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    Roy Ruk Roy Baht

    aof is the son of benz and jakjan's bf. aof's older sister is the daughter of um and benz
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    Request : Laotian Song

    Does anyone have this song called "Ya Leum Ban Hao" By: Pink Rassamee if so can you please upload it for me pretty please..also if you can, can you upload the one with no vocal..I really need it because one of my friend will be performing this song for the Lao Heritage night.
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    Selling Thai & Chinese series in khmer

    Hi, I am quit interested however, I would like to know how is the quality of your DVD. Also, do you happen to have Gae Roy Rak translated by Mayura yet???
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    Jai Rao(Makers Group)

    what will happen according to thairath storyline. here is the link if you want to read the story.
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    I don't think Oil was sick the night before the concert in Clovis..I think he was out partying a little too hard the night actually had the chance to meet him and had taken a few pix with him at the Club while Lift was resting with his**wink wink** :P
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    got a traffic ticket before?

    I had to pay $528 just last month over a speeding ticket since April..I had the same situation as you...I kept calling and calling the system and it kept on saying that I wasn't in the system so I figure hey, lets just wait until they send me my payment..soo about 1 months after I had received a...
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    DL Lastest Khmer Songs, n' Karaoke [RHM VOL 364, 365, 366, 367, 368, 369 and 370 UPDATE]

    Thank You sooo much for the upload Khmermedia
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    do you know how

    i add a bag of rice flour and a little less than a bag of tapioca flour. i like the chewyness. i add about 3 cups of boiling water. not sure of the water measurement but i try to achieve a DOUGH THAT IS NOT TOO WET OR NOT TO DRY. yum, make me want some now
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    Badarn Jai(Act Art)

    OMG..I love this lakorn
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    p'NUM in Fresno

    Everyone is welcome..and if you have the chance do not miss this opportunity..I just had to add that NUM has a great memory too..I almost fainted when he looked at me in the eyes and grabed a hold of my hand for at least a minute...and gosh!!!!!he has some very darn soft hands..and when I went...
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    p'NUM in Fresno

    I had such a BLAST...he's such a great entertainer..and sooooo down to earth..well, here's a few pix that I would like to share from his concert last the way..although, I don't understand neither Thai, Hmong and a little bit of English..but it was sooo cute of him trying to speak...
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    p'NUM in Fresno

    Me, my girlfriends and even co-workers will all be going..OMG I can't will be soooo much fun..
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    WooHooo!!!!!!!!!!!already got my ticket for the Fresno Concert..I'm sooooooo excited..can't wait to finally meet NUM..loved him ever since Dao Pra sok :D :D
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    OMG!!!!!!I'm soooooooo going to the FRESNO!!!can't wait to meet NUM..
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    Thai and Cambodian Collabration

    Found this cute concert on you tube..I think the thai singer is Ice and I have no idea who the Cambodian girl is but it's cute and so I just want to share it..