad spoke up. “Oh my, you look exactly like my sister who passed away before you were born. There's no doubt that you aren't her!”

Thida's mom sobbed even louder. “I'm sorry,” she said between breaths. “Everything is my fault!”

The family went to sit down and gave their parent's a chance to tell them what happened.

“We were so excited to finally have you. Your birth was so precious. We were one of those parents that took pictures and videos of everything. Everything was just perfect. One day, while your mother went for a prenatal checkup, you were with me,” said their father. “we spoke to a man that seemed to be really excited about having his first child. I told him about what it felt like being a first time dad. Then I mentioned we were having a second child. He congratulated me and then he seemed to be really great with you, Loong...I mean Sakol.”

Thida's mom chimed in, “Sakol was going to be your name, Thida.”

“I told him we are naming our second child Sakol. He even played with you and I told him that he'll make a great father. He then told me that he has to go meet his wife since she will be out of the office soon. We were getting ready to meet up with mom too. We went into the office and spoke with the doctor. Then your mother had to use the restroom. And so did you. You were potty training at the time.”

“Yes, and I clearly remembered going to the restroom with you. Your father had gone to get the car from the parking garage. And it was just you and me. When we came out the receptionist called my name because she forgot to collect information from me. I thought it would be just a quick walk to the counter and you were in my sight. But, I was wrong. One quick move and my child could disappear,” said Thida's mom. “I thought it would be quick, but when I turned around to look you were gone. I panicked, I was lost. I couldn't find you. The people there couldn't find you. It took months to even find the video clip with a hint of what the person looked like who took you.”

“I noticed the shirt and haircut of the man I spoke to earlier in the day. I knew it was him right away. He walked out and snatched you. You didn't even cry. No one heard you being kidnapped. We looked for you for months. From stress, Thida came early. We were in the hospital for months. No sign of you whatsoever,” said Thida's dad. “We didn't want to give up on you, but no signs of you and no other clues. The doctors couldn't identify that man as even being a patient there, nor his wife. He just told me, he is going to have a new baby and that new baby was you. We never did give up, all evidence went to the police. And some we stored in the attic. All your things were placed in box and put away. We wanted to not linger and make Thida not feel like she is loved by catering our time to you. We knew we had to keep it hidden to give Thida as normal a life as she deserved. It isn't her fault that this happened.”

“That why, we go off on trips,” said Thida's mom. “We go meet detectives who are constantly looking because we won't close the case. 23 years since you went missing.”

Kaphon ran from the parking garage into the hospital. He just finished work and rushed over to the hospital as fast as he could. He had just missed Thida's admission. He had gone to see her every night since she started her medication. Every evening she got even more nervous. “I want to help my nephew,” she would say. “He doesn't deserve all this.” Then she'd say, “I started off thinking is all charity because I really didn't want P'Sakol to commit a sin. But it was for another selfish reason. And I guess it is that I can't have her fool a man I once thought I loved. And to be honest, I might've still had a hint of feeling for P'Sakorn.”

Kaphon laughed. He admires her honesty and bluntness. “But, you have me now. I can't let the person who knows my secrets get far away from me. And I'm sure that if you really have stronger feelings for him, you'd tell him everything and not be by my side and keep it all a secret like this.” Thida nodded in agreement.

Kaphon had promised he'd show up at the hospital as soon as he was done at work. But, he couldn't get there as fast as he had hoped. Thida walked out of the bathroom from changing and Kaphon stood in the room watching her come out. “Yikes!” she screamed. Kaphon looked at her and saw that she was holding her cute polka dotted bra and the rest of her clothes in her arms. “I thought you were the nurse or else I wouldn't have come out like this.”

Kaphon smiled and chuckled. The nurse knocked and walked in. “Oh, your fiance offered to stand guard as I go get my laptop to finish your admission,” said the nurse.

The nurse walked to the closet and grabbed a tote for Thida to put her clothes in. After the admit was done, the nurse left and Kaphon scooted his chair closer to Thida. He grabbed her hand and looked into her eyes. “I admire you for what you are doing,” he said. Those words suddenly brought tears to Thida's eyes. She began to sob louder.

“You're seeing me like this again,” she said between breaths. “And I'm so f-ck'n nervous! I'm going crazy. What am I doing? I don't like seeing blood! Can't they give me something to sleep so I don't have to see my blood?”

“Stay calm,” said Kaphon. He chuckled some more but Thida responded, “Stop it! I'm really f-ck'n nervous and you're laughing at me. It's not everyday that I am willing to give my blood to someone else.”

“I know,” said Kaphon. “That's why I admire you. You're doing it for someone you love. Anything for him right?”

Thida quieted down. “Thank you. I do love him. He's my sister's child. He's my nephew. If this helps him, I will spoil him rotten. So rotten because he never lived a fancy life like I did. You know, I'd do this for you too?”

“Is this your way of telling me that you love me?” asked Kaphon with a huge smile on his face.


Thida woke up in the morning and felt her arms very sore. Her mom had come in to lay next to her. She remembered that she had fallen asleep while closing her eyes to avoid looking at the blood leaving her body and recirculating back into her other arm. Today would be the day that Moo Lek might get his transplant if they finish checking up on everything. The amount she gave was sufficient is what Kaphon had told her while she at dinner last night. Kaphon had stayed near to watch a romantic comedy movie with her until she feel asleep. At one point, she thought she saw him kiss her on the cheeks before she drifted off to sleep.

“You're awake,” said Thida's mom. Thida nodded. “Kaphon just left a moment ago. He was here all night. I told him to go home to wash up. I told him you like men who smell pleasant,” said her mom. Thida gasped, “Mom!”

Thida's mom laughed and told her that she was joking. She didn't say that to Kaphon. She explained that Kaphon went to go visit Moo Lek. He heared that Kaneung will be coming to the hospital and she will be going to visit Moo Lek early in the morning.


Kaneung had gone to visit Moo Lek and decided to stop by Thida's room. She had a funny conversation with Thida until the doctor came in and informed Thida that they are about to transfer the blood to Moo Lek. Thida got nervous. Kaneung grabbed a hold of Thida's hand and told her things will be alright. At the same moment, Sakorn entered the room.

“You're here to comfort me too,” he said. He sounded agitated, but Thida replied making things less tense. She knew he is very nervous. “Kaphon will be back in a bit. He ran downstairs to get me some milk,” said Thida. “He didn't want me to continue to drink more coffee. I kept ordering some in the morning when he wasn't around. I have an addiction.” Kaneung smiled and said her good bye.

Sakorn apologized to Thida and gave her a hug. “Thank you.”

He then got up and walked out. Kaneung was standing in the hall waiting for him. “Thank you for being here all morning,” he said to her. Sakorn then quickly grabbed her hand. She let him hold on without pulling away. They walked towards Moo Lek's temporary private room where Sakol, Wit, Thida's parents sat waiting outside as the doctor and nurses prepared the transplant. Wit had his arms around Sakol. Thida's dad had his arms around his wife. Sakorn and Kaneung looked and each other and walked to find a seat, their hands still intwined. They didn't have to say much to each other to know that they like this feeling regardless of how nerve wracking the situation that they're in.

Kaphon walked by with Nong Lynn. Nong Lynn saw her parents holding hands and rushed over. “Khun Mae, Khun Por!” she shouted. She didn't realize she blurted that out, but everyone else did.

Kaphon rushed over as Kaneung let go of Sakorn's hand and reached out to grab a hold of her daughter. Sakorn heard it too. But made up an excuse in his head that he heard wrong. Kaphon covered up, “Yes, I'm here.”

Lynn told Kaneung that she came to see Thida. She then turned to Sakorn and mentioned that she saw a grand piano in the lobby. She told him that it was a nice brand and that she'd really like to play it. Sakorn smiled at her and told her he will go ask permission after Moo Lek is done. “I'll wait,” replied Nong Lynn. She gave him a peck on the cheek and then gave her mom a kiss too. She got off her mom's lap and turned to them. She grabbed their hands and told them to continue. “Khun Por is going with me to see Auntie Thida, so Khun Mae, you comfort Khun Lung okay? He loves N'Moo Lek a lot. And he was weird all week when I visited. And Khun Mae, did you notice how he changed his outfits and stuff too? I told him you like men who dresses like this and that's why you love Khun Por!” She smiled and walked over to hold Kaphon's hand and pull him towards Thida's room in the other wing. Her pony tail swayed as she walked off.

Kaneung's face had turned pink. Sakorn smiled and turned away slightly as he thought of how cute she looks blushing.

Wilamorn House 6 years earlier

Ami had arrived home and grabbed her crutches. She returned home because the party got boring after having to sit in her wheelchair the whole time. The driver left her to go back to the party after she told him that she will be fine. As she neared her bedroom, she heard someone screaming.

Ami dropped the crutches on the floor beside her bedroom door and tiptoed towards the call for help. “Sakorn's bedroom,” she thought. She got closer and peeked in. She recognize the female voice even though it was muffled. “Kaneung?”

All Ami saw were two legs, one struggling beneath the other. “I have to go in and stop it,” thought Ami. She was about to step in, but realized she didn't have her crutches. She stood against the wall and pondered about what to do. In the end, Kaneung's voice dissipated and Ami tiptoed back to her room. She picked up her crutches and sat on her bed.

“It's okay Ami. You didn't see or hear a thing. Besides, maybe this will help you in the long run. Maybe someone else will catch them and report what Sakorn did. Then he will be kicked out by father. And then all I will have to worry about is Kaphon. Sorry mother, but it's only fair isn't it? It is will be great for him to leave this house.”

Ami then quickly got up and picked up her crutches and ran down the stairs to get back in her wheelchair. She had a feeling Kaphon would be back soon because he had complained about staying there. He wanted to go home with Ami but Ami wanted her alone time at the house. She didn't expect Sakorn to have returned home so early. If she were in her chair, nobody would suspect that she was upstairs. She'd like to blame Sakorn herself, but then they'd all wonder how she was able to catch them. Hopefully Kaneung says something.


“Everything went well,” said the doctor. All the adults began to tear up in joy. Sakol hugged her reunited parents and then they excused themselves to visit Thida and tell her the good news.

The doctor only allowed Wit and Sakol to enter the room to be with Moo Lek. Sakorn and Kaneung sat in the hallway. During the two hours of waiting, Sakorn somehow found her hand and held it. She could feel him squeezing her hands at times, to the point that it wasn't comfortable. But, she endured it because it made him feel better.

Later in the evening

“Thank you,” said Sakorn as he let go of Kaneung's hand.

Kaneung just nodded. She didn't want to say anything more. If she does, she doesn't know what her brain will tell her to do. Deep down, her feelings are so strong with love for a man that hurt her so much.

NongLynn ran down the hall with Kaphon. “Khun Lung, are we going to play the piano downstairs?”

Sakorn replied, “Because your mom stayed with me,” he looked up at Kaphon, “and your dad didn't get mad at me, and most importantly, because I love you and you asked me to, I will play it with you.”

NongLynn let go of Kaphon's hand and ran over to jump in Sakorn's lap and hug him. “Thank you! I will remember today forever! I always wanted to play for those who can't go to concert halls because they do not feel well. Plus, Khun Mae always feels better when I play for her.”

Sakorn smiled and looked at Kaneung. She looks happy. “And I too love it when you play.”

Downstairs, Sakorn as the hospital director for permission to play. They were excited that someone would play the piano for them. Sakorn gave a lists of songs that will be played so that it can get approved. The two then ran to the grand piano.

“Like we practiced at the university,” whispered Lynn.

Sakorn nodded and smiled. The piano playing started. Sakorn felt livelier with Lynn playing beside him. She reminded him of himself with his mother. He played the piano as a toddler. He would play with her and she taught him advanced music. Though his memories of her aren't vivid, he remembers the connection. The videos of them playing together also makes him feel a connection to Lynn. All the videos he watched of his mother playing and and then sitting at the piano practicing all by himself. He was always imagining her playing beside him.

Lynn looked at Sakorn and smiled. She looked back down at the piano keys and thought, “I am doing something special with him.” She then looked around and saw that they had drawn in a crowd.

Sakorn smiled as he noticed all the people watching them play. He looked to his left and saw Kaphon and Kaneung standing and watching them play. Sakorn looked directly into Kaneung's eyes and she did not gaze away.

Kaneung's Condo

Kaneung had kissed NongLynn goodnight and walked back out to the living room. She closed the door behind her and crossed her arms and leaned against the door. Father and daughter playing together was too beautiful. How can she ever break them apart? How can she tell him? Will he be angry at her for not telling him?


Kaneung walked into Thida's room and brought her porridge that she had made in the morning. She also made some for Sakorn. He stayed overnight with Moo Lek. Thida thanked Kaneung and told her how she wished she had seen Sakorn and Lynn play together.

“P'Kaneung, will you tell him soon?” asked Thida.

Kaneung paused as she walked out of the room, but continued to Moo Lek's room. She knocked and Sakol opened the door and smiled at her. “P'Sakorn already left for work,” said Sakol. Kaneung smiled and nodded. She handed a canister of porridge to Sakol and told her to eat it. Sakol thanked her. Before Kaneung could turn around and leave for work, Sakol grabbed her arms. “Kaneung, do you love him?”

Kaneung froze. She doesn't know how to answer to that. “I know a lot has gone on between everyone here. But, I'm sorry for being a brat in the past. I really do apologize for my actions. I just want P'Sakorn to be happy now. I am so thankful for having met him and having him in my life. If he were any other guy, my son and I wouldn't be here. I know that he has some sort of relationship with you. Something that I can never tap into. Something I was unable to figure out. And when I returned to the university was when I learned about that nagging feeling I had. It is you. After last night, there's no doubt that you're the one that he truly has feelings for. I see it.”

Sakol let Kaneung go and Kaneung continued to walk out of the hospital. She had to get to work. She had one canister of porridge left that she had saved just in case she met anyone else that she could share it with. Kaneung called the taxi and climbed into the car. She picked up her blush and looked into the little mirror. As she looked at herself, she realized how much she has changed over the years. She is no longer that teenager with a mere crush. She is a woman that has evolved. It is time to think about what she really wants with what has already happened to her. There is no way to change the past. She has to think of only the present and future.

Kaneung arrived at the front gates and asked the taxi driver to park outside. She grabbed her canister and slipped on her heels. She grabbed her messenger bag and headed inside. What she really wants is to run this school. She will do what it takes to obtain that goal.

Sakorn's Office

Kaneung walked through the hallway to Sakorn's office. The blinds are closed so she guesses that he is not in his office. She wonders if she is too late to drop of his lunch for him. She wished she had come to his office as soon as she arrived this morning but she had to stop at hers first and got piled with work. Even though she had a feeling he wasn't in there, she knocked on the door anyways and then attempted to open the door. To her surprise, the door opened.

All the lights were on and Kaneung peered inside. No one was there. She stepped inside and walked over to his desk. Kaneung set the canister down on his table. She scanned the desk with her eyes to see if there was anything she could write on, but his desk was empty with nothing but a closed laptop. Kaneung decided to just go ahead and leave it without a note. She could always ask for her canister back later. Kaneung started to turn around so she can walk out the office, but she suddenly felt arms around her.

The grip was tight, but gentle enough to make her feel warmth. The arms were strong around her. She sensed him. Her heart beat rapidly as she realized that she had no control over this. She tilted her head slightly and voice lingered in her ears. “Thank you for being there for me yesterday. It really means a lot to me.”

Kaneung could not think of what to say next except, “Sakorn,” she whispered.

Sakorn loosed his grip and turned Kaneung to face him. He gazed into her eyes as she gazed back. They knew that this meeting meant more to them than ever. Both still confused about their feelings for one another, both unable to grasp their connection, both doubting that their feelings are nothing but one sided even though evidently they truly know how the other feels. Denial, but subconsciously accepting that there is something between them.

Kaneung closed her eyes and kissed Sakorn. Taken by surprise, he closed his eyes and returned the kiss. Her fingers combing through his hair and his hands, one against her waist and the other run through her curls. He took in the scent of her shampoo and the taste of cherry flavored lip balm on her lips. Kaneung could taste the mint tea from Sakorn's tongue as it touched her palate. The kiss is deep and had more meaning than she intended it to.

Sakorn had not planned to do more than return Kaneung's kiss, but his body began to respond to her touches. As his hand brushed her neck, he felt like he has to touch her bare skin. Every time he looks at her, he wants to see her naked. He hadn't admitted that to anyone, not even himself. Her actions today makes it unbearable to ignore. Sakorn pulled his mouth away from Kaneungs and glanced at her throat. He touched where his eyes gazed with his lips. Kaneung bit her lower lip as she felt her body wanting him. She lost all train of thought. All she knows now is that nothing else is important except for his touches. Both losing control as the other touches in places that they never realized will make them susceptible to lust.

Sakorn held onto Kaneung and turned her around. His kisses becoming more passionate as he made his way back to her lips. He grabbed her hands and pushed her towards the door. As soon as he was close enough to it, he moved one leg behind her and the other he used to close the door. He pushed her further towards the door and made sure it clicked closed.


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