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sarNie Oldmaid
Chapter 21 - Disobey Me
Kaneung stood up firmly to hold her stance. Her heart raced as she tried to think of a great answer to give him. But, all she could do was take another step closer to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. She did not lose eye contact with him. Her mind was telling her one thing, but her body wouldn't listen. “Does she like this asshole now?”
She closed her eyes and moved her face towards his. Kaneung closed her eyes and pressed her lips against his. Her heart rushed as she did the unthinkable. How could he do this? He did so many wrongs to her and never thought to sincerely apologize. Yet, here she goes giving in. Her brain kept telling her no, but her body wouldn’t listen.
“Don't do this,” Kaneung said to herself, “why are you like this? You can't have him control you.”
She subconsciously knew the answer to Sakorn’s question. No matter how hard she tried to hate him, she just can't. But, he hurt her so much. He didn’t take responsibility or  that he did to her. He denied everything! She can’t just give in to that jerk. But, fighting her feelings for him is so hard. She doesn’t want to appear weak in front of him. however, how much longer can she deny that no matter how much he hurts her, she still can’t hate him? Her mind kept battling each other with pros and con and opposite thoughts. Until finally, it left her and all she could sense is his touch.
Sakorn’s eyes remained open, caught by surprise. But he soon closed them and responded to her touch. He stopped thinking about reality and let his conscious go. All he  could think about at this moment was her in his arms, as he began to take lead. He grasped her waist and pulled her against him. The heat rising, he could feel the sweat on her neck as he moved one hand to hold it. Eventually their movements reflected off each other. It was a reciprocal kiss. They both want this subconscious.
Sakorn can't fight not wanting Kaneung. This time, she really knew how to make him lose control. Kaneung is giving herself to him so easily. He sensed that she really isn't  holding back. He could hear her heart beating, or perhaps he is making himself believe that. “Maybe it is like the day in the office, when she tried to hide her fears of me.
Maybe it is another trick. No, it can’t be. She is too drunk. She can’t be doing this to get back at me. She doesn’t know what she’s doing,” thought Sakorn.
So many years and this time she isn’t refusing him, not putting in a fight whatsoever. He doesn’t even have to force her or even have to make up an excuse to hold her or kiss her. Suddenly, Sakorn's conscience returned and he began to fear that he might hurt her. He doesn't want to be that same guy who took advantage of her years ago. He doesn't want to be the guy that take advantage of her...period!
But, his body isn't obeying him. He pushed her gently towards the couch and guided her to her back on the couch. “No,” thought Sakorn, “she might not want this and you are just being selfish again.” Still, his body didn't listen. He laid on top of her caressing her and savoring her.
The body temperature between them is rising hotter than any sauna. Their tongues intertwined as their body heated up even more, their feelings for each other heavier, and the attraction that's been stored between them is bursting out in the moment of passion. Kaneung reached under Sakorn's shirt, touching his bare skin. The touch made Sakorn ache for Kaneung even more. He felt like he'd explode if he couldn't have her now.
“Please, don’t be leading me on. Don’t let this be a part of your plan to hurt me once again. Is this the revenge you want? Leaving me after we go any further than this will hurt me the most,” thought Sakorn as he fought to stop himself. He doesn't want her to regret anything that will happen between them. And selfishly, he doesn't want to be
hurt by her. “I deserve to be hurt, but I am still a selfish asshole. I haven't changed. This is me. I want to stop so that I won't get hurt,” thought Sakorn. Sakorn couldn't admit that he liked Kaneung to Kaphon, his enemy, so he denied and denied. Selfish. Then he hated himself for not manning up and confessing after Kaneung left. Selfish. Kaneung hurt him by leaving, making him even guiltier, almost falling into depression. But, he tricked his brain into thinking he didn't like her and that she is just someone he
could use to hurt Kaphon. Selfish. He went out and met Sakol. “I like her,” he told himself. “Actually, I love her. I love her more than any other girl in the world.” He has to be selfish.
The more these thoughts racked his mind, the more it began to defeat his body. Sakorn stopped, opened his eyes and pulled his lips away from Kaneung's. Her eyes closed and so beautiful. But, he lifted himself off of her gently. His breathing still rapid and audible. Kaneung opened her eyes, somewhat shocked at what had just occurred. Sakorn kept his eyes on her beautiful body as she laid in a state of shock. She finally turned her head to look up at Sakorn. Her breathing began to slow down.
“Why did you stop?” Kaneung asked.
“I can’t do this,” replied Sakorn.
“Why not?” asked Kaneung, as she knew that she had just betrayed herself and feeling ashamed at the betrayal. 
“I can’t take advantage of your vulnerability. You’re drunk. It’ll be the stupidest thing I do,” said Sakorn. “I don’t want to hurt you again.” Saying these things were truths to Sakorn, but not the whole truth. He was afraid they'd both be hurt. Selfish.
Out of anger, Kaneung replied, “You didn’t stop 6 years ago, why stop now?”
“Because I didn't know how painful everything will be. I didn't think of the consequences thoroughly. Because...” replied Sakorn.
Kaneung sat up and repositioned herself. She kept her eyes on Sakorn as her brain returned to her and the hurt that he caused her made her angry. He is still not sorry for what he did to her. And how is NongLynn so painful. “Oh yeah, that's right, he doesn't know that she is his,” she thought.
Sakorn's head lowered and thought, “I am the most selfish asshole out there.”
“You still didn't answer my question,” said Sakorn. He looked back up and shot the question right at Kaneung.
“What a way to try and divert our serious conversation into a joke,” said Kaneung.
“I hate to admit it, but I am being truthful with you. No matter if I am lying, seeking revenge, or being honest with you, you won't ever stop being an asshole,” said Kaneung.
“I think the current asshole is lost...I think this asshole can't love anyone more than himself...and I think this asshole is the stupidest guy on earth and deserves every horrible omen that comes his way,” shouted Kaneung as she stood up and walked towards Sakorn again.
She grabbed Sakorn and yanked him so that he trails behind her to her bedroom.
“I will regret this, but I can't deny it tonight. I hope this answers your question because obviously whatever answer I gave you earlier did not get through to your brain. I hope you understand my answer,” said Kaneung.
Wat held Sakol's hand, “Moo Lek has to get through this. I came to tell you to do the transplant. Obviously this chemo stuff is making him very sick.”
“How are we going to pay? He will find out that he isn't the father,” cried Sakol.
Thida  suddenly walked out from around the corner. “You have got to be kidding me. You two really are together and that kid in there really isn't P'Sakorns.”
Sakol quickly pulled her hands away from Wat. She was speechless, her brain not functioning like it should be. She should be quick to come up with an excuse, but she couldn't.
“If you are a real mother, you'd confess. If you do, I will happily pay for the kid,” said Thida.
Sakol's eyes shot open. She quickly stood up and rushed to Thida. “You will?”
Thida wrinkled her nose, “Yeah. All I want if for you to stop lying to P'Sakorn. Telling someone they have a kid and then it doesn't belong to them is just sickening to think about. He'll be devasted if he ever finds out.”
Sakol let go of Thida's arms and turned around to look at Wat with sad eyes. Wat had not said one word since Thida interupted them. But he suddenly spoke up,” She had to do all this because of me. I forced her into this. I made her into this. Now my son is dying and I want to feel like I am doing something right for once in my life. I want to be a good father to him. But, he is so sick that I can't do anything to help him. Our only source to get that treatment for him is Sakorn. But, I feel even crappier. The more I know he is sick in here and I can't be near him, the more I realized I am a jerk. I don't want him to die knowing his his real dad doesn't have the guts to be a real dad to him.”
Thida got tired of listening to their reasoning. She didn't care what their situation is. All she knows is that the kid is really sick and she wants to help him. If his parents are too chicken to pick an option that will reveal the truth, then it just makes her hurt for the boy. Such selfish parents. “I'm going to pay. You just figure out how to reveal the truth to P'Sakorn.”
Thida turned around and walked to the elevator. She noticed a phone on the ground and knew it was Sakorn's from the case. She had given him that phone case for his birthday last year and made him use it.


sarNie Oldmaid
Bieluvr said:
Awe, thanks for the info. Hope it's soon and hope your files are all fine. :p I'll wait patiently.
Well, it took a long time, but I found my file. And I got a new laptop! Yippee!! But, I decided to change my direction. I was gonna have a hot R scene, but decided to go against it and make Sakorn really selfish. 
Koy123 said:
I'm sorry to hear. I hope your files are all recover...
Just opened the file today and reread what I wrote. Took me a bit to write as much as I did and post it. I'm quite tired, but felt like I had to update my readers. Sorry for the long wait. I will try to work on the next chapter and hope that I can ease into a story that will satisfy many persons and not just go all lovey dovey or revenge revenge revenge too suddenly. I hope things will make sense.
If everyone has read my ff in the past, I think I am a very complicated person. haha. So my mind always has so many thoughts (some realistic and some really out there ideas of love). Bear with me as I hope to gain more readers or simply satisfy my current followers.
I am determined to finish this ff, slow or fast...I will get there. 
wonder why Thida is even at the hospital still?
Wonder what Kaneung is going to do with Sakorn? hehe
I will return to reread what I wrote and try to fix some errors later.


sarNie Adult
Oh i love this ff
i was wondering what Kaneung is going to do with Sakorn haha
cant wait for more
please update when u can and asap please


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
Wow. I am darn excited for the next chapter! 555 I guess it's going to happen then? lol 
Hopefully Sakol and Wat stop with their act and whatever and just tell Sakorn the truth. Glad Thida was there to find out the truth. :)
Thanks for the update na! Update soon whenever you get a chance too! Can't wait for the next chapter!! :D


sarNie OldFart
PhoneO_5 said:
Well, it took a long time, but I found my file. And I got a new laptop! Yippee!! But, I decided to change my direction. I was gonna have a hot R scene, but decided to go against it and make Sakorn really selfish. 
Just opened the file today and reread what I wrote. Took me a bit to write as much as I did and post it. I'm quite tired, but felt like I had to update my readers. Sorry for the long wait. I will try to work on the next chapter and hope that I can ease into a story that will satisfy many persons and not just go all lovey dovey or revenge revenge revenge too suddenly. I hope things will make sense.
If everyone has read my ff in the past, I think I am a very complicated person. haha. So my mind always has so many thoughts (some realistic and some really out there ideas of love). Bear with me as I hope to gain more readers or simply satisfy my current followers.
I am determined to finish this ff, slow or fast...I will get there. 
wonder why Thida is even at the hospital still?
Wonder what Kaneung is going to do with Sakorn? hehe
I will return to reread what I wrote and try to fix some errors later.
Phone, I've read most of your FF and came to love your style of writing. I like how your story is not simple and has a bit of everything. I really enjoy this FF lot and kinda sad that I'm feeling it's coming to an end. Thank you for this wonderful update!


sarNie OldFart
Phone where are you... please come back and update this! I guess everyone are busy with back to school and work, eh.


sarNie Oldmaid
are there still people who will still read this? I am sorry I haven't written in a long time. Actually, I haven't been on asianfuse in a long time. I am ready to return...I think :p


sarNie Oldmaid
Koy123 said:
Phone, I've read most of your FF and came to love your style of writing. I like how your story is not simple and has a bit of everything. I really enjoy this FF lot and kinda sad that I'm feeling it's coming to an end. Thank you for this wonderful update!
Koy123 said:
Phone where are you... please come back and update this! I guess everyone are busy with back to school and work, eh.
asque said:
Haha i agree with you Koy!! This is the only story i come back to look for T^T its so awesome!!
Oh my, I just posted asking if people are still coming back to read. And, wow, I totally spaced it and did not look at your comments or the dates you all commented. No wonder this ff didn't get moved to incomplete yet :)

I wrote out an outline on Fri & through that, I decided to change my story line because I didn't like what I had original plan to do in the room. I didn't want it to drag (I was going to make the story drag out longer hehe) but I think my new plan for them will make everyone more satisfied. Can't wait til I actually start writing and fixing what I started to write for the next chapter.

Thank you Koy123 :) I really appreciate you reading. Yes, I was busy with work. To some people 5 days a week of work isn't much, but I've been working overtime for the last couple of months (more than 8 hrs/day & on call since I'm the only person working on my case, so when I get home, I feel like there isn't enough time in the day. And then it is my bed time :( Boo. I guess I haven't been writing because I haven't been able to read to get some inspiration either, so I got lazy in a sense. I also went on vacay haha and learned that I could live without my laptop for a while and I guess I forgot about updating until Friday, when I suddenly felt like writing ideas down. So I have an outline now, so don't worry, I will write and finish this one :D And yes, you're right about my stories, they're abstract because I'm weird. That's why I didn't like what I was going to write because it would be hard to fix and resolve things. Now it'll be simpler to fix. Perhaps Tuesday I will post the next chapter, I have the day off :D

Thank you asque :) I hope to really keep you reading and hope to satisfy you to the end.

I watched Master's Sun all this weekend, so the whole lovey dovey inspiration is coming back to me :p And hopefully if I watch Heiress I will get in that mood to write some more.


sarNie Oldmaid
Chapter 22 - Seldom Tears, Always Surprises
Kaneung's Condo

“What are you doing?” asked Sakorn.
Kaneung pushed Sakorn into her room with force. She then closed her bedroom door and rushed passed Sakorn. Kaneung stood still for a moment in front of her closet door.
“If he meant nothing to me, I wouldn't have kept this most important thing to me,” thought Kaneung, “you were ready to reveal everything to him. So do it. Open the damn door!”
Kaneung pressed her lips together and slowly reached for the knob on the closet door.
Sakorn stood in awe of what Kaneung might possibly do. What is it that she has to show him? He sensed her hesitation. Kaneung couldn't possibly decide to really be with him, she is too prideful to become an adulterer. He knew this, that was why he arrogantly made the decision to make her his that night. But, his lame excuse of himself using alcohol to cover up his selfish ways backfired. He made her hate him and end up still wanting Kaphon more. “She's still setting me up?” asked Sakorn. “But, I'm not going to run away this time. I have to show her that I am a Kaphon.”
Before Kaneung could turn the knob on the closet, she felt Sakorn's hand on her hand. Kaneung turned to look at Sakorn. “You don't have to do this if you are hesitant about it. I don't want to know the answer anymore. I already know your answer.”
Kaneung pulled her hands off the knob and Sakorn's hands flung down at the same moment. Their eyes still locked. Tears are now swelling up.
Sakorn turned Kaneung towards him and gently placed his hand on her head. He took his thumb and pressed it gently against her eyelid to wipe the tears that haven't dropped yet.
“You stay strong and don't let that tear drop in front of me. You know how much you hate crying in front of me. So, don't do it. I will turn around and walk away so you don't have to let me see it again,” Sakorn whispered to her.
Her eyes remained closed. He is right. She hated crying in front of him. She hated how she couldn't open that door. “Would he accept NongLynn as his own? He doesn't love me, so will he love her as a daughter? He accepted his son because he loved her when they had him. He doesn't love me.”
Kaneung heard her front door close. She opened her eyes and wiped away the water in her eyes. She turned to her closet and opened it. A small safe sat on the middle shelf. She turned the knob to enter the code. Finally, the click. Kaneung pulled the safe's door and reached in to pull out her photo album.
The cover read, “Dreams...Family...Love”
“The most precious things in my life are held in this safe, Sakorn,” said Kaneung to herself. “You knew I liked you. Hearing you tell me that you knew how I felt hurts. I thought if I hurt you, I'd feel better so you wouldn't have to talk to me and tell me those words.”
Kaneung turned the page in her photo album and dropped to the floor sobbing.

“Doctor, we decided that we are going to try a new treatment. We want to try bone marrow,” said Sakol.
“Okay,” said the doctor. “I will go ahead and get paperwork started for that and you will have to sign for it.”
Sakol and Wat grasped each others' hand and rose to walk out of the doctor's office. Once outside the door, they turned to look each other in the eye. Sakol's tear exploded and Wat pulled her towards him and held her tightly.
“We made the right decision. I am not going to be scamming anyone anymore. I promise, I really will be a better man. I'm sorry about all the things I did to you and our son. I will make things right,” said Wat.
Through her sobs, Sakol replied, “Stop apologizing. I heard it so many times tonight that I get it. I can't completely trust you, but I know I can't ruin Sakorn anymore. I even thought he was a good guy for me and it was my opportunity to escape you. If I hadn't been pregnant with Moo Lek, I wouldn't have left him because I thought he could be my savior. But, I couldn't go through with our plan at the time and in the end, I'm still trapped by you.”
Wilamorn House

“Why can't I get a hold of that brother of ours?” asked Ami.
“I don't know,” said Kaphon. “but let me take your stuff upstairs for you. You go and greet mom and dad. They told me they'd try to stay up and wait for you, but it's so late. They probably fell asleep in the living room. Old age.”
Ami chuckled. She walked up the steps and entered the house. As she stood in the foyer, she smirked. Ami gazed at the home. “Memories,” she said to herself and proceeded to walk to the living room.
Back outside at the car, Kaphon's cell phone rang. Kaphon scrambled to retrieve it out of his pocket. “Thida.”
“Hey, I found P'Sakorn's cell phone at the hospital. Is he home yet?” asked Thida.
Kaphon placed the luggages he already took out of the trunk of the car on the ground. “Why were you at the hospital? I thought you said you were home. Are you alright?” asked Kaphon, rapidly. His heart racing, worrying about Thida.
“P'Kaphon, I am fine. I came because P'Kaneung,” said Thida.
“Wait, Kaneung? What happened to her? Is she still there? I will be at the hospital in a few minutes,” said Kaphon.
“Wait, let me finish! I told you, everything is fine. P'Kaneung went home and I am now at home too. Don't worry,” responded Thida. Kaphon grabbed the luggages and walked up the steps to Ami's room. “What happened?” he asked.
Thida replied, “She needed a stitch, so I brought her to the hospital. And I guess, when you called I told you a fib because I didnt' want you to worry about me. And, I sent her home with P'Sakorn.”
Kaphon tossed his sister's bags in her room and rushed down the stairs to his car. “That guy isn't back yet. He has no cell phone because it is with you? I have to go see her.” Kaphon hung up the phone on Thida and drove off towards Kaneung's condo. Many things ran through his mind. He has to rescue her.
Thida sat on her bed and gazed her screen. Kaphon hung up on her. “He's going to see P'Kaneung.” She flopped down on her bed with her cell phone at hand. Her mind raced with questions. She thought that their marriage was going to turn out well, but now she is uncertain of Kaphon's true feelings towards her. Is he only marrying her because they were caught in bed together? Is what he revealed to her true? Perhaps there are feelings between the two of them. No matter how much Kaphon told her he is faking everything. Maybe the proposal to her is fake.
Thida let go of her cell phone and flipped to the other side on her bed. “Hmm, trust him Thida. As long as you are sincere towards him, your marriage will work out. One sided love per usual. You have him further along than you ever had P'Sakorn. Cherish him and trust him. Go to sleep.”
Kaneung's Condo

Sakorn walked down to the lobby still sulking over how Kaneung was willing to do anything to get revenge on him. She can't forgive him because he ruined her by not having her be pure enough for Kaphon. What he did didn't stop them from having NongLynn, which he is happy for her about.
Prior to Ami leaving for surgery
“Nong Lynn is cute, isn't she?” asked Ami. “I can't believe that Kaphon made her. She should've been yours shouldn't she?” asked Ami.

“What do you mean, mine?” asked Sakorn.

“You know? Don't tell me you didn't like her little brother. You could've just confessed and Kaphon wouldn't have gotten her. And then you could've married her and had NongLynn instead,” replied Ami.
Sakorn cleared his throat. He had thought his sister knew about the rape, but she doesn't.
“Kaphon just doesn't seem like he is already a father. He's always been the troublesome kid. Causing himself to get sent to study abroad and look at what he brought back. Luckily he got a degree while juggling a family. They had her as soon as he got the chance to see her. Fast. And, how lucky is he to do what you always wanted to do, study abroad. I don't know what dad was thinking, how is that punishment for what he did to Sakol. He's not even in trouble for bringing home a kid either. And with the girl you had the hots for. That Kaphon, accomplished all that in 5 years.”
Sakorn couldn't stand hearing his sister talking about Kaphon. Kaphon got everything, the parents, the girl, the kid, the education. He got nothing. His mom is gone. All his dad ever does is nag him about work, studying in the country to be more in tune with the school so that he can be better prepared to run it. His dad nagged him about Sakol running around the house half naked when they were together. His father favored only the kid.

Kaphon ran towards Kaneung's door and pulled out his spare key. Kaneung's bedroom door is wide open and still sitting in front of the closet. “What happened?” asked Kaphon, “What did he do to you?”
Kaphon sat down and wrapped his arms around Kaneung. “Am I too late again?”
The safe is already sealed and the closet door already closed.
“I want to run away again so that I don't have to see him. This time, I really don't have plans on seeing him. I just want to leave him to be because I know for sure that I am not strong enough to really hurt him,” sobbed Kaneung. “Don't try to convince me again.”
Kaphon held her tighter. She is worse than last time. That guy is so mean to her.
“Kaneung, tell me you want me to continue to seek the revenge for you and I'll do it. You don't have to do it yourself if you don't want to,” Kaphon said, trying to keep her calm. His heart ached for her because she suffered so much. She loves Sakorn. He tried to convince her that she didn't. He convinced her to seek revenge on him. He did that because it isn't Sakorn that is selfish. But him. He was using her to get back at his brother. The same way that Sakorn used Kaneung to get to him. Perhaps Sakorn won afterall.  “No, he didn't,” mumbled Kaphon.
After a while, Kaneung wiped her tears and proceeded to stand up. “I'm fine now. Thank you Kaphon. You are a true friend. He didn't do anything to me again,” she said. “Even though, it would've been better if he had, because then I can hate him,” she thought to herself.

Kaneung started to walk to the bathroom, but Kaphon grabbed her wrist, “Kaneung.”
“Don't worry Kaphon. I won't run away yet. I still have NongLynn. I want to hear her opinion. I can't just take her away now that she is older and she has already met him. I can't just take her away from you either. No matter how much I want to run away and never see his face again. I can't do that. I can't be selfish,” said Kaneung. “But, I will try to avoid him. Because I'm afraid I will do something that will make me feel even worse than I already feel.”
Wilamorn House
“That kid didn't even bother to pick me up from the airport. I hate that I have to be so nice to him!” shouted Ami at the mirror.

Ami then heard a car pull up and she quickly ran to the window to peek outside. “He's home,” she whispered.
Ami grabbed her robe and wrapped it over herself. She opened the door and walked downstairs. Sakorn entered the foyer and gazed at his sister walking down the stairs. His mouth shot wide open. His eyes filled with tears. “You can walk!” he shouted.
Ami smiled and ran down the rest of the way. “I can run too little brother!” She wrapped her arms around him and smirked. “I can help at the school now! And dad won't have to be embarrassed by me anymore.”
Sakorn was happy for his sister, but something else bothered him. He can't get over thinking about Kaneung.
“Well, Sakorn, escort me to my room since you forgot to pick me up. Then you can go to your room and get some sleep. I can tell you had a long night,” she said.
Sakorn's room

Sakorn showered and changed. He sat on his bed and thought of leaving her in her room all by herself.
Kaphon drove home. He knew Kaneung is set on staying, so he won't have to worry too much. He thought of what Sakorn did to Kaneung to make her so upset tonight. Halfway home, he thought of Thida. “She has Sakorn's phone. She shouldn't have his phone. I have to go get,” Kaphon shuddered at the thought of seeing her even meeting Sakorn. Not because he hates Sakorn, but because he doesn't like it when Thida will be nice to the guy. Thida loved him at one point in her life. He can't have her loving Sakorn over him. Kaphon was about to turn his car towards Thida's house, but he decided against it. He has to head home. He doesn't want to seem like the overly jealousy type. “I'll text her instead.”
Back at home, Ami took of her robe and laid on her bed. “Sweet home,” she whispered. “Soon, I will have it all to myself. Those boys will end up with nothing. It is mine after all. Right, mother?”
The next morning

Everyone got up and went on with their daily routine. Kaphon ignored Sakorn as he walked down the stairs in casual clothes. “This scene reminds me of that one day,” Kaphon thought, “he is ignoring the fact that he hurt her. And here I am again, letting him go. Why?”
Ami walked into the dining room and caught a glimpse of Sakorn. “Sakorn!” she shouted. “Come in here and join us for breakfast. I made this myself! You have to eat it if you love me.”
Sakorn glanced over and gave a fake smile. He walked in and sat down.
“Khun Lung!” shouted NongLynn as she appeared from the kitchen.
Sakorn smiled and opened his arms to her. She gave him a peck on the cheek. Instead of walking away from him, she placed her ears on his heart. Sakorn wondered why she would do this out of all days.
“Ahem, you give your uncle a hug but not your dad?” asked Kaphon.
Lynn lifted her little head away from Sakorn's chest and smiled at Kaphon. “I love you too Khun Por. Very much. But I wanted to hear Khun Lung's heartbeat. I want to know if he loves me just as much as you do.”
Sakorn was caught off guard. Before she could walk off towards Kaphon, Sakorn pulled Lynn's head back to his chest. “Listen to it, do I love you?” he asked.
“Yes, you do. It is beating even faster than before,” said Lynn. “But, I think you are just getting nervous because you want to beat out Khun Por.” Lynn laughed.
She got out of Sakorn's arm and ran to her dad. I will give you two kisses. As she finished her last peck she whispered, “Two, to make up for hurting you. I love you Khun Por. As much as I ever have or even more.”
Everyone sat at the table enjoying their breakfast. Pin chimed in, “Wow, our breakfast is complete.”

Jade chimed in, “If Kaneung were here with us, it'd be even better.”

Sakorn dropped his fork. “Sorry,” he said. Then picked the fork back up and continued to eat. Kaphon looked over at Ami, “Such a delicious meal,” he complimented.
“P'Sakorn didn't come this morning?” asked Thida. Sakol replied, “No, he didn't. Thida, we talked to the doctor last night.”
“Good,” replied Thida. “I'm glad you made the right decision. I will also talk to the doctor. Please give me permission to help you out. And I will be the first volunteer to see if my bone marrow matches.”
“How can I ever repay you?” asked Sakol.
“You can't,” said Thida. “You just go on and be a mother to him and know that someone as kind as myself would do this even though you lied to my special person.”
Thida pulled out Sakorn's cell phone, “If he stops by, give this to him. I don't want my fiance' freaking out.”
She thought back to the numerous texts that Kaphon sent her the night before. She chuckled at all of them because her cell phone batteries died and didn't hear any of his texts.
Kaneung's Condo

“Khun Mae, Khun Por's heart beat really fast this morning when I listened to him,” said NongLynn.
“Really?” asked Kaneung. “His heart always beats fast for you.”
“Khun Mae, I'm talking about my real dad,” she replied and rushed into her mom's arms.
“He loves me too,” she said.
Kaneung's heart sank. She can't take her away from him. Not when NongLynn has gotten so attached. But, how can she face him.
“Khun Mae, you can face him right? You are my hero. Please stay here for me. I don't care if he doesn't know that I am his daughter. I just want to be near him now that I know. He looks so lonely,” she said.
One week later

“Your bone marrow matches,” said the doctor.
Thida smiled. “Let me go tell the family.”
“One more thing,” said the doctor, “Can you donate red blood cells and platelets to him too? His mother has been doing it herself. But you also have the same blood type.”
The doctor went through some paperwork and looked up at Thida. “In fact, from what I've observed, you don't know that you and Sakol have very similar DNA.”

“What are you saying?” asked Thida. “You took a DNA test too? You're saying I can be related to her?”
“More like, you can be siblings,” said the doctor.
Thida stood up, but fell right back in her chair. “Really?” asked Thida.
“Really,” said the doctor.
Her heart pounded. “Sakol can be my sister.”


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