Ladies Room *Book 3: Chapter 4, Part B*


Chapter 4/12

he woke up when his clock was alarming, then timing... someone's knocking at the door. he thought that made maybe Ploy's back already, but it wasn't... and rather... it was Aff who's standing infront of the doorway, carrying a basket of bread and the spread that she made.

Aum: Aff...
Aff: hi... uh... good morning. (he made a way, to let her come in to his pad.) thanks... (she look at him.) i brought you and Ploy some breakfast... where's Ploy? is she still asleep?
Aum: she's not here... (he carried the basket and went to the kitchen, while she just followed him.) i'll go wash my face first... just feel free to use everything.
Aff: did i woke you up?
Aum: no... i'll just wash my face and change.

he went back to his room, while Aff started prepare their breakfast. she wonder if where's Ploy, but when Aum came out of the room... she found herself, locked her eyes on him. he was wearing a jogging pants and a sleeveless white shirt. she dont know why she had this sort of feeling that she was trap... trap to his charisma?

"oh, my... why am i feeling this way?", she asked herself when Aum almost caught her staring at him. she returned her attention from the plate where she's trying to transfer the slice of bread from the basket. Aum was heading towards the kitchen and she dont know why her heart keeps beating faster.

Aum: pineapple and cheese?
Aff: uh... yeah. (she tried to smile at him.) Aum... i... i... dot know how to say it...
Aum: about what?
Aff: i... uh... its... its about the... the...
Aum: the?
Aff: i dont know what kind of job suits me... im usually at field work too, but i couldn't go out because-
Aum: you're hiding. (he continued and he crossed his arms.)
Aff: yeah... and... i supposed that you already know that i shouldn't-
Aum: so what job do you want to apply for? if you prefer to work in my office, you'll be my assistant then... however, you couldn't go out.

Aum gets the sandwich and took a bite, he then was waiting for her answer. she was thinking if what job that would suits her. "i have an idea.... how about a housekeeper here?", she just blurted and didn't know why did she suggest that kind of job. he stopped eating and look at her seriously. "you're not serious right?"

Aff: i am serious...
Aum: i can't...
Aff: why? you're offering me a job and i think that there's nothing wrong with my idea.
Aum: but why being a housekeeper? i cant let you do that.
Aff: tell me why then?
Aum: why would someone like the only daughter, the heiress of Taksaorn company needed to apply for being a housekeeper? (her stingy expression made his breakfast with her ended.)

he gets his polo shirt and walks out of the pad, then Aff followed him. "hey! why are you walking out from me!?!", she shouted at him while they were getting downstairs. then Aum stopped and look at her, "i told you... you can't be the housekeeper..."

Aff: give me the keys...
Aum: what?
Aff: the keys...
Aum: (he already get it. she was referring to his pad's keys.) no... and dont... follow me.
Aff: im not following you... (on the second thought...) im just begging you to give me this kind of job.
Aum: you're being nonsense.

he hurriedly went downstairs while Aff's being tremendously desperate to find a job. how she'll going to pay her rent if she doesnt have a job, now she thought that it would be useless already if she ask Aum's help. it was like the same as before...


she was chasing him, she dont know why she had this feelings for him... and yet... she knew that he's obviously rejecting her.

Aum: why are you following me?
Aff: Aum... i told you that-
Aum: dont call me by my name... because we hardly dont know each other. tell me then... we met a couple of weeks ago, i did something wrong to you and made your relationship with your fiance ruined... and now you're confessing to me??? we're strangers...
Aff: i dont know why you hate me... im just telling how i feel
Aum: i dont hate you... how am i supposed to hate a stranger? i hate you because you're either confuse about your feelings or you're just way to desperate to find someone who can stand someone from your fiance! go home now... i dont need you to be here.

he left her at the middle of the road, it was late already... it was terrible night that first ever happened to her. but after that night... til the day he left for America, she realize that it was just maybe an infatuation.

he was right... it was just infatuation. and yet, why does its coming back again? they are friends... and nothing less. he was concern... but he haven't change for being a abrasive sometimes.


he's been waiting since early this morning. he didnt had a good sleep because of what Ken found out and he made Vicky confessed to him that Aff's living to this address, the address whom he knows who owns it. today, he and Aum were going to meet up because Aum is the mainly architect for the project that he invested. he was at the coffee shop, he didnt had good sleep at home because of his father. he has been thinking and already decided that he's going to leave his father's company.

finally, Aum arrived at the place where they supposed to meet up, he called him awhile ago... because he wanted to know personally if what is Aum's relationship with Aff, why she's living in that building?

Aum: im Mr.-
Ken: you dont need to introduce yourself anymore. (Ken refuse to handshake with him.) i dont want this to take long.
Aum: so... Mr. Theeradej, what do you want? (he took the seat.)
Ken: when are you planning to start the project? (he suddenly turned the wrong way, he was supposed to ask and warn him about Aff.)
Aum: as long as Sum organize the materials, then that's how i will start the project.
Ken: why you weren't in the meeting last time?
Aum: i was in America that time. i just came back a few days ago only.
Ken: i see...
Aum: is there anything else?

Ken as stood in silence... he thinks that Aum knew already that he's going to ask about Aff. he gets up and put his hands on his pockets, he remained stared at him only, and so was Aum who's just looking at him. he dont know if it was fierce look, but surely he knows already what Ken supposed to ask him. but he didnt dare until Aum was the one to ask him.

Aum: aren't you gonna ask about her?
Ken: (at first he didn't even want to comment.) she doesnt want to see anyone anyway...
Aum: do you love her?
Ken: if i dont love her... i shouldn't have watch over her wherever she goes.
Aum: did you plan to chose me as the architect of this project?
Ken: no... because in the first place, i didn't know that it would be you and i didn't know that she's living with you-
Aum: (he stood up from his seat.) correction... she's not living with me. she's one of my residents in my building.

before Aum could leave first "think whatever you wanna think about me and your fiance. but i tell you... there's nothing going on between us", he said and left him first. as Ken watch him leave, in his mind... what Aum didn't know... he's one of the reasons why he and Aff broke up.

but the truth is... Ken accepted already that he and Aff wont be the same as before. he's doing this because of Aff's father, besides he also realize that maybe he wasn't ready at all if it in terms of relationships. it was like Aff was the first and his last...

now, he has others to work out for. his standing at his family and the life that he wished for... he has to do this on his own.


while walking home, Aum almost forgot to buy something at the convenience store. he just realize that he was hungry because he only took a slice of bread this morning. but he accidentally saw Anne. and so she was....

Aum: Anne?....
Anne: Aum.... it really..... ..... ..... you... (she realize that she's not imagining things anymore. that night when she saw him, she was unsure... but now, its real. she knew that when she walks in this area, she would see him again and it did.) we missed you... (she gave him a hug and she look up to him again.)
Aum: do you want to have a cup of tea?

the two gone to the restaurant. they had a long talk, Aum told Anne about the things that happened to him while he was studying in America. but he didn't told that he got back here 3 years ago and started his business already. he also miss this sassy, annoying but funny girl like Anne. he she look and listen to her stories, he thought of her like she had never change... she was still the same.

until their topic gets into Rita.... he suddenly felt hesitant.

he told Anne that he's not ready to meet up with Rita and Rome yet. it doesnt mean that he's not ready, it means that he havent move on yet. he only says that its not the right time. after their little chit-chat, Aum couldnt promise if they could meet up again. he may be gave his address to Anne... but since that moment... he felt like he needed to hide even more. he knows Anne, even if she does keep secrets sometimes... she accidentally slips her mouth.


Aum got home, as he went upstairs... his mind couldn't focus anymore. he wished he never got out today and able to meet Anne again. it was already lunch time, he may not feel hungry but he felt like he needed to feed his brain. he reaches the fifth floor, he then stops and stared at the unit where Aff stays. it was open. he decided to go and check her.

surprisingly, she was packing her clothes.

Aum: what are you doing?
Aff: (she got carried away and didnt know that someone's watching at her back, it was Aum.) what do you think?
Aum: (he dont know if he has to blame himself, now that obviously Aff was packing her things and plans to leave.) is this how you runaway because i didn't gave you the job-
Aff: it's not that... i just needed to go because Ken found out that i am staying here, Vicky told him.
Aum: and so?
Aff: what do you mean "and so"? i dont wanna go back home...
Aum: but your father is worried about you-
Aff: hey! you dont know anything about what happened to me and my father. i dont wanna go back there because he will either imprison me or set an arrange marriage with other men. now, please... dont ever stop me from leaving... because i will leave today. it's now or never!
Aum: why are you shouting me? (he was being calmed while watching packing her things.)

Aff just ignored him, if Vicky didnt called... maybe Ken already went to see her. it wasn't Vicky's fault, her friend told her that she was forced to tell Ken if where she lives at the moment. "where are you planning to go then?", Aum asked her.

Aum: (she stopped from packing, she dont know how to answer him back. because it obviously, she dont know where to go or where to hide next.) Aff, i am asking you....-
Aff: i dont know, okay! just let me be... stop being feeling concerned about me!-
Aum: i get it... i supposed you dont need my help anyway... so i'll just let you go.

"... im planning to go to Phuket and stay a couple of days there. if you dont wanna come with me, then i guess i should leave you and let you solve your problems alone", he continued as he was about to leave her and goes upstairs. but Aff stopped from packing was thinking about the solution that Aum suggested. if she'll come with him, then it only means she can peacefully hides there.

Aff: wait!- (Aum stopped from walking.) why.... why-why are you going to Phuket?
Aum: (he turn around and look at her.) i have business there. i'll be staying a couple of days... or maybe weeks as soon as im done.
Aff: (he was waiting for her answer. an answer that she would come with him.) i... uh... i... um...-
Aum: are you gonna come with me?
Aff: i... still need to pack my things-
Aum: is that mean yes? (she shyly nods at him. in her mind, she dont know how to thank him if he's really trying to help her.) okay then, i'll see at the ground floor. i'll just change my clothes first.

he went upstairs, while she went back to her unit and continue packing her clothes. there are only unexpected things happened to her today, though Ken finally knew that where she lives... there was Aum who's trying to save her.

the next thing happened, she was sitting right next to him inside the car. it doesn't feel strange sitting next him, but it was rather strange that they're going together in this place. strange but she knew she'll be safe... with him.


see you on Part B, a little date and a willing scene... then hurting scene XD
i'll be posting if what does Aum's rest house looks like. and yes, they'll be stuck in an island... the island that Aum owns.


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awww i think Aum is Aff's knight in shining armor--even if he won't admit it

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hope you're feeling better belle and thanks for the ch so they're going to be stuck on the island hehehe and a willing scene and hurtful scene can't wait...
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Chapter 4/12

she's been staring on Aum for along time, and now, they're at the speedboat that he was driving. Aff asked herself if why someone like him would have business in an island, she wonders if where they're going. knowing him from before, he was just a peasant who's working hard... now, he's riding his own speedboat?

Aff: Aum...
Aum: mmm... (his concentration was still on driving.)
Aff: how did you became rich in a very short time?
Aum: (he just bluntly smile at her, it was like her question is senseless.) what do you mean by rich? im not rich?
Aff: then why do you own a building? then you-
Aum: im not rich... its just that my business deals are great. im an architect and the one who helps me to have big projects is Sum. he's my friend, you haven't seen nor meet him yet. he was busy dealing with other things.
Aff: so you... two are business partners?
Aum: yeah... the island we're going to stay partly he owns it. but in 3 years time, i'll be done paying him. i invest my money wisely... for my family's future. (he look at her at he ended and concentrate from driving.)

they finally reached the island. first glance was the big villa of the island, the whole exterior of the villa was painted in white and the design was minimalist, more edgy and yet... the design still look so good. on the other side, there's a villa that is still in progress, there were workers and the design was obviously the same from the finished villa. they got out of the boat and she just followed him.

the workers greeted him, though their reactions were surprise... but still it can see to their faces that they're more energetic now that Aum pays a visit into this island.

the caretaker took their bags, she followed him until they got inside of the villa. interior of the villa was different from what she was expecting. she was expecting a minimalist design since that's the design of the exterior. but the interior was more into mansion design, more intricate decors and furnitures surrounded her. from walls to stairs... the whole ambiance was different at all but she admitted that this is her first time again to relax with this kind of big home.

they went to the kitchen and she helped him arrange the food that they bought awhile ago, all is fully furnished as if it was never been touch.

"Aff, i bought some cheese and pineapple... can you make me some sandwich later? i needed to check out my workers first...", he said then his caretaker Meng was about to her help "oh, uh.... by the way, this is Meng... if you need anything, just ask her...", he finished and went out already.

though that was fast, she was still speechless and didn't know what to say if how big this house. she thought about it and she got everything she needed, she was like she returned from her old life... like a princess at their home. that was her role in their family, since she's the only daughter of Taksaorn family.

she started to make some sandwich, but Meng told her that she needed to rest if she's tired. her bag was already in her room. she taught Meng how to make the sandwich and then she decided to go upstairs, as she opens the door of the room was designated to her.... she didn't expect it to be big.

she immediately lie down to the bed, it feels like its been a long time since she haven't felt the softness of the queen size bed. who would believe her anyway? even Aum... he might not believe her that she's been running away from her father for years. eversince she ran away, her father canceled her credit cards and all her bank accounts. but there was Vicky whom she owed for, she dont know how to pay her back... but for Vicky it was nothing. because they were best of friends since college... she was the only person whom she could run to aside from having Ken.

she then went to the dressing room and brought her bag there to arrange her stuff. she unpacked her stuff and saw a photo of her and Ken... the picture was still in college days, the picture was folded into 3, it was purposely folded and so that she and Ken will be the one to see only. as she unfold it, it was actually a group picture, a picture together with Rome who visited them. then there was Vicky and Por... she smiled as she remembered those days.

later, Aum comes in and see if she's fine with the room that was designated to her. he was standing at the doorway of the dressing room, he was at her back... watching her who look someone's who got froze. "Aff...", when he called her name... she almost got lost and didnt know that he was there already.

Aum: are you alright?
Aff: yeah... (he then later realize what she was holding to. it was a picture of her and her friends.)
Aum: (but he just ignored it as Aff returns the photo back to her bag.) so... how do you find the room? is this okay?
Aff: it actually reminds me of my big room. it's been years since i haven't slept in this kind of room. but the room looks more better than my room.
Aum: (he just smile, deep inside... he felt relief. because he wanted her to feel more what does home feels like.) anyways, im gonna go sail for awhile. do you wanna join me?
Aff: isn't it high tide at this time now?
Aum: its not too late... or do you want to help me preparing some BBQ's?
Aff: i think preparing a BBQ sounds great than go sailing.
Aum: i see... then i'll see you downstairs.

after she's done arranging her clothes at the closet, she immediately change her outfit and rather wear some breezy clothes since their at the beach. she was glad that she found her white sleeveless dress, then she went downstairs as she wanted to help Aum from preparing their dish for tonight. but he wasn't there, she asked Meng if where did Aum went and he was at the working area. Meng gave her the directions if where's the working area and surprisingly as she finally got into the working area... she didn't expect to see a complete set of underwater gears. then some photos from underwater was there...

"Be My Number Two" instrumental version CLICK ME (im starting to use the song that i chose for this story now. originally, this is the song that i got inspired to for an Ateam's story in Ladies Room Book 2. but i cut out the music first and change it rather to instrumentals. later, i'll use the song that has lyrics.)

Aum: Ploy took that photos...
Aff: (she turn around and Aum was there.) i see... you told me that she loves taking pictures.
Aum: i think if she's with us right... she might get you as her model to her photo artworks.
Aff: is she a-
Aum: no... its just her hobby. she's with her friend whom i haven't met yet. they're on camping session because that guy loves hiking as well.
Aff: i see... you sound like your protective over Ploy.
Aum: im just worried. that's all. because she's sometimes careless. (she wasn't convinced to his reasons, she was thinking that he has something on Ploy.) so... since we're going to prepare our food... then i guess we rather go sailing tomorrow and maybe you wanna try scuba diving.

"that would be great... i couldn't wait!", she sounded so cheerful and they both start preparing the food. on that moment, they almost forgot their problems that they were going through from the city. they hardly wanted to forget everything they felt from the past... but not Aff, she already forgot what she felt a few years. what she has right now were questions that been bothering her for awhile since she met Aum again.

she could probably say that he was life saver... she wanted to believe that what she felt is just an infatuation. but everytime he helps her and tries to-

"hey, what are you doing here?", Ken didn't expect to meet Rita's friend in Pattaya. he dont know why he gets irritated everytime he sees her. Anne was just writing something, she stopped when someone interrupted her and it was Ken.

Anne: i have a name if you dont mind...
Ken: are you following me?
Anne: of course not~! why i would be following you??? maybe you're the one who's following me.
Ken: excuse me... im not following you. now... i am asking you, why are you here?
Anne: why? am i not allow to be here?
Ken: well, as far as i am concern... you're at my territory.

Anne just realize when she turn around and a building that was still in progress owns by this arrogant man. and she was sitting at the sand... to sight seeing near at the seashore. she already understand... she stood up and clean up her mess. she decided to leave right away without saying goodbye to him.... why would she say goodbye to him if they're not even close like friends.

she left him standing and he just watch her go, as he was about to go back... he later realize that Anne left her notebook. he opened it. he already thought about what Rome and Rita told him that this woman loves to write though and didn't stop joining competitions. too late, though he maybe wanted to return the notebook to her... she was already gone. and so... he decided to keep it and maybe if he sees her again, he'll return it to her.


"Be My Number Two" CLICK ME (by Thor feat. MYMP, the BG music for this segment.)

it's been 3 days since they arrived at the island. every morning, as Aff wakes up... it's always been peaceful. but she wakes up and see Aum always busy helping his workers at the other villas that is still in progress. she only sees him during lunch time, it may be disappoints her a little bit. she dont know why... but she thought him being the same with Ken. a workaholic person. though it was peaceful to stay here in the island... its still bores her a lot.

she had nothing to do but to help Meng from cooking only... then the rest of her time, she dont know what to do anymore. maybe the reason why she feel so pissed was because Aum didnt kept his promise. because he promised that they were going to sail and scuba diving... but it didn't happened because he prioritize the villas.

Aum arrives at lunch just like as she expected. he noticed that she was bored... and that's how he realize that he forgot his promise.

Aum: (during lunch time at the dining room, he asked her.) do you wanna go sail with me?
Aff: dont you think its high tide already at this hour.
Aum: high tide always come around 3-4 in the afternoon. it's still early, we can go sailing if you want.
Aff: it's okay... you might be busy and you still wanted to help those workers outside.
Aum: are you mad at me?
Aff: no....
Aum: alright... (he was done eating, he wiped his mouth.) in 5 minutes, i want you to get ready... i'll wait for you outside.

he was always like that, he'll just wait for her... then maybe later... it might change his mind. she did what he asked to, she change her clothes. as she got out and saw Aum was waiting for her, he was transferring the oxygen tanks to the boat... that it was already obvious that they're going for scuba diving.

they go sailing. he taught her how to scuba, she experienced a half-day fun. he guided her in every way, she didn't understand her feelings on that moment. she wanted to tell herself that he's maybe helping her to forget her problems, and so he was.


after having so much fun from scuba diving, they were about to return. Aum was looking for Aff inside the yacht, she told him awhile ago that she's going to change only... but it took her for so long now. he knocked at the door, but Aff wasn't responding... he decided to open it and only to find out that she's asleep. he come closer and seated at the left corner of the bed, he watch her asleep... she was peacefully sleeping. he was afraid to wake her... he prefer to watch her only; afraid to touch her that she might wake her up.

the more he watch her for long, the more he felt something that he couldn't understand it anymore. something's urging himself to find the answer right away just infront of him, he still dont get it... and he doesnt want to find that answer.

he decided to wake her up in the end...

Aff: im sorry... i fell asleep.
Aum: it's okay, you must be tired from scuba diving.
Aff: but i really had fun...
Aum: if you wanna go diving again just tell me so...

she just smiled at him as her response. he dont know why all of a sudden he got into her... to her sweet smile? they got back to the villa, then Aff just decided to prepare their early dinner and invited Aum to help her, and he did. the two enjoyed each other's company... he noticed and he wonder if Aff noticed it either, but it seemed like normal to her only. it was nothing... yes, he dont know what's happening to him everytime they got closer like this. maybe because she enjoyed his company and he also helped a lot.... or was it too much.

from scuba diving and 'til dinner... they never stopped talking. his simple gestures made her comfortable, until they were done and just sat outside near at the seashore, having a bonfire and staring at the moon. drinking a beer. she wasn't even feeling hesitant to drink... she's not much of a drinker, but she dont know why she can act freely infront of him. as if everything's fall into place. for her also to realize on that moment, with all the guys she hangout even before and even with Ken... she never acted this way before. she's the typical refine girl whom most respective wants, whom her parents taught her how to be a lady-like.

Aum: (he also did realize that she wasn't trying hard at all. what he see is her true self that no one had ever saw.) Aff....
Aff: mmm?
Aum: your face's turning into red now. i think you better slow down now-
Aff: why am i not allow to drink anymore? am i not allow?
Aum: its not that... you're drunk already.
Aff: what about you? you're also drunk. there are two cans left here... (she gets the two cans, she gave him the other one... while the other one, she opened it and gulp right away.) hey, Aum... you're the first person who saw me being like this. i just want you to know that, this is me... the real me. (then she gulp for the second time around as she bottoms up the can of beer.)

it was late then and so they decided to go back inside after their drink. their rooms were right next to each other and so...

Aff: Aum, thanks for today...
Aum: for how many times you thanked me already?
Aff: (she giggled and smile at him.) seriously, Aum... you helped me so much. i just wanna thank you.... over and over again. (he dont know what to say, to him... staring at her was enough... but something tells himself that even him, still dont get it.) goodnight, Aum...

she opened the door of her room and was about to enter... he remained stared at her for seconds. but a sudden force that made himself to hold her hand. she looked at him, his face was all serious... she couldn't even read what's in his mind, but his movement made her heart beats faster as he slowly pulled her closer to him. and he kiss her lips... without hesitation. it was still kiss, she didn't moved except that her lips was locked onto him. her eyes were wide open, she wanted to know that this is not a dream. that he was really kissing her. he was feeling it... she look into him and his eyes were closed while cupping her face. she could feel the warmth of his hands.

as soon as their lips parted. she remained standing and didn't move at all... her mind got confused. why did he kissed her anyway? was there something she needed to feel that it was something special?

Aff: wh-why... why did you kiss me?
Aum: (his mind was blank and all its left was the sweet taste of her lips.) i... i dont know. i... i just want to kiss you. (his words were honest even if he was stuttering a little bit, he knew that he got carried away. he look away from her... he was asking himself its one of the most embarrassing moments he had ever done.)
Aff: do you still.... wanted to kiss me?
Aum: (he look at her again... and he couldn't take it anymore but to answer her back.) YES- (he grabbed her and kiss her again...)

it was a hard kiss, as if he was craving for it. both of his hands cupping her face, as if he wanted her to drown with his hard kiss. for the second time, he parted his lips from her to chase their breath, he warmly accepted her warmth breathe... and this time, she reached for him to kiss. as they were finally kissing back each other, they dont know if the temperature was rising between them was the result of the canned beers that they drank awhile ago. but they didn't care about that anymore... all they care about is the moment that they're having right now.

his hands slowly going to her waist, while her hands were at his shoulders. both of them dont know why they were doing it, but admittedly that they both want it so much. more than craving for what they were doing. slowly, he move and open the door of her room... they didn't stop kissing until they reached inside of the room. he wanted to go to the next scene as his hands were underneath her shirt and he heard a little moan from her, he was about to unhooked her brassiere when she finally realize that they're going to their next scene, the level she dont wanna confuse herself... because she knew to herself that she only wanted to give herself from the person she felt for.

"Aum....", her voice was so unsure. if she would allow him or not, he stopped and just look into her eyes. he took away his hands off her, she thought that he was disappointed from her as she only stared at his face, expressionless. later, his hands went to his polo and unbuttoned it one by one as he took it off and only his undershirt was left...

moments they only stared at each other. he was waiting for her what to do...

"If I'm Not In Love With You" CLICK ME (i dunno, but i kept playing this song for a couple of times to overcome my last song syndrome from the song that my friend sent me a few days ago. this is the version duet of Jennylyn Mercado and Janno Gibbs. these two has a great combination with their duet songs, i have some of their songs together and most of Janno's album songs has the duet Jennylyn.)

she didn't command herself to undressed, but that's what happened next as she only stared into his eyes while her hands automatically unbuttoned her shirt. he took off his undershirt, they both stared at each other, as if he was studying her whole feature. he stared at her frontage... only her brassiere its left. he hold her hand and let her touch his contoured muscles, from his hard chest to his abs. her hands were trembling on that moment, she cleared her throat as she can feel it.

he come closer to her even more, pressing his body on hers. he lowered his head and gently kiss her shoulders travels all the way to her face, then to her lips. she savored that long gentle kiss, knowing that its her first time to feel this way. those shivering moments that he brought to her body and changed into a warm feeling, his hands was caressing her face. she hold onto his hands as he planted kisses on her neck and leaved a kissmark.

he heard a couple of moans from her, it sounded like a sweet rhythm and he never heard such a sweet moan from someone... except to her. it sounded sweet... and innocent. he later guided her until they reached the bed and gently lay her down. hi hands traveled her whole body, touching it and neither she hesitate no more. before he could start traveling her whole body by his kiss... he stared once again to her, his mind was asking her if he may. he started to her forehead, then to her eyes... and she closed it as she wanted to feel his warmth touch. he skipped from her lips and went ahead to her cleavage, he didnt take it off her bra and just planted kisses to her cleavage. he cupped it, even if he didnt take it off... she dont know why his touch harden her nipples and she let out a moan again... wherever his lips go, it just brings her a heat that she couldn't ignore, she let out every single moan to every touch he went.

he reaches her navel, his lips stayed there for long. she wonder its his favorite part to a woman, she couldn't ignore to think of that way. but she also couldn't deny that she loved how his touch caressing her even more. she later realize that he took off her capri pants and only her underwear was left, she didnt protest. she just let him be. his hands caressing her legs, later he finally took off her panties and let her get up a little bit, sitting on his lap. pressing her body to him once again, they kiss and this time it was more than just a gentle kiss... it was a deep kiss. she could feel his tongue inside her... she dont know how to comprehend with him, but he taught her... and her response made it understand that she could jive with him.

she cuddled on him and cupped his face. yes, she was drowning to him... and so he was. his hands were caressing her back, as they were so into now. they no need to command themselves what to do next. he unhooked her bra this time, she didn't protest. she unbelt and unzipped his pants, took them off as they were kissing each other. she was cupping her face and just let herself lie down again on the bed as he was on top of her.

she was deeply hurt as she could feel his manhood inside of her, aching but wanting him inside of her more than anything else. but later change into sensation and finally herself adjust onto him. he goes back and forth, groaning and wanted to feel her even more. yes, he felt it... until they reach their limit. both panting at each other, he let himself fall onto her.

the night was deep and they just find themselves embracing each other. his arms wrapped around hers and her pillow was his hard chest... she could hear his heart beat. they end it with a nice warmth feeling with each other's arms. her mind was peacefully cuddling him and wished that they could be like this forever.


Chapter 5 will the hurting scenes. :p
XD i hope you're satisfied though... i was having a long writer's block and needed to find songs that would
inspire me. btw, most of the pictures are made out of 3d, except for the one picture there only.


sarNie Granny
yay the willing scene was Aum/Aff---nooo! i don't want the hurting scene, they finally gotten close and use to each other company.
i like the songs....easy to listen to :D
they were 3D pictures---i was going to say that i want to live in a place like that...


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yay the willing scene was Aum/Aff---nooo! i don't want the hurting scene, they finally gotten close and use to each other company.
i like the songs....easy to listen to :D
they were 3D pictures---i was going to say that i want to live in a place like that...

Just like you, rr, i don't want the hurtful scenes to come and i do want to live in a place like that. i am looking forward for more updates.


yay the willing scene was Aum/Aff---nooo! i don't want the hurting scene, they finally gotten close and use to each other company.
i like the songs....easy to listen to :D
they were 3D pictures---i was going to say that i want to live in a place like that...
Just like you, rr, i don't want the hurtful scenes to come and i do want to live in a place like that. i am looking forward for more updates.

lmao... i dont know if this 3d were done already and can see the actual pictures, my friend did this in dubai. he's working in the company and one of the editors in 3d presentation of the office firm.

i only saw one picture that he made out of 3d and few months later, that cafe restaurant was built.

anyways, i was tired of having a writer's block. i know what will be the next scene since i already told that it will be hurting scenes, supposedly the hurting scenes should be in ch.4 and not in ch5... but since the story in ch4 is getting long, i decided to put it in ch.5.

i think i was over listening to sad songs of Jennylyn Mercado. i think that is also one of the reasons i finished the ch.4, i'll be sharing her songs later. as of now, i need to get out of my room and take my breakfast to somewhere else. LOL

i do hope you like the willing scene though.


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i enjoyed their willing scene but i also wonder what leads to the hurtful scenes. whether ken found aff and takes her back or what. i am waiting for upcoming scenes.


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omg they slept together..... and aum was the one who started
first...... omg, hurtful scene? oh no...
i wonder whats gonna happen between them, when
they both find out the next morning of what they did????

thanks, plz update soon...


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willing scene!! lol
I'm gonna read the update later... lots of assignments to do -_-

just finished reading! lol
aaawww.... they made love... they should have consulted me first so I can suggest what contraceptive they should use... lmao jk!
where can I find a guy like Aum? lol damn! he's hot and has his own island! I can't ask for more :rolleyes:
if Aum is reading this, I just want to tell him that my sandwich is tastier than Aff's :loool:
hmmm... I smell drama on the next chappie...
**naloloka mode** B)


willing scene!! lol
I'm gonna read the update later... lots of assignments to do -_-

just finished reading! lol
aaawww.... they made love... they should have consulted me first so I can suggest what contraceptive they should use... lmao jk!
where can I find a guy like Aum? lol damn! he's hot and has his own island! I can't ask for more :rolleyes:
if Aum is reading this, I just want to tell him that my sandwich is tastier than Aff's :loool:
hmmm... I smell drama on the next chappie...
**naloloka mode** B)
you cracked me up... :loool: this is the song that might get you into "loka-loka mode". and you would know the reason
why i update this chapter so late.... XD i was telling jacey that, the original WILLING SCENE supposedly under the sea.
sadly, i didnt make that part because of the song he sent me. it made me got into writer's block for 3 days, then during
those days... i was searching for other songs that would take away this writer's block and last song syndrome mode. XD

"Sisirin" CLICK ME

he said that this song would be the best song i should listen if i want to make a love scene under water. hahaha
he's crazy, huh...

though i did have the writer's block and last song syndrome of this song, i still burst into laugh because of the double meaning of the lyrics.
i kept listening to it when i realize the meaning and how she sang the song... >__< imagine, you listen to this song and she sounded as if she's moaning while making love to that person underwater. hahaha

i was annoyed by her lines "nang gigil... gigil... gigil sayo..." and "ipasok... ipasok... ipasok sa puso mo" XD... double meaning. LOL


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:loool: :loool: what a song!!

while reading a while ago, I was also expecting an underwater willing scene with all the fishes in the ocean watching them :p love in the ocean hahahahaha
speaking of underwater, I've read before that doing "it" underwater won't make a woman pregnant... but I think it's just a myth... lol
they say it's unhygienic to have sex underwater though... lol bacterias could enter your body and all other stuff... hahahaha