Ladies Room *Book 3: Chapter 4, Part B*


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lol donna...YAY for the willing but NO hurtful scene yet they're just found happiness and been through so much wonder how it will lead up to the hurtful scene can't wait and the songs are superb


:loool: :loool: what a song!!

while reading a while ago, I was also expecting an underwater willing scene with all the fishes in the ocean watching them :p love in the ocean hahahahaha
speaking of underwater, I've read before that doing "it" underwater won't make a woman pregnant... but I think it's just a myth... lol
they say it's unhygienic to have sex underwater though... lol bacterias could enter your body and all other stuff... hahahaha
lmao... XD either a myth or not... i also read rumor about woman being pregnant to a sea animal... >.< *that is much more scary*

lol donna...YAY for the willing but NO hurtful scene yet they're just found happiness and been through so much wonder how it will lead up to the hurtful scene can't wait and the songs are superb
i'll be updating this tonight.... ^^ last night before i went to sleep, i already figure out if what would be the next lines and scenes that will be in chapter 4. :p


Chapter 5/12

she opened her eyes and just to realize that Aum was already awake, watching her as she stared at him. on that moment, their position and they way how it looks like, she couldn't even imagine it. he move a little bit, but not to release her... but to hold her even closer. it made her carried away that even widen her eyes on that moment, his big arms wrapped her body and his face just an inch away from her face. "i want to sleep like this forever...", he said as he slowly close his eyes again.

she also felt the same way, not only this... but wanted more than this. she gave herself to the person once was a stranger, but later... she dont know why always find herself lost in his place. she wonder if he also got lost to her place, that the only way to find themselves is the person who needs them most. she needed him. and might as well, falling deeply with him now that she gave herself to him. she could remember everything from what happened last night.

*snap of the notebook, as he closes it and Anne was at Ken's back*

"Anne, where did you get that?", she asked him right away. she's been looking for that notebook for many nights, because its one of the stories she needed to finish. and only to find out that her precious notebook was with this arrogant man only. she gets her notebook from him.

Anne: where did you get that? or should i rather ask, how did you get this notebook?
Ken: excuse me, ma'am. i saw it... when we met a few days ago... when i saw you at my territory.
Anne: you should have called me!
Ken: hey, dont scream at me.
Anne: i have a name...
Ken: i dont care-
Anne: i hate you!
Ken: oh... you're being mean to me now??? im the one who found your notebook-
Anne: and so what if you found it? i gotta go!!!! if you want me to say "thank you", then try to practice call me by my name~!
Ken: (she was about to go, he didnt care.) oi~! your story is suck! a guy would never love that girl no matter what... you're just trying to drag the story.
Anne: (she turn around to face him again, she was starting to get pissed.) hey! you have no right to read my story... especially if i haven't finish this one~!

"whether you finish that one or not...", pointing with her notebook "i tell you now, you're stories wont sell!", he continued and was laughing while walking out. Anne wasn't disappointed only on Ken, but also... ever since their friends, she dont understand why this man act so cold towards her. before, she was actually secretly praising him because of his hard work... but eversince she got to know him, she got irritated and more than disappointments will come if she sees him even more.


a slice of two pieces of loaf bread pop out from the toaster, Aff gets its right away and put it on the plate with the sunny side-up egg. she then opened the can of pineapple chunks and mixed it with the shredded cheese. she smiled as she remembered that Aum likes this spread, she tried her best to make this breakfast look good... even if she's not that good in designing the plate. while waiting for the brewed coffee to be done, Aum was watching her secretly...

he was at the doorway while watching her at the kitchen counter. he dont know why his heart leaps after spending a night with her, not to mention that it was her first... he dont know what to say but rather rely to his feelings what he had right now. he was happy. crossing his arms and reclining at the wall while watching her, he remained standing waiting for Aff to realize that he was there not for a long time. as soon as Aff was done waiting and pour the coffee to the mugs, she was surprise that Aum was there standing and watching her only.

Aff: (she dont know if she has to feel embarrass that she acted like she made herself at home here.) uh... i thought... i thought about to make you some breakfast. i... i...-
Aum: why are you stuttering?
Aff: h-huh? (he was right, she asked herself why she's even stuttering?) w-well... i was just thinking that you will mind if i used your stuff here.
Aum: (he comes closer and sit at the bar chair, while watching her arranging the dishes at the tray. when she washed her hands at the sink, he remained stared at tray as if he was studying the arrangement of the dish.) where are you going to bring this food? (he carelessly asked her, trying to act so blind even if he already knew where she plans to bring this food tray.)
Aff: i... uh... you were still sleeping awhile ago, so i thought to bring you some food upstairs.
Aum: breakfast in bed. (Aff nods shyly.)
Aff: do you still want to take this breakfast upstairs? (he smiled with her question. he dont know what she was thinking and he only thinks one thing if he'll take his breakfast upstairs.) wha-what are you smiling about?
Aum: nothing... i was just thinking something.
Aff: what are you thinking then?
Aum: mmmm... well, i give you two choices then. we either eat our breakfast here and do it again here... or we eat our "late" breakfast upstairs and i tell you... im afraid we'll not get up until the next day...

she blushed after he said it, she knew that he was talking about. they just did it last night and he was suggesting to do it either here in the kitchen or back to room. she dont know if he was joking or was serious. "i guess my answer is to rather take our breakfast outside...", she carries the food tray right away and she rather avoid the topic than make herself body alarmed with his words. tempting. urging to do it again after what happened last night.

in the end they took their breakfast at the seashore, after that they went swimming and just play at the beach. in her mind, it's one of those memories she wanted to keep. being with him, 'maybe' the guy she was looking for. knowing him for a very short time, she knew that she was way too fast to fall for him. but she did. she fell for him just last night and she knew that her heart agrees with her. this is not just an infatuation that she felt before... this was more than what she felt for him, she had her answers since last night. from the moment she made love to him until she falls asleep and brought him to her dreams.


Ken was outside the building where Aff currently lives, but what he got an information... is that she was out of town together with the owner of this building. he dont know what he would feel on that moment-

he was reading the photocopy of the story that Anne wrote. he dont know if its just a coincidence. yes, before he returned it to Anne the original copy that was in the notebook, he had photocopied at his office and he lied- he lied that she was suck in making stories. but he couldn't understand right at this very moment, her story was happening. though the characters were in different names, Louis and Van; it happened that the story is somewhat similar to what was happening right now.

he had his flashback, just awhile ago when he entered the building and was looking for Aff. last night, he just finish reading half of the story.

"Win was looking for Louis that day. he wanted to tell her to go home, half of his heart wanted her come back to him but he never wanted to force his answers to come out but rather take her answers as a 'no'. because he knew that he couldn't give what she wanted.

he asked the receptionist if where was Louis-"


Ken decided to talk to Aff, wanted to tell that her father needs and she needs to go back... her parents was simply longing for her and he only wanted to help. he wasn't sure if he wants her back to his life; to be his wife... but he refuse to expect his answers, because he knew that Aff wouldn't want to go back with him.

Ken: may i know if Aff Taksaorn's is at her pad? (he asked the receptionist.)
Receptionist: im sorry, but she's not around, sir. she went out a few days ago together with our boss.
Ken: your boss?
Receptionist: she went out with Mr. Atichart and he haven't informed me yet if when they'll go back.

(imagine the scenery where Ken was reading the photocopy and he realize that what he was reading is somewhat similar to what happened awhile ago.)

right now, he dont know what to think. the story wasn't finish yet and he dont know what will happen next, that moment he thought about Anne who's still writing this story. he got inside of his car and went ahead to Rome's place. hoping to see Anne there. and just as what he expected, she was there... play along with Ratana who's still in uniform. Rita was also there, but Rome wasn't around because of work.

when he look up to Anne, she wasn't surprise to see him but rather was pissed seeing her after they met awhile ago.

Ratana: hello, uncle Ken... (the little princess runs to him and gave him a peck kiss.)
Rita: Uncle Ken... what brings you here? (Rita was all cheered up and get Ratana from her who still needs to change clothes after school.)
Anne: uncle Ken, huh???
Rita: (she stared at her and Anne knew why did she call him as 'uncle'.) Rome's at work, he'll be around before dinner.
Ken: i see... actually, i didn't come to see him... i needed to talk to someone whom i think she's in trouble... (Rita frowned by his reply, then she stared at her friend who's arranging Ratana's toys that scattered at the floor. she later gets what he was trying to say.)
Rita: oh, okay... i'll go change Ratana's clothes first and i'll make some snack for you two.

he approach Anne right when Rita left them, then she stand up and cross her arms "what are you trying to say that 'i am' in trouble???", her face looks pissed.

Ken: you're really in trouble... (he let out the photocopy from his pocket.) how come you wrote this kind of story??? (holding the paper and she gets it to read it.)
Anne: you!- you photocopied my story... why!?!
Ken: that's not the point-
Anne: what do you mean that's not the point? after you insulted me awhile ago... you came here to tell me that you photocopied my story???
Ken: fine! im sorry!-
Rita: are you two arguing again?
Anne: yes!
Ken: no...
Anne: what do you mean 'no'?
Ken: i came here to ask your notebook again, i need to borrow it! because i need to know what happens next-
Anne: what!?!

Rita just laugh at them, she didn't expect that Ken would be interested to Anne's story. she just left the two after she brought them some snacks.

Ken: look i need to know what happen to the next story... you stop- (he gets the paper and points out the last part.) you stop at this part and you haven't finish yet!
Anne: you just answered what i supposed to answer. obviously, im not finish with that story and FYI... im not planning to finish it since someone read it already.
Ken: but you should... i need to know what will happen next.
Anne: now i know... you're really crazy. i still didn't forget about what you told me awhile ago and im still mad at you-
Ken: im sorry... now, can you please let me borrow your notebook?
Anne: what if i say no?
Ken: please?
Anne: i havent't wrote anything yet...
Ken: then tell start writing.

Anne even got more pissed because Ken wasn't only arrogant, but definitely a demanding person. he didn't go anywhere and was waiting for her to give out her story because he wanted to read it. she dont know what he ate and acted like that, but she guessed that there's nothing she can do about it.... in some way, it turned to other direction of how he treats her. she wonders if he's interested with her stories though.


they spent the whole time at the beach and now they were about to do it again, they supposed to return in their rooms and sleep but that didn't happened. because they both think what they want happen next. he reclined her against the wall and they were kissing as if they haven't done it before last night. he was hungry... he hungry to take her tonight... all over again.

as soon as they enter to his room this time, she undresses him... and so he was. there was nothing to be ashamed of since they both wanted to do it again. when he was done stripping her, he take her right away. she could feel him inside of her, it was the same feeling she had last night. it still hurts but he caress her as much as he wanted, he wanted her to feel that no matter how much pain it was... he wanted to feel that she was safe. safe with him.

she wanted to be in his arms forever, his embrace was maybe a steal, like a prisoner that locked in his arms. she wanted to be the prisoner of his arms on that moment. he dont know why the feeling of being with her was somewhat a security that he wanted to gave her. it seemed like it was give and take, he gives and she takes it. he felt that he was in need, needing by her.

however... he haven't felt it yet, if he needs her. the only thing that matters to him is that as long as she was there... that's the time he felt he needs her.

she was peacefully sleeping in his arms, watching her and feeling her breath. he couldn't understand why he have this mixed feelings towards her, he asked himself he was just confuse or not. but there were no answers came out, one thing he knows is that he loves watching her sleeping; sleeping right next to him and feel her warm body against him.

"wait... they made love for second time around???", Ken irritatedly asked Anne who's just showing her notes to him. though it wasn't final, but as for Ken who's reading it... he already predict that it happened already.

Anne: you know what, i dont understand what are you up to with my story.
Ken: you're the one i should ask you that, what are you up to with this story? i dont know if you're doing it purposely or it's- is it just a coincidence-
Anne: what are you trying to say? what do you mean im doing it purposely??? i really dont understand you, i dont know if you're arguing with me or you're mad because you read my story-
Ken: because your story is somewhat similar to what's happening right now!
Anne: what?
Ken: where did you put your brain? why dont you just get it straight?
Anne: because i really dont get it... and if you're asking me if where did i put my brain, i usually put it here (she points out her head.) but facing you right now? i think i jsut left my brain at Rita's house. (she stood up and dont wanna talk to him anymore.) im going now since you're being nonsense!
Ken: wait- (he holds her arm to stop her.) what happens next after they did it?
Anne: i dont know... im having a writer's block and it will take time for me to write again!

he let's go of her arm and she finally went to leave him at the coffee shop. he had a feeling that something happened between Aff and Aum, he dont know why it's such a big matter to him if something happened to them, but what if its true? of course, he cares about Aff's parents. what would they think their daughter?

he immediately called Sum and ask him if where he could find Aum.


you might probably asking now if what's the point of Anne's character in the story. you will only find out
the answers if its her turn in Ladies Room's story. anyways, Part B will the hurting scene.

and i think you already guessed if what's gonna happen at the next part.

as i was writing this scene, i was able to think on how to execute the hurting scene. but i decided to put it
in part B. also the reason why Ateam's story had so much supporting characters... is because its part of it,
that will lead you to every book series. like what happened to Rome and Rita in book 1, the story somehow
lead to Ateam's story in book 2.


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omg, ken read anne's book. he now knows of what happen between ateam since he figure it was happening right now. maybe that's how ken gets aff back and causes all the hurtful scenes. Aum definitely falls in love with aff but he probably wouldn't figure that out until the hurtful scenes to know about his feelings for her. can't wait for part B and so on.


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lol ann's story is coming to life funny how ken i pressuring her to write it..can't wait for the hurtful scene very interesting how it will all tied together towards the last book


Chapter 5/12

while waiting for Aff to be done from the shower, Aum's phone suddenly rang. it was Sam at the other line and so he answered.

she stared at herself from the mirror. Aff was wearing a bathrobe, she just got out of the shower and after she applied some facial cream to her face... as she stared at herself from the mirror, she ask herself. do you love him? she immediately answered her own question. she loved him. another question popped out... then one after one another, but only one answer occurred to all her question. yes, she loved him. yes, it wasn't just sex. yes, she felt that there's revolving love between them. yes, she knows and felt that he loved her.

she smiled. she was confident to all her expectations anyway. Aum didn't help her only, but he also showed her what she was expecting about love. she got out of the bathroom and Aum was facing the other way and just hanged up the phone. "Aum... im done"

Aff: (he turn around to face her, but his face was expressionless and later replied her with a blunt smile.) is there something wrong? (she wondered.)
Aum: no... nothing at all. (he throw the phone to the bed.) why dont we go downstairs now, Meng just prepared our breakfast... (he obviously changed the topic and was trying to avoid something.)
Aff: uh... ok. i'll just go to my room first, i'll just change...
Aum: i'll just wait for you downstairs.

he left first and soon she goes back to her room to change. but she still wonder if what was just happened on that moment, right when she look at his face... he was displease for something. now, she even wonder if she's the reason...

at the dining room, Aum asked Meng to prepare a whole course for lunch since he will have some unexpected guests...


"Ken, are you coming?", Sum asked him as they were outside the firm. Ken was just standing outside and was reclining from his car, at first he wasn't sure if what he's planning to do is right... but he only thinks that it's the right time to talk to Aff. but before he and Sum goes to Phuket, he invited someone else to come with him.

Ken: yeah... but someone's gonna come with us.
Sum: who?
Ken: my friend... and his family. Rome Patchata.

Sum didn't expect him to invite the son of business tycoon and of course... he also knew what happened to Aum and with Rome Patchata's wife before. he would be dead if Aum's gonna be surprise about this. and just what Ken mentioned, Rome together with his wife Rita and their daughter came.

Rome: Ken, what's up?
Ken: there you are... (his attention was all over to their daughter who's dressed in floral sunny dress, matching with a white straw hat.) come here...
Rita: why all of a sudden you invited us to go with you in Phuket?
Ken: (he carried Ratana and then he look onto Sum.) because Sum here is going to take us to meet up with our architect to the project we're going through.

Rome and Rita look at each other and they seemed get what Ken was trying to say. Rita knew that her husband and Ken were one of the investors with this project. but she only knew just nights ago, when Rome mentioned her about the project and the architect of the project, was none other than but Aum.

she dont know if she would be excited or not. but she knew to herself that she wanted to see Aum again, she and Rome already talk about this before... and made assure her husband that there's nothing to worry about. Rome trusted her, he wasn't the same Rome as before...

they were at the boat, any minute they'll arrive soon at what Sum said... Aum's island. Rome approach his wife after he had a little chit-chat with Sum "are you excited to see him?", he tapped her shoulder and Rita looked at him.

Rita: what kind of question is that? (she just smiled as Rome was just smiling at her.)
Rome: (he want to let her know that he's not even worried if his wife meets her Ex again.) i am asking you seriously...
Rita: seriously...
Rome: i am serious.
Rita: you're not jealous?
Rome: what should i be jealous of, huh? (he embraces his wife.) it's been years and i think it's the right time for him to see us again, right?
Rita: but is he ready to see us?
Rome: is that you're worried about?
Rita: i dont know... it's just that i have feeling that it would be awkward once he sees us.

"i feel the same way... but i think if you could talk to him sincerely, the next day it will be fine", they were just embracing at each other while Ken stared at them. it seemed like there's nothing to worry about, but what if they found out that Aff's in the island. he's not worried, but rather concern to Aff's father... and its one of his reasons why he needed to go there.


Aff took awhile to dress up, she wanted to look more presentable infront of Aum. but when she finally goes down and went to the dining room, he was not there and only Meng was left there... preparing some food.

Aff: where's Aum?
Meng: he's at work... (Aff knew what she was trying to say, but would Aum work at this early. she thought she could have breakfast with him.)
Aff: (she notice that Meng was preparing some dishes and the list of the meal course for today's lunch. but why would be a complete course?) why are you preparing these dishes? is there any occasion?
Meng: sir told me that we'll guests coming today.
Aff: guests?
Meng: yes, ma'am...
Aff: who?
Meng: i dont know... sir just wanted me to prepare these dishes.

after she took her breakfast, she decided to go and see Aum at the villa that is still under construction. Aum already told her that helping people at the construction was like a work out for him and aside from that... he worked as a construction before and so its normal to eye on his fellow men at the construction area.

and just as expected, he was there... sitting and studying the blueprint of the villa.

Aff: Aum...
Aum: Aff...
Aff: busy?
Aum: well, im just checking out on this one. (he was referring to the blueprint, checking out if what other materials needed to buy.)
Aff: i see... i heard from Meng that we're going to guests???
Aum: (he look at her once again, she dont know he make a sudden expression.) i forgot to tell you... but- (he then started to walk away and she followed him.) my friend's coming today to discuss about the project.... (he look at her once again.) he brought up our client.
Aff: i see...

as he was about to mention her fiance's name, far away... from the ocean, a sound a of a boat is coming and approaching the island. "there they are...", she runs off to see it closer. the smile on her face suddenly vanish when she looked closely. unexpectedly... but she close her eyes again if she's just seeing things. she first saw, Rome and Rita. she turn around to look onto Aum and his expression was just the same as her. unexpected. when she turn around to look at the boat's approaching, this time... she now sees Ken.

Aff: Ken...
Aum: Rita...

then they look at each other. he deep sighed and his expression suddenly turned as if he doesn't care. "i guess...", he look at her with seriousness "... just expect the unexpected", he goes back at the villa construction. he left her then, it was nothing... though it was already obvious that his actions was surprise... and he didn't get himself a chance to be ready like this.

and so she was. she went back to the villa, she dont know why her heart beats this fast. she was nervous and just like Aum... as much as she didn't expect to come. why are they here anyway?


as soon as they got to the deck, Ratana immediately runs around and Rita started chasing her to stop running. her daughter stopped from running when a man approaching towards them. it was Aum, then Rita's expression was surprised to see him. "Aum...", she called her name while Ratana went back to her and hides from her mother's back. maybe his rugged look made Rita's daughter scared from him.

he just nod at her and soon Rome followed.

Rome: Aum... (he carried Ratana.) it's nice to see you again...
Aum: (it took him awhile to respond from what he sees at this moment. a happy family. he just sighed and then finally Sum was heading towards them.) Sum...
Sum: like i said awhile ago... uh... Mr. Theeradej and Mr. Patchata would like to see your further proposals for this project because they wanted to start it soon.
Aum: i see... (he look at them. and he dont understand why the couple made such a worried face while Ken was in seriousness.) we can discuss it inside, i'll show you some of the designs.

when Meng, his servant and caretaker arrived. she immediately get their stuff and soon they followed to the villa. both Rome and Rita were amaze from what they see, from the simplicity but extraordinary arrangement of the landscapes to the swimming pool that they see. they felt like that they were in some other place, even Ken was speechless when they finally arrived at the villa. the exterior was minimalist, but the interior was far out from what he was expect. he thought that it would be also a minimalist design, but it wasn't. there were furnitures and accessories that look like antiques.

"please feel at home Mr. and Mrs. Patchata... Mr. Theeradej...", Aum was being formal to them and just like what Rita expected... it sounded so awkward. Sum entertain them at the living room, while Aum went upstairs to change.

before he could change his clothes, he already knew when did Aff went. she was in her room, he grabbed the knob to open the door but it was lock. he was thinking that she maybe hides from her fiance. yes, he come up with that word right when he saw Ken today. though it was unexpected, he still know where he needs to stand. since it was lock, he decided to go to his room to change, but before he could go... the door was opened and Aff got out of the room. facing him, she was afraid.

Aff: Aum...
Aum: sometimes we need to solve things out. you just can't hide like this.
Aff: (she walk towards him and hugged him.) but i dont wanna see him... i dont wanna go back...
Aum: (she started to cry to his shoulder.) Aff, listen... (he didn't held his hands to embrace her, his face was expressionless.) ...but you just can't hide like this.
Aff: but... i... i wanna stay here.... Aum-
Aum: (he held his hands to hold her shoulders. they look into each other's eyes, it made a sudden response to his heart when he saw her crying.) Aff... i helped you as much as i can already. he's here and he needs to see you... all you need to do is to talk to him. tell him how you feel and everything will be solve.
Aff: but he wants me back...-
Aum: then be it!
Aff: what?
Aum: (he knew that he just got carried away from what he said. but for some reason, he dont know if he meant what he said.) you go fix yourself now... they're waiting downstairs.

he let her go and was about to go to his room to change. "what if he wants me back?", she asked him again before he opens the door of his room.

but all he said was "fix yourself now. your fiance's waiting for you...", then he finally enter his room and lock it. after he said those words, she dont know what to think anymore. his actions felt like he's not concern about her situation, as if he doesn't care about her.


the continuation of hurtful scene will be in chapter 6. there MIGHT be willing scene(s) again, because its related to
what kind of relationship that they're having right now. also Aum will start acting like an asshole towards Aff.

see you on the next chapter!


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ah...baka aum it's been 5 yrs now he needs to man up and forget about rita so he can finally realize that he loves aff and aff just needs to tell ken straight up gosh i;m so mad at them lol anyways i'll be awaiting the hurtful scenes and another willing scene?


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yay you updated ^^ awww Aum is hurting Aff :( I do hope that Aff would do something to Aum so that he could feel how she feels when he treats her so coldly.


yup there will be willing scenes... but not as detailed as before, if you read the chapter 5 part a. they had willing scene but not too detailed anymore. the willing scenes will be part of the hurting scenes... dont get me wrong, i say its willing... because they're willing to... even though after they do it... they're just hurting themselves, especially Aff.


hopefully i could update tonight, but im going for a meeting because of the DECEMBER BAZAAR and another contract that we're going to discuss.
anyways, expect for Aum who's going to be an asshole here... XD he's meanie. XD


Chapter 6/12

she took a deep breath, before she even got out of her room... she made sure that her eyes were not swelling from the tears that she had awhile ago. she opened the door and it seems like Aum hasn't come out to his room yet. she come out first and went downstairs to meet them.

a moment of shock to their faces when Aff showed up herself to them.

"Aff...", Rome didn't expect to see his friend. why with all places? why was Aff in Aum's place? he knew that Aff ran away from home... but why with all place? he got confused. it's not what he was expecting. he look onto Ken, then to Rita. the two were also shocked. Ken's expression couldn't even paint.

"Rome... Rita...", as she said their names. she dont even know what to say, in her mind... she wished that they weren't here. when she stared at Ken, she knew he was mad. but she already told her reasons and why he couldn't understand her.

she took the single seat at the living room, facing the three. she felt like she was the court judging by these three and that she was guilty from what she had done after all these years. eversince Rome and Rita got married, eversince she broke up with Ken... it all changed when she ran away, when she started to disobey her own father and mother. but she thought about it and never regret.

she thought of being blessed because after all these years, she found herself lost in Aum's place.

though Rome wanted to ask Aff and wanted to start a nice conversation, in the end... they all just stood in silence. they dont know where to start, Rita was curious... but she thinks that Aff wouldn't answer straight. later, Aum came back and he was dressed in his usual attire. he called Meng to start prepare the dining room.

Aum: we can discuss the project now at lunch if you want.... (he look at them.)
Sum: (he stood up first and signal them to follow him at the dining room.) Aum, can also give me some documents regarding with the materials that needed to buy for project? do you have the list?
Aum: i have... i'll hand it over to you later.

at the dining room, they stood in silence while taking their lunch. Aum started to discuss the project, if he didn't started... they'll have an awkward lunch through the whole time. he was being formal and so Rome started to get formal since that's what Aum shows to him.


after they had lunch, Rome and Rita dont know if they could stay longer. but Ken needed their help to convince Aff to go back home this time, then Rome decided to talk to Aff while he let his wife to talk to Aum. but Rita felt like Aum doesn't even want to see them or her because after lunch... the one who entertained them was Sum and Aum went back to the other villa that is currently under construction.

he was working when Rita came to see him. "Aum...", when she called his name he stopped from working. as if he couldn't move and dont wanna even turn around to look at her. Rita come closely as she was approaching him. she faced him.

he cleared his throat as he look onto her. she was still lovely as before, as if she never changed. he dont know what to feel on that moment and asked himself if he really did recover from the past.

Aum: Mrs. Patchata... what are you doing here?
Rita: Rome-
Aum: you're husband might be looking for you (he moved away from her. obviously avoiding her.)
Rita: he knows that i am here to talk to you... Rome-
Aum: i see... is there anything you want, Mrs. Patchata? because i am currently busy and i told Sum to entertain-
Rita: Rome, can you please listen to me first? (he didn't respond anymore and just shut his mouth. he look at her.) what are you avoiding about?
Aum: nothing... i am not avoiding to anyone.
Rita: but... you are.
Aum: Mrs. Patchata? may i ask if what do you want from me?
Rita: why are you being so formal...
Aum: because that's how it should i call you, right?

she finally get it. he was still hurt and though she was forgiven years ago before he went away, why all of a sudden... he changed into someone else. he's action shows. "i get it... you haven't move on. 5 years ago, at the airport... i thought you forgave me-"

Aum: i did! what else do you want to hear, Mrs. Patchata??? but i think... the more you ask... the more i get irritated! now, i suggest you better go back there... because your husband is looking for you.
Rita: why are you like this? if you already forgive me... why are acting this way?
Aum: people change, Rita! and there's nothing you can do about it... if i wanted to be formal with you, then let it be... now, i think you should better go back now- to where you belong.
Rita: i see... you wanted us to be strangers to you. i kinda regret that i was able to see you again... i didn't expect for you to act this way.

"you maybe be changed, but you change into something worst. i kinda regret that i was the reason why are you like this now. im sorry...", as soon as she ended her words. she left him, she was about to cry... because she wants to blame herself from what happened to him. but she controlled and better if her husband wouldn't find out about this.

she returned at the villa and there they was, talking to Aff...

Ratana run to her because she was confuse with the situation. the woman who's sitting between her father and uncle Ken was crying.

Rome: what now? did you talk to him?
Rita: i think we should better go...
Rome: what do you mean?
Ken: Aff... let's go now.
Aff: i said... i dont wanna go.

Rome approaches Rita. while Sum just got back from Aum's office and already took care of the documents, he got confused by the scenery that he was facing. he wonder if this something has to do with his friend again. "what happened?", he asked.

Ken: Aff, you can't just hide like this. your father has been worried about you-
Aff: no! he's not worried... he wants me back because he wanted me to marry with someone else after i broke up with you-
Ken: Aff-
Aff: Ken, just let me be-
Sum: wait... what's really happening here? (he then look at the couple. Rome was hugging Rita and it can see all over his face that he regret that they even came here.) i got the documents here and i think we can finally discuss it if you want-
Rome: i think you better keep that documents first, because at this moment... i dont we can discuss it if your friend of yours doesn't want to discuss with us. besides if he's not interested with our offer in this project, i guess... we better pull out our shares.
Rita: Rome...

then Aum got back and already expecting what's going to happen. but the moment he look onto Aff who's crying, he dont know what to feel. but he knew that he dont wanna see her crying. when Rome and Rita look at him, as he look onto Rome' eyes... he knew he was enraging from madness and he already guess that Rita told her husband about what he said to her awhile ago.

"Ken... let's go. Aff, you should come with us now or else your father will call a police again...", with his words. Rome sounded as if he was commanding Aff to start moving or else another consequences will be occur. Aff stared onto Aum and waits for him to save her. but his face was expressionless.

Ken: let's go...
Aff: i dont want to-
Aum: start packing your stuff now. i believe you should go with them now.
Aff: what?
Aum: i dont wanna get in trouble...

Aum went upstairs and lock himself at the office, Aff still remain standing and asking herself why. when Ken let go of her hand, she soon went to her room, but she first head to Aum's room but he wasn't there. then when knocks at his office, she opened it and there he was sitting at the executive's chair.


"Aum... why do you want me to go with them? you know that i dont want to... i wanna stay here... with you", she was honest about her feelings and she still dont know why with a sudden blow, Aum was acting indifferent towards her. he made her cry awhile ago and now... she dont wanna cry again for a worst reason that he would say.

Aum: (he sighed as he stood up from his seat.) if you're looking for your other clothes, just ask Meng where she put your stuff-
Aff: (she come closer.) Aum, that's not what i am asking-
Aum: i still have other things to do... so would you mind? i want to be alone.
Aff: no! (she hold onto his shoulders.) Aum, answer me... why are you doing this? i thought you're gonna help me through this!-
Aum: i helped you enough! now, its time for you to solve your problems on your own because i dont wanna butt in to your problems anymore! now, pack up your stuff and leave now.
Aff: but i dont want to leave...
Aum: if you're not gonna pack your things... i'll be the one to do it! (he was about to leave the room when Aff embraced from his back to stop him.)
Aff: you can't do this to me... you know that... you know that i love you...

he didn't expect to hear those words from her. he dont know if it was an intention... but definitely dont wanna hear those words to that person, for he doesnt want to give his answer that was also unsure. "Aff... please....", he turn around to look at her.

Aum: i want you to go with them. yes, i wanna help you through this... but i already helped you as much as i can. (he sighed as he couldn't bear watching her crying again. he wiped those tears away.) i want you to solve your problems this time. i wanted to help you as much as i can but you just can't hide all the time.
Aff: but i wanna be with you...
Aum: (it took him time to respond again.) you can... as long as you want to. you need to fix your problems... i will- (he dont know how to accept her feelings, it felt like he just couldn't accept it.) i will always be here for you. you can always run to me if you have problems, but as for this moment... i am asking you to go with them.

"im going back to work now. right here, i'll be saying goodbye to you in advance. i can't walk you there and see you leaving...", he kissed her forehead as he whispered those words. he had his reasons why he couldn't see her leaving. after he gave her a light kiss, he walk out of the room and left her. he went back to the construction, while he already saw Rome, Rita and Ken at the deck... waiting for Aff.

she packed her things and do as what Aum's wish. but she knew that it doesn't here. she already built... they built this little foundation in their relationship and once she fixed her problems with her father, she wanted to go back to him. she wanted to be with him, because she loved him already.


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I have a feeling that maybe aff may not be able to run to aum again any time soon when she's back home. maybe aum will go after her when he realize that he misses their time together. I hope he does because I don't want aff to be running to him when he isn't sure of his feelings because it will be like aff is going after him and i can't bear to see aff in that situation running after aum's love. aum is so mean but at least he's telling her to take care of her situation. i think aum needs to make up his mind because he seems to be confuse on who's getting his heart, whether it be rita or aff. he's acting strange around these two ladies.


Chapter 6/12

he already moved on, that what he was trying to tell himself. he could even remember how he and Rita parted ways and he chose to leave that time.

to his room that where light were off, he was sitting at his executive's chair. trying to realize if what he had done today. his friend Sum called and for the first time, his friend was so disappointed to him, because of how he acted today. he just told Sum that he'll come back on Friday and discuss the project since Sum doesn't want to be disappointed. it's still Wednesday and he still have time to get himself busy with the construction of the villa.

fine. he decided to work out on this project, since that's what he came back for, but he already reminded himself to avoid the matter that he had from the past. but what about Aff, who needs him? before she went... he told her that he'll still be here for her no matter what.

he realize that if he'll stay get close with Aff, the more he'll only have issues with the people he doesn't want to see.


they got home, her parents were both surprise as she came back home, especially her father. who's actually monitoring his daughter even if she ran away. his daughter who acted so immature and if when was the time she became adult... that was the time she had her rebellion. but he understands her now.

Aff just received a warm embrace from her mother who's been longing for her. when her father embraced her, she felt that they were longing for each other as father and daughter. but it immediately exchange that kind of feeling that Aff disapproves her father of controlling her life and freedom.

Mr. Taksaorn: im glad that you're home now.
Aff: dad...
Mr. Taksaorn: i admit my mistakes now. and as a father, i am also worried about my daughter. and the biggest mistake i have done is that i am the reason why you run away.
Mrs. Taksaorn: we were sorry from what we had done, dear... (she caressed her daughter's cheek and wipe away those tears.)
Aff: is that mean...-
Mr. Taksaorn: we'll let you have your freedom...

after she and her parents had compromised, she never felt so happy as her father gave her a chance to have her own life. a freedom to choose... her father already told her that Ken already talk to him and Ken did actually understand her decision. however, this is just the beginning of Ken's rifts with his father... because Ken let go of her.

she was told by her father that Ken's secretly working in their company, because Ken plans not to work with his father anymore. though she and Ken can never be together again because that what her heart decided as someone owns it now, she promised to herself that she will help him as much as i can. after all, they're still friends.


it was night then, she just got back... and staring at her room felt like she missed a lot of things. her way of how live like a princess, but not the typical spoiled princess. she's the only daughter and heiress of Taksaorn family and its only normal that she had everything.

she entered her bathroom plans to relax herself for an hour as she soak her body at the big regency-clawfoot tub. she closed her eyes and didn't realize that she already fall asleep. she dreamed of him. Aum was right next to her, she dont know why she always love to rest her head over his hard chest. his scent always reminds her....

she opened her eyes and realize that it was just a dream. how she wish it wasn't. she wanted to be in his arms and she deep sighed as she stared at the ceiling, only sees his image. his seriousness and slowly smiles at her. "im starting to miss you... i miss you... Aum", she whispered and close her eyes again. hoping that she could dream of him again.

"Be My Number Two" CLICK ME (the background song while the two were thinking of each other.)

it was just a dream, and yet, Aum felt like as if he was longing for someone. nights ago, Aff was just right next to him, clinging onto him. he gets up from his bed and couldn't sleep anymore. first time longing for someone? he stared at his bed, right next to it... he was hallucinating. imagining that Aff was there beside him, peacefully sleeping.

he decided to get a drink as he went down stairs. he opens the fridge and found the spread that Aff made awhile ago, he decided to eat but the taste only reminds of her.

Aff just got out of the bathroom, wearing a robe only while her hair tied up. she gets the towelette and rubs at her nape, while her mind is nothing but thinking of him only. she sat near at the beside window, just staring at the moon with no stars. she sighed as she realize that she's back now in the city, she later found one star only. "is he thinking of me?"

Aum got out of the house and was walking at the seashore. no matter how cold it was, it didn't matter. thinking of her was enough to warm his whole self, he admits that he starting to miss her.

she lay down on her bed and gets the other pillow to hug it. he went back to the villa and pass by to her room, he opens it and then again he was hallucinating when an image of her was sleeping peacefully. he comes in and sat at the edge of the bed. "awhile ago... i just told you that i will always be here with you. you can come to me as long as you want, i'll help with your problems-", he stopped and later he realize he was talking to himself. it was an empty bed, he was all alone in the room.

he gets up and decided to go back to his room, but before he leaves... he stared at the room once again. "why in a very short time, you left some memories here?", he returned to his room and finds himself still thinking of her. "i shouldn't have said that. i can't you love me back... there's nothing left of me anymore...."


"this is your fault...", Aff accusing Vicky for telling Ken if where she was. the two finally got to see each other, Vicky just ended her lakorn and she had her month-long vacation. the two were at the cafe, the usual hangout place where she and Vicky always meet up.

Vicky: hey, don't you just accuse me. okay... Ken asked me and i was threatened.
Aff: but we already talk about it. no matter what he says, you shouldn't tell him.
Vicky: what are you mad about, huh? you and your father had compromise already. you should be happy.
Aff: i am happy. because finally he gave what i wanted.
Vicky: so?
Aff: it's just that i dont wanna go home yet.
Vicky: (Aff frowned and she already get it. her friend was thinking somebody else.) i get it... you wanted to stay for long there to be with that guy? what's his name again?
Aff: Vicky... i... im...-
Vicky: oh, please... dont tell me you're in love with him? (Aff didn't say any word since her guess was right.) geez... Aff, dont you remember what he had done to you? he kidnapped you! supposedly, those kind of guys like him are just in lakorns you watch... but after i witnessed that incident 5 years ago. and now, you're telling me that you're in love with him!?! that's crazy!
Aff: Vicky, we talked about this before. i told you that he almost kidnapped me... ONLY. but nothing happened. im not like one of your characters that you portrayed in a lakorn that after got kidnapped, they got raped.
Vicky: (after she sipped her coffee latte. she sighed and just stared at her.) you maybe not one of those characters i played in a lakorn, but you're definitely naive.
Aff: i am not.
Vicky: yes, you're... look at me, if you ask me all of those characteristics of women... i should know, because i already played those roles.
Aff: (she took her last sip of her tea and gets up.) you forgot something and i think this time... you should play a villain because what i see right now is that my friend disapproves in what im into.
Vicky: what's exactly that supposed to mean? i am you're friend and i am just warning you...
Aff: you dont need to. i have to go now.
Vicky: where are you going? why are you leaving me here?
Aff: im going back to the building.

Aff left her Vicky at the coffee shop, she wanted to go to the building to see if Aum just got back. she wanted to see him because she already missed him since yesterday. she knows how shallow to feel that way, but its what she feels. she also wanted to tell him that she and her father are okay now, but most of all... since she had the will to choose. she wanted to tell him that she loves him and wanting him to meet her father.


"you're not planning to get back with her anymore?", Rome asked Ken who visited him at work. they were in his office and while Rome was reading the documents and signed some of them, he was waiting for Ken to speak again. his friend came to tell that he felt relief that Aff back home, but he never hoped anymore to get back with her.

Rome: why all of a sudden i hear this and seeing you that you dont care about her anymore?
Ken: i care about her... but as friend only. i respect her decision... and she was the reason why i am doing this.
Rome: doing what?
Ken: like i said before... i dont wanna work with my father anymore. because after all these years, no matter how much i do good... he'll never appreciate me.
Rome: so this is about you and your brothers competition.
Ken: yes.
Rome: Ken, you dont have to compete with them. all you need to do is to do your job as a son.
Ken: that's the point. he never treat me as his own son and i guess Aff was right... those years, we've been together... i was never present if she ever needs me. i only care about myself, my work and wishing that my own father would notice me.
Rome: so what it has to do with your relationship with Aff? i can see that you two can work together.
Ken: that's not it. she needs attention and i admit... i didn't gave the chance to have that moment between us.
Rome: i see... i get it. that's what i told you before...
Ken: that's why i am planning to step out in our company start my own business. this is the only chance that i can give myself a credit. so you're helping me right?
Rome: yeah, of course... actually, i already talk about this to my dad. he said that its all up to me. it only means if your father would find out that i am helping you, there's nothing he can do about it.

Ken just smile and he was glad that he Rome as his supporter, but actually... all of his friends had been supportive to all his works. even Aff. even if they broke up, he knew that she was the same Aff he met... she actually never change. but this she's not going to use her anymore just for his work. he rather take it as someone who could call it as a friend. just like Rome.


Aff went to her unit at Aum's building, she already asked the receptionist but Aum hasn't back yet. she just come in and walk to each corner of the room, waiting... then Ploy came. "Aff!", she called name and enters her room. "where have you been? Sarai told me that you were with Aum... where is he?"

Aff: (she just smile.) he's Phuket. he let me came back first...
Ploy: damn... you two didn't even told me that you're going there!
Aff: Aum said you've gone out- (before she could continue, a man was calling Ploy.)
Ploy: Krit, im here!

a came into her unit and Ploy pulled him closer to be able to meet her. but there's no need for an introduction, the guy was actually familiar. the length of his hair was until shoulder, it was messy and was wearing a rasta hat. there's no need to guess because Aff finally meets the surrealist painter. "Aff, i'd like you to meet Krit... Chakrit-"

Aff: Chakrit Yamnam... you're the famous painter.
Chakrit: high five (he raised his hand and Aff just smiled at him when she did high five with him.)
Ploy: just dont mind him... he's always-
Chakrit: no... i like your friend. i never heard someone who told me that i am a-famous-painter
Ploy: yeah, right... so you're happy now?
Aff: i am actually familiar with your works. i even attended your exhibition years ago.
Ploy: Krit, she's Aff... Aff Taksaorn. i guess you're familiar with her...
Chakrit: the heiress of Taksaorn company. it's nice to finally meet you in person, miss Taksaorn...
Aff: uh... please call me 'Aff'. im not really comfortable with of being calling "miss".

"now, you have to tell me all the happenings there at the island...", Ploy grabbed her hand and they both sit at the sofa and Chakrit just followed. Aff dont know how to tell all the happenings from Phuket, Ploy was already expecting an answer that she did fun hanging out with Aum. but what she didn't know was more than that. she didn't bored at all as Ploy was the next one who told her happenings during her hiking adventure with Chakrit.

Ploy showed her some pictures she took while having the adventure, everytime she look onto her... it seems like the girl in the picture and Ploy are different. she seems more of a sweet girl in person compared to these pictures that she's way into her dorky moments.... with Chakrit.

"actually the reason why got there is because Chakrit wants to paint that sunset. he couldn't get the right timing of having a perfect lightning and shadows...", as Ploy talks over her friend's art piece. they haven't notice the time until it gets dark. they even spent time together just talking and talking, they took their dinner already. she even called her mother that she wont have her dinner anymore at home.

during those hours, she was hoping and waiting for Aum. when the clock strikes at 10 in the evening, she had her second call to her mother. it was time for her to go, she already told Ploy that she's finally back to her home, but when she was asked by Ploy if she'll never stay here again... she didnt answer, for she dont know what say either.


right when she got out of the building, she walk towards to her car and was about to open. but a man who just got out of the car made her heart leaps, Aum's back. when he turn his head to look at the distance... they only stared at each other.

"right here waiting for you" CLICK ME (bg song as they meet again.)

he his suddenly beats faster, slowly they walk towards each other. until they're just inches away, he come even closer... until he's just an inch away from her. they just look into each other's eyes, guessing if what was in their minds. asking themselves that even if they haven't seen each other for a day only, they admittedly missing each other.

that's what he came for- it's still thursday and supposedly he plans to go back tomorrow. but he couldn't take it anymore, he didn't care about what his mind was thinking... his heart tells that it misses someone. until he couldn't take it anymore and just grabbed her face and kissed her deeply.

every move, she was responding to it. and soon, its getting deeper... she just take all of him.

*faded scene*

they reaches her unit, there's no way they can go at the 14th floor and just kissing each other, and so decided to do it in her unit. he later undresses himself... unbuttoning his shirt and she started to undress herself just like what he does. they never got the chance to reach her room, they both fell on the sofa. she unbuckle his belt so fast and it was his turn to unhooked her bra, he caressed her breast with his two hands and caress it over and over as much as she was moaning with sensation.

it doesn't end there. this time, she did her own way of making love to him. she let her hand explored his body, she kissed his hard chest and stayed there for long. she was as if torturing him with those little bruises she made from his neck to until his chest. he was surprised from her actions, he could actually feel her hands were shaking everytime it goes to any direction of his anatomy. he knew she was inexperience woman, but he could feel that she was trying her best to serve him as much as she can.

but it was all about hunger. they were hunger for each other, her brushes to his skin and it suddenly gives an electrifying sensation inside him. but he wanted more and so this time, they change position. he gets up a little and let her astride onto him, she could feel his manhood in between with that position. but it didn't care at all. he was kissing her neck and just like what she did awhile ago... he also made a couple of bruises from her neck and to her cleavage, then another one near to her left nipple. he was as if a new born baby that haven't feed yet and just sucking her nipples alternately.

she slowly lie down and let him be on top of her. he did what she did to him, but for a man like him who's much more experience... he taught her even more. but one thing he loves about is that her moan leaves some satisfaction to his ears. right when he placed his left hand between her thighs and just feel her wetness, the heat rises up only.

he didn't ask her permission to be inside of her, he never does that to any women he had fling with anyway. but, by looking each other's eyes, she knows what's going to happen next. she just let him be... besides he did it already to her, during first time she had with him. and they're able to do it all over again. she's already familiar with the pain and turned into sensation. that's what two lovers feel, right? they are lovers now.... for her, they were lovers. she's honest about her feelings and that's what she felt towards Aum...

"Lust is not exclusive, it is promiscuous. Love is fire which is confined, but lust is fire uncontrolled."

she wakes up having Aum beside her, embracing her as if his arms were made out of chains and wrapped around hers. they fit themselves on a sofa, she didn't even remember last night that they fell on the floor. she later realizes the sunlight that hits her naked body, when she look onto Aum's face... she smiled as she realizes one more thing, Aum's exhausted this time and didn't catch him awake just staring at her face, but rather she's the one who's awake and staring at him.

they maybe didn't realize of how many hours they make out. it was still fresh from her mind about what happened last night, how can she forget... if all those bruises at her body had single memory that he left last night. she just smiled while staring at him. she gave him a light kiss while he was sleeping-


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