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“Good afternoon, I just wanted to tell you that I am very grateful and appreciative to you for allowing me this time to discuss further about our future business partnership. I know you are a very busy man and your scheduling me in is a great honour Mr. Preeyadah.” Yaya shook hands with the Purchasing Director.

He was a very tall and handsome business man and he came to his position with hard work and has a very shrewd business mind for trends in the industry and this talented woman, who is now in his office is here to showcase more of her fashion line from Ya Designs Inc., It was he, who was glad for this meeting. He was very excited to expand into women’s fashion for their retail chain.

“Call me Ken, Miss…” he replied.

“Yaya, please use my name as well, Mr. umm Ken that is." Yaya found herself blushing as normally she tried to be as professional as possible. Subconsciously she also felt a bit guilty with her mild attraction to this man as she was still a married woman, be it that it was in name only.

She seated herself and they immediately negotiated the terms and inventory required to make her launch into the retail market as successful as can be.

Leaving the office Yaya never felt such exhilarating experience. She was going to be the new season’s women’s lines for Ken’s chain of stores across Thailand and it also depended on the quarterly sales which in turn they would later address international exposure for her fashion line. She was smiling so widely and her brain was on overdrive, until she met the penetrating gaze of her husband. Nadech. What was he doing here? Dare he be spying on her or that he was here to gloat in case she didn’t make a success of this meeting? 

Her low expectations didn’t cease to amaze him. Yaya was looking so beautiful and carefree but once she focused her direction at him, the smile faded away immediately. Did she really loathe him that much? His effort must now be increase in order to salvage any kind feelings she had with him and their marriage.

“I gather your meeting met with success? If so then I am here to take you out for a celebration?” he declared.

" I drove here myself so needless to say that your gesture was unnecessary." she replied.

How dare he order to have lunch with him, she was just about to call up her sisters but didn’t get a chance to as she just only finished up. She would rather celebrate with them than her husband. He didn’t invite her; he arrogantly assumed she would agree.

“And yes it went very well. I will be dining with Ken later this evening for your information and I would rather not have lunch with you. There’s so much to do and very little time for creating my fall collections. If you excuse me I probably won’t be home until later tonight.” Yaya explained and as she was about to walk past him.

Nadech grasped her elbow and ushered her quickly into his waiting car with a driver in the front. Yaya was shocked only when the vehicle moved did she proclaim her protest.

“What do you think you are doing? I may be your wife but I am not obligated to do as you want! Get me out of here…wait what are you doing?” she tried to back away from his hands as he was reaching to grab her.

“I may be a brute to you on most days, brat, but I prefer you buckle up for safety and have you seen yourself lately? You must have missed too many meals as you are wasting away. I know this fashion line of yours is your priority but if you don’t keep up your health, then you really don’t have much to stand for.” He announced and with that buckled her up securely.

His strong lean fingers resting on her tense thighs, Yaya thought, why wouldn’t he remove his hands? Her stomach decided then to growl and she didn’t have any more protest coming forth. He was right about his comments about not eating; she just didn’t make it a priority. She rarely had time to eat because her life and mind was consumed with Ya Designs Inc. over the past several weeks. Her clothes were not fitting as snug but there were other matters that cause her stress and he was sitting too close of a proximity with her. She closed her eyes to calm her nerves.

Nadech never looked so intimidating with his clean shaven face and rich, business man attire. She thought he had endless board meetings as well because he informed her of this a couple of days ago so that he can clear his calendar to travel to his Esan village. Why did he make the time to force a lunch date with her? He was an enigma for sure or medically termed “bi-polar” depending on his mood, Yaya could and most likely will never understand his actions and words.

They sat eating their lunch in silence. Yaya ordered herself a large smoked fish with steamed vegetables on the side and her favourite soup, lime chicken with lemon grass broth. It was light and refreshing to her palette while looking at Nadech consumed his rare steak. He was definitely a man’s man; the red meat for chauvinistic, arrogant and controlling man. She tried to avoid conversation about their trip back to the Esan village but she did admit to missing Grandma Da.

“So tell me what a single business man is wanting from a married woman over this dinner discussion about business? Does he not know you are married or have you not told him?” Nadech asked and watched Yaya dropped her utensil, which clattered to the plate.

Yaya looked at him dumbfounded, where in the world did he come up with such a question? 

“I don’t think it is any business of my employer to know of my marital status. Regardless, he does not see me that way, how dare you disrespect him and me in such a way.” Yaya proceeded to stand up. This lunch date was over. How can any woman put up with a volatile nature as his?

Nadech hurriedly paid the waiter and proceeded to follow his wife and her temper tantrum exit. It was only a question and really he didn’t know why he asked it but in hindsight he knew he felt the green-eye monster reeling its head. He was jealous. Where Yaya was concerned, she was his wife and he didn’t take kindly to poachers. She was his. The only barricade was her hardened heart. He knew they got off to a bad start but if he was honest he wanted their marriage to be real and work out. Seeing another man being seriously interested in Yaya reared up his possessive nature.

Yaya was fuming, what can she do? She still had six months, now it sounded even too long. If he continues to behave this way and treat her this way, she didn’t know how long she can take it without serving him divorce papers. How dare he think she was being unfaithful with their marriage vow? As much as the marriage is for fulfilling their fathers’ wishes and blackmail on his part; she did not want to go down in history as a cheating wife.

“Yaya stop. I am sorry. I mean it. It has been a huge stress at work and I really shouldn’t have taken it out on you. Can we let this go? I will drop you back at Ken’s office and we can really talk tomorrow morning? I know you will be in late tonight. Okay?” He ruffled his hair out of frustration and his grim face meant he really was sorry.

“Fine, and yes we really must talk. About everything as I have much to say on it too. Let’s just not discuss anything further. I am feeling tired again. And thank you for lunch be it short-lived.” Yaya got into the vehicle and they sat side by side in silence back to pick up her parked vehicle. 

Once they arrived, Nadech wanted to explain and apologize again for his behaviour. But Yaya didn't give him the chance as she sped away in her car. As strangers they departed ways. 

Looking down from the glass window at his 7th floor office he saw the tense exchange between husband and wife. Ken called his security team to run a profile on Yaya and Nadech. Something was amiss and he just wanted to make sure that he didn’t create any unnecessary rift between the spouses. He wasn’t one to play the third hand in any relationship. History taught him to honour marriage and love. Memories that he didn't want to relive.


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The beautiful woman gracing the stairs of their home, Nadech couldn’t seem to shake the eye contact he had on her gloriously shaped figure. She was dressed in a conservative black, modest yet the way the fabric hugged her curves made his appreciative perusal nod in defeat. His wife was stunning; she always had that going for her. He had been around so many women dressed to impress him with too much flesh but yet his wife’s attire tonight entranced him beyond belief. She was going out again with Ken, this time it was their official launch of her second fashion line. Whichever man she deemed to grace her presence with didn’t phase his possessiveness; he knew and she as well can agree that she only belonged to him.

“I am sorry I have to fly out to Singapore tonight or else I wouldn’t let you out of my sight. Have fun tonight but remember who you will always belong to is me, your husband. I earn that right.” He kissed her soundly and she didn’t fight him this time.

Yaya tried not to let him intimidate her. Even though her body continue to betray her, yet her stubborn attitude to him and his arrogance refuse to weaken from its resolve.

“I am always with great company unlike someone I know. I’d be lying if I wish you a safe trip. Please don’t disturb my night but I do hope you continue to bring fortune into our household. Now if you can let me go, I am running late again because of you.” Yaya tried to pull away from Nadech but he kept a tight rein on her elbow.

“If I have anything to do with this, Singapore is only a couple of hours from here. We may yet be able to continue to share our marriage bed. I have yet to appease my appetite with you Yaya. Six million baht cannot be erased with your virginity.” With his cruel words, Yaya tried not to allow her tears to flow. She did not want to remember their time in the Esan village.

They both turned to the sound of a closing vehicle door; either it was Nadech’ driver who will send him to the airport or it was Ken. It was the later. The tall, dark and handsome man walked into the foyer witnessing the tense emotion vibrating in the air between the spouses. Nadech nodded at him curtly and a quick glance to his wife, he smirked and walked away from them both; murmuring that he was going to be late for his flight. Ken didn’t know what to think. Was Nadech callously trying to humiliate his wife by not attending this special and important event or maybe this marriage of convenience of theirs was reaching its conclusion. He also noticed Yaya’s shoulders admitting defeat as she watched her husband turn his back on her and left her alone with him.

“I am sorry you had to witness that but I am ready, may we leave now? We cannot be late as we are the primary showcase.” Yaya walked passed Ken and allowed his driver to open the back door for her. She released a deep sigh. 

Why did she put up with all of this and most importantly her husband; Nadech. There was no turning back now as she sacrificed herself fully. She had assumed that was all he wanted from her in the end. To use her body and when he tired of it he will let her go. But he now hated her. He believed her a gold digger and money seem to be the most essential thing in her life. He couldn't understand that she wanted her independence, to make a name for herself with her very own discipline and entrepreneur spirit. She was not meant to be the trophy wife and cater to her husband's needs. Yes they did not need the money but what she was doing was for something much more. The realization that they have nothing in common was a bitter pill to swallow. His business always came first; she was just his bought wife. Her family owed so much and she took the responsibility to repay it.

Some days her exhaustion was almost too much to bear but she must continue on until her husband realizes that the motivation was to make her dream a reality. But she couldn't blame their situation all on him. They never really talk to each other only running on assumptions of one another and now that is where their predicament remains.


The night was met with impressive results. Ken was so proud of her and he continued to introduce her to the people that mattered most in the fashion industry. She thanked him graciously for all of his effort and support. Saying goodnight she stood outside of her home; spacious but yet very lonely. It had been almost three months since that fateful night at the Esan village. She dashed the light moisture in her eyes and proceeded to go upstairs to her bedroom. Realizing belatedly that she was barred from her old room and now shared Nadech's. Not bothering to turn on the lights she silently undressed and loosening her hair she combed out the pins. She was so very tired both emotionally and physically. She tried really hard to concentrate on the event but her mind kept thinking about him. Not bothering to wash off the make up she slid in between the soft sheet and duvet only to meet up with a hot and very firm body. She almost screamed but heard the dark and manly whisper of her husband.

"I almost thought you had forgotten whose bed you belong to every night. Welcome home wife. I have been an extremely patient man but your duty as my wife continues tonight. Did he kiss you goodnight or are you still the ice queen around men? But we know recently that your passion betrays you or is it only with me? It doesn't matter, your passionate nature matches mine exceptionally well. You should have heed my warning, know always that you come home to me each night. These men can look but they can never touch you Yaya." 

Yaya closed her eyes, trying to hide the pain his words caused. No romantic endearment of any kind. He took possession of her mouth and her betraying body quickly responded as if it had been in a drought from his familiarity.


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Slowly she found her body succumbed to his onslaught inevitably; it was as if her body knew it only ever belonged to this one man and hour by hour her heart was painstakingly following. It only took that one fateful night when last they visited Grandma Dao she couldn’t blame it on anything else but being cooped up and made to shadow her Esan husband in the village. He seemed a different man, considerate, patient and almost nice as if he even loved her but that was an error in judgement once he had his way with her in his bed. He didn’t love her nor had he ever trusted her. His attitude and action towards her after that night was never the same. They were not either friend or enemy and they were nothing to each other but now it seems she couldn’t even request an annulment as she was now his wife in more than name only.


“This would be the last time I am coming to this god forsaken countryside. It isn’t that we are even across the other side of the world to get here, why was it that civilization has yet to touch this village of yours. This is the last stipulation I am following after that, please sign the divorce papers as you promised me.” Yaya let out her frustration with Nadech earlier the next day. 

He had won as he managed to blackmail her further to return back to his Esan village. He asked her candidly if she was attracted to Ken and she felt insulted that he would think that she would easily become attracted to a stranger. 2qs4 Ken is her boss and that was all it was but she didn’t want to confess that to him. Wondering why she decided to agree with Nadech that she felt attracted to a man who was not her husband was, therefore she lied to him to salvage her pride.

Yaya tried to delay as many days as possible but he threatened her that he was going to take her to court and asked that the full payment is paid immediately without sympathy if she didn’t stop her delaying tactics. Her parents were unable to help release her from their marriage clause. She was absent-mindedly filling up her valise. She didn’t care what she needed and turned to the steps coming to her room. Nadech stood in his casual pants and opened black shirt. He was freshly showered and smelled like his usual organic soap and aftershave. Now why would she all of a sudden recognize his scent like that? She turned back to her packing trying to ignore his presence again. He got what he wanted which didn’t mean she needed to converse with him. She was only his convenient wife and a debt must be paid. Repeatedly six months became her mantra. Then she would finally be free of a husband in name only. She really wanted to concentrate on her career and maybe someday revisit the marriage life and have children of her own but being married to Nadech now almost made her weary of it in the future.

He looked at her keenly and seeing the solemn face on her. He wished he could change that but this would be his first challenge in making a woman happy especially one who is his wife. Once they arrive at Grandma Dao he must ask her for advice as to how her spouse has once wooed her because history seemed to be repeating itself but for different reasons. He couldn’t make his wife come to be amicable with him.

He spoke to the silent woman standing before him her thoughts seem a million miles away. “It is not as if I am taking you to prison Yaya. You said you liked my Grandma, and besides once you do your duty with the contract I may take pity on you and give you the divorce that you want badly and move on with your life sooner than agreed upon. It looks like Ken is waiting too, one of many if I am not mistaken.”

He saw her drop the last particle of clothes into the valise. Yaya stood dumbfounded, what evidence did he have that would denounce her as seeking another man while she was still married to him. She was ever the faithful kind and what did it mattered if she did, their marriage was a charade. Her father’s debt needed to be paid off.

“You are going to regret saying these things to me. Not that is ever any business of yours. Yes I do like your Grandma Dao but her grandson is another matter! I am done can we get this over now?” she stormed past him and waiting for the man to drive them to the Esan village.

They drove in silence the many hours up to the village. Yaya trying very hard to ignore the man and not realizing the many weeks she put in to create and launch her fashion with Ken’s chain of stores, she readily dozed off from exhaustion. 

Nadech chanced at look at her sleeping visage, so innocent yet a spitfire once she opens them or was it only with him? He chuckled to himself if that was the case. She never could stand being polite to him he seemed to have always make her do things that she would not normally do with other people. That was why she was his Brat. Again he shook his head in nick naming her such. Even if sometimes she was just that. She was spoiled, selfish and spiteful towards him. He hoped taking her out of her element once more so that he can truly get to know her and maybe it was time to tell her that the debt was not real and it was only their father’s ways of finally meeting their vow to one another. The children were innocent of all decisions but he did help in perpetrating the deceit in order to blackmail Yaya into accepting her fate of marriage to him.

They were at the port again and he didn’t want to wake her so he carried her across. Having her settle on top of his thighs, he looked like she didn’t weigh anymore than a feather but his body’s reaction to her soft womanly curves wasn’t immune to her sleeping form. This was the longest time he has ever been celibate since he discovered the art of seduction. Lightly he brushed the wayward strand from her brows and tucked it behind her elegant looking ears. When asleep the woman who was in his arms tend to soften his heart but awake it was a different territory. 

Yaya felt in her dreams that she didn’t want to wake up. She felt warm, secure and loved. She sighed and snuggled closer underneath the chin. The she suddenly opened her eyes. Her body wrapped so tightly wound around a hard male body. She felt a little bit disorientated.

“Relax Brat, we are only back in our honeymoon hut at my Esan village. You once again have gained back your Esan husband. Now I couldn’t bear to wake you from your beauty sleep. Don’t think I didn’t notice your lack of sleep and eating once you found yourself trying to complete your project with Ken. Only realize that you don’t need to work Yaya and I can take care of you if you so wish it.” He moved on top of her abruptly.

Yaya tried to push at his chest to give herself some space but he was relentless. What has gotten into him? She struggled for a few more minutes watching the twinkle in his eyes and deep dimples staring down at her. He knew her futile attempt was unnecessary. She turned her face away from him. He didn’t kiss her but just stared.

“Please get off me. At least leave me with something. You already blackmailed me into coming here because the huge amount of debt my father owes you. We can discuss what else you need from me tomorrow morning. I do find it that I am still very tired from everything. Please.” Yaya sincerely wanted him to let her go. She couldn’t bear to take more of this.

He moved off her painstakingly slowly and shuffled into the sarong that was lying on the floor. He was smirking now as she finally realized that he was once naked above her minutes ago. She pulled up in a sitting position even if she was fully clothed she still instinctively pulled the covers to her chin.

Not realizing his intent Nadech turned back briefly and a quick kiss to her lips made her open it up in astonishment. Blushing profusely. He was going to take advantage of her with every inch available to him. She pulled back and watched his retreating form disappear through the open hut into the darkness. She slid back down into the light silk blanket and wished illness to him at the rate of anger brewing she felt towards him. Life she knew it was quite unfair to her.


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His Grandma Dao was an older woman but she wasn’t oblivious to the melancholy mood and actions of her handsome grandson. Besides it was almost like history repeating itself. His biological grandfather was exactly the same with his new bride. The young man was too accustomed to women conceding to his charms and demands but did he not remember about romance, patience and love? At times like these she was grateful that she was forever a spinster needless to say she did live vicariously through others. She saw the stress lines around his brow, he was thinking hard and the mental battle within was present on his current facial expression, his frown deepened.

“Nadech, what is worrying you so deeply? As well how can any husband be so far away from his new bride, I pray you haven’t already tired of our beautiful Yaya?” she inquired.

Nadech turned to his Grandma’s words and helped her sit next to him, staring once again into the open flames. The answer was clearly not there. He didn’t want to ask for her wisdom but within six months, his marriage will be dissolving.

“I dare not cause her more distress by being near her. She practically tried to pull my hair out. To be honest my marriage isn’t what it seems Grandma Dao. We married because I lied to her and she doesn’t know that her father owes no debt to mine. It is getting harder and harder to keep this from her. I am actually going to tell her soon. I have seen how miserable she looks and perhaps she has fallen in love with her destined mate.” He finally replied.

Grandma Dao gave a quick look of shock. She couldn’t believe that Nadech would willingly give up the woman he clearly loves to another man.

“Of course the truth must be told but I will let you in on something first. When she confesses her love to you then you can let her know of the real reason you married her but as well be honest with me. You love her and it is not even a question as I see you sitting here agonizing over the decision to tell her this secret you kept about the fake debt because you don’t want to lose her. She is that important to you. Well then try harder, show her you love her. Be honest with her.” She got up and started the early chore of preparing breakfast and the organic products for Nadech to take back to the city when they return.

Yaya couldn’t sleep even if she tried, she knew it was still dark outside but the last time she was here she remembered how hard the villagers worked from dawn to dusk. She was not the same inconsiderate woman she once was last year. She slowly got up and changed into the sarong left at the foot of the bed for her. Who had the time to do this for her? Tip toeing to the door she was about to pull on it at the same time the other person was pushing, with a quick gasp she found herself colliding with a firm form. The arms held her tight around the waist and she struggled to look up at her partner. Nadech held tightly to her and crushed her form to him to keep them both upright. He then let her go immediately before she voiced her request to be released. He wasn’t expecting her to be awake and so wanted to hurry in and gather some clothes after he bathe before she did wake up.

“I am a bit surprised that you are up and about at this hour. I see you made use of the sarong I left for you. Listen, if you don’t mind I am going to bathe in the nearby springs. It is more private even if you may have to share it with me. Consider it as a white flag for peace between us. My Grandma Dao believed that we have the traditional marriage of love and I don’t want her to grow suspicious. May I ask this favour from you?” he informed her and was hoping to hear her reply as yes.

“Have I ever had any choices? But in this I shall take up on your offer. This wilderness is beautiful and it is still dark outside, I trust you will try to act the gentlemen and give me my privacy. I haven’t swim in a long time and your offer comes at an opportune time. Lead the way.” She responded.

Pausing momentarily as he was expecting her to agree, he quickly walked past her and grazed her lightly on the way of collecting his change of clothes. He knew she was blushing even if he couldn’t see it. Her breathing was slightly more breathless.

They walked into the woods together and Yaya was mindful of the dim morning light but walking through the thick woods she tried to keep pace with Nadech’s long stride. Ever a gentleman she muttered under her breath, not realizing he heard her. He turned purposely back towards her and put his hands beneath her knees and before she could utter a protest he steadily walked with her in his arms as if it was a normal occurrence between them.
She tried to struggle but he was stronger than her and with mocking eyes he knew he was the victor between this battle of theirs.

“If we want some privacy I cannot wait for you dragging your steps behind me. The orders for Grandma Dao’s products have almost tripled so we have to work extra hard this month to meet the demands of our clients. I want to be fresh and prepared for the task before the whole village awakens. Now I don’t ever allow strangers to this secret place of mine, to this little piece of heaven on earth but you are my wife after all. Be it in name only but should you wish to change that status I am much obliged.”

With his last words he hiked her up higher and finding her soft body more pressed up against his broad chest.

Yaya’s heart reacted in a strange way like little flutter of butterflies and she blushed intensely. Was he admitting his attraction towards her? She decided not to answer him and find it quite comfortable being carried by him. So who has the upper hand now she thought as she looked onwards with a smug expression unbeknownst to Nadech.


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I didn't forget about FF readers here!  thanks for always reading and giving me great feedback or just a thank you.  I really do appreciate it immensely!  Now to continue..........
My Esan Husband:  Chapter 36
He noticed her body relax and he accepted the weight in his arms. It didn’t take too much longer to reach his oasis.  The dark green foliage and crystal clear fresh water pond looked too inviting.  Setting her down, he turned to take off his shirt and she squealed out loud.
“Hey, what are you doing?  Can you not go behind those bushes over there before you strip in front of me?  And hurry up first so that I can have a turn to bathe and get back!” she exclaimed.
Nadech turned to her words.  He didn’t pay any heed to her demand and proceeded to pull down his shorts but she abruptly gave him her back.  Whistling, Nadech casually dived into the pond and once he came up, Yaya had her sarong around her.  He noticed Yaya grasping it for dear life in case it decided to expose her delicate skin to him.  He chuckled and went back down into the water.
Yaya relinquish from her trepidation and walked slowly into the pond.  The soft ground seeping into her toes and it felt wonderful. She actually found herself enjoying this way of bathing but then a firm grip was upon her ankle and down she went into the water fully.  Sputtering back up, she found herself face to face with Nadech.  How dare he do that to her?
“Now, now, you know at this rate you are going about bathing, we won’t be able to help the villagers until after lunch.  I am about done, how about yourself?  Here some organic soap from Grandma Dao’s collection.  Coconut water and jasmine is the blend.  This scent reminds me of you.  Sweet and exotic.” His words were barely a whisper as Yaya stared into his dark eyes, shining with something she never recognized before.
She suddenly realized they were chest to chest. She felt stifled and very short of breath as he lifted his long fingers to smooth her hair away from her face and place them around her ears. His breath so close now as he tilted her chin up and very lightly caressed her slightly open mouth with his own.  The kiss was so light at first but then gathering her fully into his arms, he kissed her fully and thoroughly.  Yaya at first didn’t respond but his response caused an involuntary reaction from her.  She melted into the kiss and allowed him to take over her completely.  It was hard to tell how long they were kissing but as his hands slid down her waist and grasping her hips pulling her closer to his torso, it was evident he was very aroused and ready for more.  Yaya felt shy all of sudden and she instantly pulled back.  Not saying a word, she quickly scrambled out of the water and disappeared into the bushes to change back into her night dress.
Nadech tried to calm his overactive beating of his heart.  He kissed plenty of woman, but the attraction and electric chemistry between Yaya was not found with any of his previous lovers.  He stood in the water until he was sure he was no longer still showing sign of his arousal and attraction to her.  She finally came out of the bushes and tried to stand there patiently for him to get out and get ready.  She was pretending to act as if the earlier intimacy between them had never happened.  He would bide his time because now he knew even with all of her denial that she didn’t care for him she still responded as a woman who at least accepted the attraction between them.  Maybe their marriage wasn’t a complete disaster after all.  Yaya just needed a little more romancing from him, not harassing.  He couldn’t understand either how he could never categorize her in the same category as the other woman.  She was his convenient wife but no longer.  He wanted to make their marriage work and with only six months remaining on their contract, the pressure was intensified to claim her heart before the dissolve of their marriage.
Yaya walked cautiously behind Nadech and tried to keep pace with his long strides, she didn’t want a repeat of his carrying her back into the village.  What had gotten into her?   She couldn’t believe she shared passion with him, all of people especially as they were practically living as strangers under the same roof regardless that they were legally married.  She didn’t want to over analyze what they shared but decided to concentrate on her half of the bargain in being at this Esan Village, she owed that much to Grandma Dao.
Grandma Dao noticed the young couple and their face of tension.  Whatever happened in the woods could possibly be a good thing for them as they acted as if what did happen was a secret they needed to keep to just the two of them.  But with all of her years on earth she knew that young people over analyze too much.  If they liked each other than they should confess and be done with it and give her the great grandchildren she has been anxiously waiting for.
“My charming grandson and his young wife come by the fire.  The congee I made is almost ready.  It is fish from the very pond that you both have recently visited, very fresh and light for the early morning risers.  Yaya come and get yourself and your husband a bowl.”  She waved the blushing young woman over towards her and provided the ladle to spoon out piping hot congee into each bowl.
Yaya obediently did so and handed it to Nadech.  He accepted it and held onto her fingertips as they brushed up against hers. Gasping, Yaya immediately pulled away.  Why she was overreacting now when only moments ago they shared something much more intimate.  She chose to sit on the other side of Grandma Dao and hoping to use her as a barrier between her and Nadech.  The congee was very hot but also very delicious too, in no time she polished off the bowl and Nadech beckoned her to take seconds.
“Today is going to be quite laborious for us, so have as much as you want as I cannot guarantee when our next break will be.  The Esan people here work very hard and late, but before sunset we should have our feast, if the hunters can catch us a wild boar.” He explained to her, and hiding a grin as he knew she didn’t know that there was no such thing as boars in these woods but only the raised pigs which they would sacrifice each full moon and during a good harvest of the flowers used to make all the organics products.
Yaya accepted another bowl, but squirmed at the mention of wild boar lurking around these woods.  She thought back that she was thankful indeed that the last time she was here she didn’t try to escape on her own and alone in the woods; she could’ve have became a wild boar’s meal”
Immediately the ladies in the village gathered Yaya and led her to the fields of the new blossoms.  There were acres and acres field of ripe violet and fuchsia tones as far as the eyes can see.  Each woman was responsible to reap ten bushel per day.  It was hot in the heat and not realizing the time, Yaya finished in good time with the rest of the woman.  Was it already the late afternoon?  The ladies further ushered her to grab some beverage and a light concoction of steamed sticky rice with shredded coconut and black-eyed peas.  These were the easiest to eat while they continued on the next rows, Yaya gazed in wonderment at their chatter and smiles as they worked tirelessly.  She realized she did not know what it meant to work hard.
Nadech approached her from behind, “I’ve brought you some fresh coconut water.  Don’t feel that you need to keep up, it is your first time and I must say that you lasted longer than I was expecting from you.  Now, now don’t let your temper get the best of you brat, I didn’t mean to state it as a bad thing.  You did well today.  I am sure the women here can continue on without your help.  Not to say you are released from work but I think the ladies at the loom need your expert fashion advice.”
Yaya started when she thought Nadech was chastising her for not getting back to work but he actually complimented her.  She appreciated that if she was honest with herself.  Following him to the silk spinning workshop, she was amazed at all of the elaborate colours of the rainbow all created in various sequins of patterns and designs.  This was more her comfort zone.
Nadech watched Yaya as her face shone with excitement, she even turned to give him a genuine smile and he returned it.  But her attention quickly returned to the colours and fabric in front of her.  She listened attentively to them even if their dialect was very different and exceptionally fast, but she nodded and smiled in return.  He found himself staring too long at his wife as the man beside him cleared his throat to get his attention.  They were almost ready to start the feast and needed his thoughts and opinions on how to complete the task.  He rarely misses the full moon harvest and feast.  But this month’s was going to be a very special and rare occasion as it may be the only time Yaya will be here at the Esan village.  He shook off the depressing thought and proceeded to direct his men, the sun was starting to set and the evening meal needed to be completed.


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