[Ch3] Rising Sun Series 2: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (Makers Y)


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credit:   Barry.Ya FB


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thai-lakorn-fan-forever said:
Rough translation with the gist
"there won't be "yakuza" ka"
"there won't be any tattoos ka, because it [tattoo] is a characteristic of the yakuza"
"(khun samee [husband] has a tattoo on his leg; going to Japan, we'll forbid _____________ because it may make Japanese people uneasy/not happy)"
" 'Oyabun' won't be used; it's a word that's associated with the [heart/front/main of the yakuza group] <-- feel free to correct this translation in the brackets"
"because of this, we'll use the word 'Sohreav' instead, which translates to 'the person [who is] the full-fledged lover"
Some of the phrases are unusual so feel free to correct it!
Just wanted to add on some more to the translation. My comments  are *
1. There won't be "Yakuza", as in, the term "Yakuza" won't be used. *Some problem with the Japanese government (?) or something about using this term, IIRC.
2. There won't be any tattoos, because tattoos are Yakuza symbols. (Her husband has a tattoo on his arm and on a trip to Japan, he couldn't get into the 'onsen' or the hot spring bath, because it might've upset some Japanese people.) *This is a real thing, confirmed to me by my tatted brother. :)
3. "Oyabun" is a word associated with the head of the Yakuza i.e. the leader, so they're using the word "Soryo" instead, which means "Respected Leader". *The Japanese might be off - Thai transliteration of Japanese is, in my opinion, not as precise as English, probably because Thai is a tonal language and both English and Japanese are not, so English transliterates better, I think.


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:party:  :party:  *Happy 20th birthday to our cute girl YAYA*   :flowers: :flowers:
:hapbday:  :hapbday:  :hapbday:​
Credit: lomfise @ cake central​
credit to tagged fb​
May all your wishes come true & all your coming days be filled with good health , more happiness,success & love !!!!


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@vimalee thank u 4 yadechs cute lays pic, they look so adorable and fresh !
@dr_mcsully thank u 4 da translation.
@mrsChum thank u 4 sweet pic of yaya / yumyum, our girl sure blossom to b a beautiful young lady !!!
@bubba and swiffy both yr bd wishes and card are so cute, i 1 2 eat da cookies swiffy !!!
hope yaya will have a fantastic party tonight wif her fave ppl !


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happy birthday to my beautiful nong yaya. her pchai is nowhere to be seen (prob hiding in a big box of presents), but feeling so much love from everyone's messages and presents!! looks like yaya is eating nothing but cakes today, so sweet of everyone <3  
oooh and thank you mak mak thailakornfan and dr mcsully for your translations <3



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OmmGGGGG :woot2:  :woot: ..Both Mario & Taew look so cute...Thanks Mrs Chum for sharing so fast....
I  don't have the strength enough to wait for our Yadech 1st pic....  :yahoo:  :coverlaf:


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All Yaya's Bday cakes r so cute...Yaya would absolutely having a great time for today....happy for our girl being loved by many ppl...Thanks for sharing pics n clips na bubble
@keylargo..I ll bake for u something cutie na(cyber bake lol..)..just notify me ur birthday.. :coverlaf: 


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@mrsChum super hapi and excited 2 c da pics....its moving forward and fast 2 ! thank u mrsChum 4 always sharing !
@bubbles8 our sweetheart is so well-loved by many ppl, its a blessing !
@swiffy u r so nice swiffy and i agree wif u cant wait 4 yadechs fitting, it will be super beautiful cos yadech r so good-looking and look good in anything they put on !
thanks 4 sharing, appreciate it much !


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LOL@Mark's IG. I was thinking that naughty Boy would do that. :p
Mike knows Yaya? Interesting. Have never seen them interact before. Does anyone know?
Happy Birthday Nong Yaya! ^_^


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Its very hard to choose between Takeshi and Ryu, but Taew look very pretty. I can't wait till Yaya have her fitting for Mayumi outfit.


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Have some free times so I loggin a little bit ..^ ^..Miss everyone :wink: ..
I hope I'll have more free times to log in to spazz with everyone :spin:
Thanks soooooo much everyone for all sharings...Nothing more to say..A big thank from my heart wanna give all you guys :flowers: :heart:
Looking some photos from the fitting for Rising sun..I can't wait anymore to see our beautiful Mayumi...Countdown to the full fitting of Yadech&OhTaew :spin:

Our Ryu looks sooooooo cool :heart: :heart: :heart:...Oh&Taew are beautiful too..Just waiting our sweet&sexy doctor-Mayumi :teary:

 Credit: peeda36/NY Club Photo Album

Credit: on the photo
So cute photo :heart:
                                            I HOPE SHE HAS THE MOST SUSSCESSFUL YEAR & THE SWEETEST BIRTHDAY WITH 20S
                                                ALL THE BEST THINGS WILL COME TO THE MOST LOVELY GIRL IN THE WORL OF OURS
                                                       :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
                                                              MY LITTLE BIRTHDAY'S WISH FOR YAYA :p